10 Reasons You Should Go to the Doctor (Even When You’re Healthy)

Do you visit your physician only when you’re sick? Does the waiting line, financial strain, and lengthy prescription worry you out. If yes, then you can prevent it again by visiting the doctor even when you’re feeling fine. Visiting an internal medicine clinic in Auburn Hills even when healthy offers numerous benefits and here’s why you should do it too:

For a Sustainable Patient-Physician Relationship

A patient-physician relationship is a human bond that the two parties develop between themselves. It allows the patient to share their health concerns for the physician to practice their healthcare accordingly. Their interaction is based on communication, trust, respect, and honesty – all of which are established through a regular visit.

When a patient visits their medical healthcare provider frequently, they tend to get comfortable in their presence. It is easier to share health concerns and an open-end discussion takes place. As a result, a physician can provide better disease control and healthcare advice. Being in communication with primary care who’s aware of you and your health history will provide better and personalized healthcare strategies.

To Eliminate Any Health Risks

We are all susceptible to one disease or another due to various reasons. Be it our past medical or family history or our current lifestyle practices – it puts us at the risk of developing numerous chronic conditions.

Our poor dietary habits, sedentary lives, smoking, alcoholism, and stress are some lifestyle factors that expose us to hypertension and diabetes. Furthermore, the environment that we breathe in is known to cause various respiratory and gastric diseases. The physician will consider any recent changes in your lifestyle and their chances of impacting your health.

To Remain Updated with Your Health Status

Our body is undergoing constant change as we age. Every time we visit a clinic, the medical staff checks our vital signs. These are also known as health markers that predict the onset of a disease in the future. Regular appointments mean regular vital sign monitoring which plays a key role in keeping such conditions at bay.

For instance, if your heart rate seems on the higher side, the physician may screen you for arrhythmia. Similarly, high blood pressure and glucose levels hint towards the onset of hypertension and diabetes respectively.

For Your Mental Health

Stress has made its way into our routine life to such an extent that most of us can’t think of the time when we were stress-free. Be it our workload or our dilemmas, we’re always worried about one thing or the other. Stress plays an important part in deteriorating our physical and mental health. It significantly contributes to various heart diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, tension headache, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and even insomnia. However, its great attack is manifested on our minds. It affects our mental health in the worst possible ways and renders us susceptible to conditions like anxiety and depression.

The key to beating stress and tension is to target it at its beginning. People who frequently plan a visit to their physician can deal with such mental concerns at the right time. Their healthcare provider can identify the warning signs just as they start to appear. As a result, the prognosis is prevented to go from bad to worse.

For a Good Night’s Slumber

Insomnia – inability to fall or remain asleep plagues over 70 million Americans each year. It is reported that around 33-50% of the population deals with chronic insomnia that is moderate to severe. Insomnia is primarily caused by stress and can significantly reduce a person’s quality of life. If you think that it would get better with a cup of coffee, here’s a fact – it won’t. Moreover, it would progress into chronic sleep disorders that present various long-term risks as well. Then how do you prevent insomnia from haunting your dreams? You visit a physician and discuss the patterns with them.

If you visit your physician every month or that often, you’d discuss the difficulty in falling asleep. If this complaint persists for a few visits, the physician may trace a pattern, diagnose insomnia and treat you accordingly.

For Better Reproductive Health

Many clinics offer annual genital and pelvic exams for men and women respectively. The goal here is to identify potential health issues before they present their symptoms. The strategy is crucial in the management of STDs and STIs that remain asymptomatic and do not show any symptoms.

To Conceive

You may not be planning a pregnancy in immediate future, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look after your fertility and reproductive health. Various factors influence a woman’s fertility such as age and poor lifestyle habits like diet, alcohol, and tobacco use. However, a factor that nearly no woman considers is their waistline. Studies reveal that an unhealthy BMI renders it difficult for a women’s egg to fertilize. This, in turn, lowers the chances to conceive or retain pregnancy.

You might be startled to hear it but around 10% of women in America struggle to conceive. However, you can improve your chances of conceiving by thorough discussion with your gynecologist. Furthermore, by running routine checkups, blood tests, and weight monitoring – it gets easier for women to conceive.

For Prevention

Prevention is better than cure and hence the prime reason to see a doctor even when you aren’t sick. It is the key to living a healthier life that is not scarred by chronic disease. You may visit for blood tests, vaccinations, and even mammograms to protect yourself from serious diseases and disorders.

If you consider in-person appointments a hassle, book a telemedicine visit – but do not avoid going to the doctor. It not only presents short-term but more importantly long-term benefits. Your physician keeps a close eye on your health status to improve your quality of life.

To Minimize Financial Setback

If you visit your doctor once in a while, you might face financial strain if/when you develop a chronic disease. You’d be advised to go through various diagnostic tests for the physicians to gain insight into your health status. However, maintaining consistent communication with the doctor, it’s a win-win situation. You do not only prevent the onset of a disease or disorder but also the chances of financial setbacks. Your physician is aware of your medical history and will manage the situation quickly without running additional tests.

For Your Peace of Mind

If you turn to Google every time you have a health concern, it’s no surprise that you’re more stressed than you were before. Though the internet is a resourceful tool, it is not always of help. Going to a doctor on regular basis allows you to discuss all your concerns in the recent past. The physician listens to you, goes through your previous history, and provides an answer that doesn’t sleep deprives you. Their strategy is personalized and tailored according to your health history. Therefore, it doesn’t offer you peace of mind but also accurately manages your complaint.

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Whether you are susceptible to disease through your family history or your lifestyle practices worry you, do not worry. Visit your physician, discuss your health concerns, and pledge to make an appointment on a regular. Together you and your physician will help you live your healthiest life.

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