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5 Important Facts to Know Prior to Get Dental Veneers

Do you know a gorgeous smile improves life quality? While scrolling social media feeds you can come across impressive smiling pictures of the influencers. The secret of white and aligned teeth is actually the magic of veneers. Yet, people ask frequent whether it is worth its value for money!

Do you want to know the same? Then, read on 5 facts to know what benefits of veneers you can reap by undergoing the treatment from this blog.

  1. Price of veneers

The price of having veneers change from a clinic to another as it defines by numerous aspects. Some of them are experience of the dentist, the location of the clinic and veneer kind you are going to have!

Usually, dental veneer can cost you up to £945 in the UK. In case you want to make a good investment then opt for traditional veneers as being non-prep ones they last for long.

  1. Kind of veneers you must select

Typically, two kinds of veneers are available there:


Porcelain is actually thin shells prepared using ceramics. These will attach on the front of teeth’s surface in order to provide beautiful and white smile. Veneers are efficient for taking the account of discoloured and cracked teeth.


Composite is prepared from resin that attaches to the teeth surface. Later, dentist bonds and shapes it for enhancing its appearance. These are highly effective in correcting broken teeth and filling small gaps within the teeth. However, it acts as temporary solution unlike porcelain veneers.

There is vast difference between implants and veneers. It only covers the front teeth surface while the implants and crown replace the entire teeth set or single tooth.

  1. Their longevity

Amongst the variety available, porcelain veneer has longer lifespan and it can last for long 15 years in a row. On another flip, composite veneers last only for seven years. Moreover, you must practice good oral care for maintaining the perfect condition of the dental veneer in long run.

Brushing and flossing right after every meal will help you to achieve this. Even you have to cut off the consumption of hardy foods which can cause the veneer to break.

  1. Does veneer hurt?

The process of dental veneers relies completely on the dentist and it needs three appointment sessions to get done. The very first one comprises of dental examination and consultation along selection of right kind for your teeth. Second session is of trimming the teeth by the doctor for having the mould impression. It is helpful for the creation of original veneer.

After a couple of weeks, you will get the call for last appointment to fit the veneer on the teeth. Also, it will harden down with the help of UV light to assure the position on the teeth. It will cause no discomfort and pain. However, you may experience slight gum and jaw soreness.

  1. Perfect alternative of the veneer

Veneer is not the only option when you want aligned and white teeth. You can have orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry approach while they are more suitable for addressing those problems.

Does veneer worth its value?

Hope, now you come to know whether veneer worth its value or not! Dental veneer is perfect choice for the persons with discoloured, spaced, uneven and chipped teeth.

If you are looking to get it then, contact your nearest clinic for dental veneers in London and make a step towards beautiful smile.

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