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10 Tips for a Successful Root Canal

The root canal recovery time varies from person to person, but in general you can expect to feel at least slightly uncomfortable for about a week after the procedure. Here are 10 things to do during the recovery process to make it more comfortable and help you get back to your daily routine as soon as possible.

1) Find a Good Endodontist

Finding a qualified endodontist is essential. Anyone can say they’re an endodontist, but an in-network doctor from your insurance company will ensure that you get treatment in a timely manner—an important consideration when you’re working through root canal recovery time . Make sure your endodontist has experience working with your specific type of tooth. If possible, also find out which specialists he or she works with most frequently to ensure you have access to quality referrals if anything goes wrong.

2) Get the Right Diagnosis

When you feel tooth pain, don’t try to tough it out. It could be a cavity or it could be more serious. The last thing you want is to have an abscess on your gum line or a cracked tooth that needs to be removed. And if your symptoms are persistent, you might have an infection (requiring antibiotics) or even something more serious like oral cancer. Give us a call and get things checked out as soon as possible; although root canals aren’t always pleasant, they’re much better than some of their alternative treatments!

3) Understand Treatment Timing

If you have an uncomplicated case and you’re able to start treatment right away, root canal recovery time usually takes between one and three months. In more complicated cases, recovery could take longer; it all depends on how long it takes to effectively treat your infection. Just because you’ve had a root canal doesn’t mean you can stop taking care of your teeth! Keeping your mouth clean is just as important as during any other part of your regular dental check-ups. Avoiding smoking is also vital; smoke can cause tooth discoloration and gum recession even after successful treatment has taken place. With these tips in mind, patients should be able to enjoy healthy teeth that last a lifetime!

4) Take Antibiotics During Treatment

After your procedure, you may have some swelling or discomfort. If you can, it’s a good idea to take antibiotics prior to having your root canal treated. Antibiotics are typically prescribed for several days before and after treatment. This reduces your chances of infection and keeps pain and swelling at bay during treatment. By taking these medications, you may also be able to avoid receiving other prescription painkillers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Oral steroids are sometimes recommended if infection is suspected; they will reduce swelling and help with pain as well but may cause complications that go beyond root canal recovery time.

5) Eat A Balanced Diet

Ensuring that you receive proper nutrition during your recovery is important. A balanced diet will allow you to stay strong and fight off infections. Eating foods high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants will also assist with healing. Keep in mind that, over time, your mouth may lose some of its sensitivity and eating cold or hard foods can be painful. So it’s best to avoid any hard or chewy substances as much as possible when recovering from root canal surgery . More than anything else, aim to eat healthy and take care of yourself so that you feel your best when it comes time to undergo treatment.

6) Use Pain Medication Wisely

Taking pain medication before your alternative to root canal appointment can help reduce anxiety and stress. If you are going to need or want to take medication, it’s best to ask your dentist how soon before your appointment you should take it. For many people, taking them right before they arrive at our offices is ideal; others may need one dose two hours before their appointment and another once they get here. The key is not having too much time pass between doses. By arriving with no residual pain meds in your system, you’ll be more comfortable during treatment.

7) Rest Often

Getting enough rest during your root canal treatment is essential to good healing. If you’re undergoing any type of tooth surgery, including a root canal, you should get plenty of rest beforehand and after. Take naps if you can—you may need to take one right before your appointment. However, avoid staying in bed all day; as tempting as it might be to just sleep until everything is over with, it could slow down your recovery time.

8) Don’t Smoke or Drink Alcohol

Both of these habits make root canal recovery more complicated and painful. Smoking constricts blood vessels and slows healing, while alcohol promotes bacteria growth.

9) Stay Hydrated

When you get a root canal, it’s essential to stay hydrated. Not only will it help with your soreness and swelling, but it will help flush out any infection that might still be lingering in your tooth or gums. Drink 8-12 glasses of water every day until your follow-up appointment and make sure you brush regularly. Dental professionals will tell you that bacteria love to hide out in moist areas; if there is any remaining food left on your teeth after brushing, bacteria can have access to that food and multiply faster than ever before. Keep yourself clean!

10) Have Fun!

It’s tempting to feel serious and stressed during your root canal procedure, but try to relax. Think about something that makes you happy or relaxes you, like your favorite band or hobby. Once you do start feeling nervous, try breathing exercises: inhale deeply for five seconds and exhale slowly for five seconds. You can also repeat affirmations in your head, like I can handle it or I’m relaxing now. You may even want to bring along some light reading material—just make sure it’s not something like Stephen King’s It, which could end up being unintentionally traumatic!

Laticia Gibson

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