A periodontist is an expert in gum disease and other periodontal illnesses. In addition, periodontists also manage cosmetic issues such as dental plastic surgery, maintenance, and preventative treatment. In a word, these are the type of specialists you would require for both medical and cosmetic reasons. So, how do you go around finding a good one who won’t damage your teeth? Here are five suggestions for finding a good periodontist Durham to help you find one.

Check their credentials.

Periodontists are required to meet specific criteria to practice their profession. Therefore, choose a periodontist who has all the necessary certifications as a general rule. The absence of these credentials is a red flag because it could indicate that they are either quacks or students who have yet to gain the necessary knowledge to perform the job correctly.

Seek advice from your dentist.

The vast majority of medical practitioners have industry affiliations. As a result, your local dentist may be a suitable place to begin your search for a periodontist. Inquire about the best periodontists in your area, and you’ll be surprised to hear that they have extensive contacts in this field. They can also provide you with unbiased medical advice on whether or not you need the services of a periodontist. Sometimes we believe we require the services of a specialist, but the problem is managed by a general practitioner, or in this case, a dentist.

The investigation of several periodontists’ treatment techniques

A simple Google search will yield a list of periodontists in your area. However, this is simply the first step; it does not tell you whether or not they are suitable for you. The next step is to consider their treatment options, mainly surgical and non-surgical procedures. Top periodontists choose non-surgical treatment until there is a proven necessity for surgery. Surgery is always risky, and a quick periodontist might not be the best solution for you.

Investigate their pricing.

Periodontists aren’t cheap, and the cost of one, especially if the procedure requires surgery, might drastically raise your insurance premiums. As a result, it’s best to go with a periodontist whose treatment costs are reasonable. When it comes to choosing a periodontist, however, money should not be the only factor to consider, mainly if your treatment entails surgery. Therefore, it is advisable to go for the best, even if it is more expensive, but only for minor issues.

Could you find out what kind of equipment they use?

The equipment used by a periodontist has a significant impact on the quality of their work. As a result, the best periodontists use cutting-edge technology to treat their patients. This information is widely accessible online or through acquaintances who have previously dealt with specific periodontists.


Is it preferable to see a dentist first, then a periodontist?

Periodontists are preferable if a general dentist or hygienist finds the uncovers gingivitis signs.

Is a periodontist capable of performing fillings?

Routine dental procedures, such as fillings, are usually best handled by a low-cost dentist; but if you have advanced gum disease or want tooth implants implanted, you may need to see a periodontist.

Periodontal surgery: what is it, and how does it work?

Periodontal surgery is a dental procedure that restores the appearance and function of teeth, gums, and bones destroyed by severe gum disease. A periodontist can help you determine if you are a surgical candidate.

Is it possible to regrow gums?

The simple answer is no. Receding gums cannot regenerate if damaged by periodontitis, the most severe form of gum disease.


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