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7 Best Tips to Protect Your Skin While Travelling

Who doesn’t love to enjoy a vacation after spending months following the same hectic routine?

No one of course. 

Some people tend to be casual travellers while for others it serves no less than therapy. 

No matter for what reason travelling tends to be our favourite activity.

However, travelling tends to wreak havoc on our health and our skin health is not an exception to this. Yes, travelling can be damaging to our skin as well and if you don’t take proper care of your skin, then the damage can be more damaging than you think. I remember years back when I visited a hill station with my friends I didn’t pay attention to my skin health at all.

Returned from the trip with painful acne and dry patches. I then went to a renowned dermatologist in Islamabad who gave me a treatment plan for treating my skin condition. After following this for weeks I managed to recover from it. But all these problems made me realize that I would have prevented the problem with a little care of my skin.

How to Protect Your Skin While Traveling

We all enjoy travelling without exception. But when we travel, a lot of things change, including our skincare routine and sleep schedule. However, it is imperative to preserve your skin while travelling. Follow all of these recommendations in order to maintain healthy, youthful skin when on vacation as opposed to skipping your skincare regimen. It is best to speak with your doctor as soon as possible if you continue to have any skin damage symptoms, such as breakouts and discolouration. If you are also planning your next trip and looking for some skin care tips to travel, then here are some of the tips to follow:

1- Don’t Skip Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must no matter if you are travelling or staying home. Sunscreen helps to protect our skin from the sun rays damage that can be damaging our skin. These sunscreens come in different variations according to SPFs. Doctors even recommend you wear one even if there is no bright sunlight during the day.

Just like this, sunscreen is an everyday essential while you are travelling. So, make sure to wear it before applying your makeup and keep it along because you may need to reapply it every 2 hours.

No matter if you are travelling or at home, sunscreen is a need. Sunscreen aids in shielding our skin from the sun’s potentially harmful rays. According to SPFs, these sunscreens are available in various varieties. In fact, doctors advise wearing one even when there isn’t much direct sunshine during the day.

2- Carry Your Moisturizer

When travelling from one place to another there is a difference in the humidity level. As per the changing humidity level, there is a difference in your requirement for a moisturization level. So, it is important to moisturize your skin while you are travelling to protect it from damage due to drier weather. Also, don’t forget to moisturize your skin while sleeping.

3- Go Light on Makeup

You may find it appealing to apply makeup while you are travelling but this is a big no. Yes, because it prevents your skin from breathing so it’s better to skip your makeup while you are about to go on your vacation. You can go for a lighter or no-makeup look. It is better to go with your routine skin cream and sunscreen to keep yourself protected from damage.

4- Have Your Facial Wipes

If you are looking to cleanse your face or remove your makeup, then facial wipes are the best option to go for. These wipes come in different varieties and are usually pre-moisturized so you can carry them anywhere you go. This will save you from relying upon a cleanser available in your hotel room. So, whether you need to cleanse your face after the day or during the day, these facial wipes are the best option.

5- Facial Mist Are a Must

If you want to keep your skin hydrated and fresh during the day, then facial mist is a must-have for anyone. Yes, these are also available in various flavours so you can enjoy a refreshing spray on your face anywhere during the day. This is a suitable option for people with all skin types. A face mist is a need if you want to keep your skin moisturised and healthy throughout the day. Yes, these come in a variety of flavours so you can spray some on your face whenever you want during the day. All skin types can use this as a viable alternative.

6- Ditch Hotel Soaps

Normally, there are soaps available in the hotel room which we use to clean our face. But do you know these can be of the worst quality causing more harm to your skin than you can think? So, ditching these soaps can be a good idea if you want to protect your skin while travelling. You can carry paper soap or any other type of soap with you.

7- Don’t Touch Your Face Unnecessarily 

A part of skin care while travelling is to accept that a part of the damage to your skin is inevitable. So, a better idea to stop it from spreading is to stop touching your face unnecessarily especially if you are suffering from an acne breakout. Accepting that some skin damage is unavoidable is a necessary component of maintaining healthy skin when travelling. Therefore, if you want to prevent it from spreading, you should quit touching your face needlessly, especially if you have an acne breakout.

Bottom Line

All of us love to travel without any exception. But travelling tends to change a lot of things; from our sleep schedule to our skincare routine. However, protecting your skin while travelling is a must. So, make sure to follow all these tips to enjoy healthy and fresh skin during vacation rather than escaping your skincare routine. If you still face any signs of skin damage such as breakout and colouration then it is better to talk to your doctor immediately. 

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