5 keys to the good product packaging and optimizing your eCommerce shipments

Product packaging and optimizing

the consumer browses your website, buys the product, and receives it at home.

However, it’s not always easy to get 100% satisfaction. The purchase is often “confirmed” by factors such as the delay or the conditions under which the order is shipped.

For example, without good logistics and transport services,

the package can reach its destination in bad conditions (open, with perforations, and even wet due to weather conditions).

This creates a bad impression on customers as it is likely that the product is also damaged. Fortunately, there are some simple guides you can use to optimize your lead times and therefore customer satisfaction.

What to do if (despite everything) the package does not arrive at its destination in good condition. Carefully analyze the characteristics of the packaging before proceeding with the purchase action

While it may seem obvious, it’s important to compare different options to choose a package that protects your shipments.

To make the right decision, it is necessary to consider the size of the boxes, the weight, the shape, and the fragility of the product that will be housed inside.

This type of box is made by joining several layers of kraft cardboard (usually three, called flutes), which gives firmness to the walls of the container.

If it’s a fragile or heavy order, you can opt for special boxes made up of five layers of cardboard. The investment will be higher, but you don’t have to worry about bumps or sudden movements during transport – your new packaging will stand up to anything.

Contact our Packhelp Plus team if you need boxes with a special thickness. They will design a bespoke solution for your business.

Also, to minimize (even more) the effect of bumps during transport, we recommend that you properly analyze the size of the boxes.

Please note that a small box may break and leave the product exposed, but if the box is too large, the item may move from place to place during transport.

The ideal is to use a box with about 15 cm of distance between the product and the walls of the box.

Finally, if you have purchased bulk packaging, we recommend that you store the boxes in a place free from moisture.

Be aware that cardboard can lose rigidity due to factors such as moisture and that boxes can lose their shape and break during transport.


Get all the protection (and information) you need

In addition to properly analyzing the packaging of your products, you can do a few extra tricks to protect the inside of the box as much as possible.


Thanks to this, you can add an extra touch of protection, such as bubble wrap or wood chips. These accessories soften the impact of bumps during transport.


You can also wrap the item in a cloth or honeycomb paper bag. This will ensure that even the most fragile products reach their destination intact.

In the case of using adhesive tape to seal boxes, you can use polypropylene or PVC tape.

This mode will be more readable and visible to the carrier.

Add an extra box if needed

There could be several reasons why you think your packaging needs additional protection:

Its brand is very vivid, characterized by vivid and striking colors, and its packaging also includes this design. Sometimes the logo and printing can deteriorate during shipping, giving customers a negative impression.



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