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5 Strategies To Create Effective Online Assessments 

The rising digitization and integration of technology in various fields have increased the adoption of online systems and ERP solutions for various aspects of institutes such as academics, non-academics, management, and others. Further, the growing prevalence of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the institutes to implement online classes, exams, admissions, and evaluations.

Online assessment has been a major aspect as it decides the future of students. It should be fair, accessible, and maintain the integrity of the institute. As the process of evaluation is new for the institutes, it is likely for them to be worried about the evaluation process.
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Here are a few ways which will improve assessment in an institute and help them gain confidence in it.

Provide Student Feedback –

The online examination system conducts tests, evaluates the students, and provides them with feedback. The feedback helps students to develop their knowledge and work on their weak points throughout their educational tenure. Further, the teacher can understand student behavior in the classroom regularly and keep track record of their behavior which can be later considered during the exam.

Feedback helps the students and parents to focus on the problems faced by the students and take measures to work towards their betterment over a period of time. It helps to aim toward self-growth and make sure the same mistakes are not repeated. Online assessment systems help the teachers by giving automated feedback based on their performance in exams and keeping a record of the same to see students’ progress by the end of the year.

Use Analysis Tools-

The online examination system is equipped with advanced technologies which help the teachers, students, and parents to improve the teaching-learning methods in the institute. It uses AI-Based analysis for studying the reports generated by the software. These analytics can be studied by the teachers and understand the student performance overall. It helps them to understand the major problems collectively faced by students.
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It further helps the management and stakeholders to make data-driven decisions.

Make Online Assessment Accessible-

Online assessment does not require infrastructure and facilities like the traditional methods of examination. It just needs the student to have a laptop and internet connection for attempting the exam.

Traditional examination procedures necessitate infrastructure and facilities, but online assessment does not. To take the exam, all the student needs is a laptop and an internet connection.

Implement Instruction Manuals-

Implementation of ERP solutions is a new concept for several institutes. Hence, the students, teachers, and faculty members may find it difficult to use them.

While creating question papers, the teachers are given a set of instructions according to which the exam should be created and conducted. It helps them to maintain consistency through all the exams. This will help to reduce mistakes and improve the user experience in the institute.

Enable Easy Communication-

The main advantage of using online systems for conducting exams and evaluations is easing the communication gap between the teachers and students. Further, it makes communication with teachers easy for the parents using the online assessment system.
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The primary benefit of adopting online technologies to administer examinations and evaluations is that it reduces the communication gap between professors and students. Furthermore, the online assessment system facilitates connection with teachers for parents.

Further, the communication between student and invigilator during the exam is conducted using online chat support where the student can ask queries and talk about any technical or network issues faced by them. Easy communication during exams gives the students confidence in attempting exams using online means. It also enables ease of operations during exams.

It bridges the gap between the students and invigilators during tests and provides online support to the students.

Conduct Frequent Exams-

Further, it helps to analyze students’ performance with perfection. Even if the student attempts to cheat in one exam, the overall score will not be too high as the other exams will showcase the real preparation of students. Further, it helps the student to gain excellence over a small portion of the syllabus and avoid cheating attempts. This helps in the overall growth of the students and the institutes.

It also aids in the accurate evaluation of pupils’ performance. Even if a student cheats on one exam, the overall score will not be overly high because the other exams will demonstrate the students’ true preparedness. It also enables the student to thrive in a limited area of the syllabus while avoiding cheating attempts. This contributes to the students’ and institutes’ overall development.


Effective assessment can be conducted with regular practice of the given measures by the institutes and faculty members.  Moreover, using an online proctoring solution for assessment can avoid any types of malpractices and cheating among the students.

An online assessment system is an advanced tool that is highly secure and easy to use by teachers and students.

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