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7 Cleaning Products That You Need to Have in Your Arsenal

DIYs are one of the key elements that give you a sense of self-reliance. However, there are certain tasks associated with you on which you should not go for any sort of hands-on, considering the magnitude of risks, and you are completely unaware of the issues you need to cover. Among these errands comes roof cleaning. You may feel energetic to do such activities as an adventure or maybe because of financial constraints you are currently facing in your life. However, for such jobs, you need a professional who can handle the task in a stipulated way as per the standards. Yet, it is your choice at the end of the day. There are even certain products that you need to use for roof cleaning of your residential and commercial property. 

Oxygen-Based Cleaners

Starting with oxygen-based products that are quite prevalent and common when it comes to roof cleaning. The best part about oxygen-based products is that such commodities can eliminate the presence of mould stains and other types of stains that get settled and make a hard layer over the roof of your house or office. In addition to this, oxygen-based cleaning products for roofs also remove roof fungus and algae, a common phenomenon in those places where there is a high probability of rainfall. 

Chlorine Bleaching

Chlorine bleaching is something that some feel has more effectiveness. With Chlorine bleaching, there is an assurance that you will be able to witness seamless and smooth removal of mildew and mould. You can apply such solutions to a stained area. Chlorine bleaching hardly takes any time. Once soaked after 10 minutes, you can rinse off with a power washer or hose to remove fungus and algae.

Copper Sulphate

If the availability of chlorine bleach is a big constraint for you, certain alternatives are present, among which is copper sulphate solution. Copper Sulphate is worthwhile if you face mildew, mould, fungus, and algae issues. However, there lies one glitch. If you live in the vicinity of trees and forest cover, all you need is to apply copper sulphate in the spray form to ensure that plants don’t get severely affected.


What if you have metal roofing in your house or commercial property that you own? Well, for a while, you may think that you are out of options. What to do in those scenarios? First of all, keep one thing in mind: you are enriched with several products that are quite effective against the patches present, even in metal roofings. Metal roofings are better as their galvanized form gives more durability. And to tackle issues related to metal roof cleaning, you can resort to emulsifiers. Emulsifiers can dissolve negative elements like dirt, grease, and grime from the surface, giving a better space for profound cleaning. Among all emulsifiers, you can look for ammonia, a fundamental ingredient in emulsifiers that eases grease removal.

Trisodium Phosphate

Trisodium Phosphate is another product that you can think of using for removing mould and mildew, apart from general stains that appear on the roof. All you need is to mix the cleaning agent with the water as per the instructions given in the packaging to avoid any mishap. Next, apply the same solution over the above-mentioned areas. Once applied, you have to use a scrubbing brush to clean off the dirt and dust. Finally, the rinsing part will be there to remove any sort of residue.

Eco-Friendly Cleaners

Lastly, you can think about products that are eco-friendly, meaning they have hardly any composition related to heavy metals, harsh acids, lye, etc. The non-corrosive quotient present in these eco-friendly cleaners also helps you in maintaining the integrity of the roof in a better manner. Apart from this, you will observe that they won’t trigger any sort of allergic reactions.

So, if you think you can add one more DIY to your skills’ basket, here’s a chance for you to do the same. Otherwise, you can always look for options related to roof cleaning in the Gold Coast.

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