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   Nag Tibba Trek is the highest peak in Uttarakhand.  It is at an altitude of 3,022 meters.  It is located in the lower region of Himalayan.  Nag Tibba Trek will reward you with a lot of flora and fauna and the view of beautiful sceneries.  The usual package of Nag Tibba Trek includes stay, meals, transportation and activities.  In which the stay includes Dome tents on sharing basis; meals includes breakfast, lunch and dinner; transportation includes as per the variant selected; activities include trekking and camping.  Based on the variance, the starting and ending point is New Delhi, Dehradun and Pantwari.  The temperature at Nag Tibba Trek is 14 degree celsius to 2 degree celsius.  The distance of the Nag Tibba Trek is 15 kilometers.  The maximum altitude of the trek is 9,910 feet.  The difficulty level of Nag Tibba Trek is easy and short weekend trek.  The complete experience of the trek will be based on Jungle Trail, Himalayan Views, Meadows, Waterfalls, Snow during winter.  It is a two days trek.  During the first day of the trek, you have to travel from Dehradun to Pantwari.  This is the place where Nag Tikka Trekking begins.  First you will reach Dehradun in the morning.  Then you have to take a drive to the village Pantwari through Mussoorie.  On the way, you will travel through Kempty falls.  Then you have to reach the village Pantwari through Nainbagh.  During the first day, you will be in to get a night stay. 

It is surrounded by dwarfed hills and vast valleys.  During the second day of the trek, you have to travel from Nag Tibba Summit to Pantwari.  It is at an altitude of 3,048 feet.  When you wake up in the morning you will get mesmerizing views.  Then you can start your trek to Nag Tibba Trek.  It will reward you with the stunning views of Himalayan peaks with Swarga Rohini, Bandar Poonch, Kedarnath and Gangotri.  This is all about the Nag Tibba Trek.


     Nag Tibba Trek is really a wonderful trek to experience.  Here is the reason to do Nag Tibba Trek.  It is also the perfect trek for beginners.

The first reason is Proximity to Delhi.  The second reason is Duration of the trek.  The third reason is Gentle Terrain.  The fourth reason is A wholesome trek.  The fifth reason is that it is really a great trek for beginners.  Everyone can complete the trek.  For medical facilities, you will have a lot of options there for emergency purposes.

     Based on the first reason, the Proximity to Delhi which is Nag Tibba gets started from Pantwari.  It is at a distance of 90 kilometers from Dehradun.  Based on the second reason, it is based on the duration of the trek.  It is a weekend trek.  It covers upto two to three days.  Based on the third reason, it is Gentle terrain.  From the right of Pantwari to Nag Tibba summit, there is a terrain which is so gentle and there are no steep sections at all.

      Nag Tibba Trek is really a perfect trek for the trekkers, who wish to have an experience of thrill walking up the mountains and to enjoy the paradise feel of nature.  It is considered a trek for beginners.  For the people who were at the place in Delhi, it is the most awesome weekend trek.  This trek will make you overwhelmed with the beautiful view of nature.  If you wish to start to explore nature, you can start with Nag Tibba Trek.  Here you can explore the beautiful view of the mountains.

     Still more, we have ten reasons to list Nag Tibba as the best and easiest trek for beginners.  The ten reasons are easy terrain, complete the trek in a short span of time, trek full of surprise and satisfaction, explore mussoorie while embarking on this trek, connectivity, experience the complete himalayan trek, the final view from the summit, perfect trek for all seasons, no need to go through extensive fitness routine and finally for its mesmerizing camping site.

     Nag Tibba Trek is at an altitude of 9,914 feet.  The range of the trek is easy to moderate.  It will take two days to complete the trek.  The pickup point of the Nag Tibba Trek is Hotel Grand Legacy at Dehradun.

Have a great experience..!

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