Acculturation and Education Research: Current Methodological Approaches

Concerning this Research Subject

Acculturation is the process of change that occurs when people from different cultural backgrounds come into contact on a regular basis. This process can manifest itself in the individual as a stronger or weaker orientation toward both cultures. Berry’s (1997) conceptualization of four patterns of acculturation orientation is well-known in cross-cultural psychology and beyond.

Decades of acculturation research in Psychology assignment topics have resulted in a large body of literature on acculturation and its effects on psychological and sociocultural adaptation. According to research, indoctrination has been linked to a variety of educational outcomes in children and adolescents.

Acculturation research has also advanced a number of methodological approaches for the empirical investigation of acculturation, including qualitative and quantitative approaches, cross-sectional vs. longitudinal measurements, systematic reviews, and meta-analytic approaches. Furthermore, a plethora of measures and analytical methods broaden the range of approaches to capturing the acculturation construct.

This Research Topic aims to provide fresh perspectives on the field’s major challenges and methodological issues in acculturation research in educational settings.

Some many recent publications have identified issues that require further investigation in the future. The measurement and operationalization of acculturation is a key challenge that we would like to highlight. One goal is to highlight research that focuses on expanding the two-dimensional model of culturalism to multiple cultures, religiosity and multicultural, as well as in the context of globalization accounting for the context and domain specificity of acculturation, as well as the fit of acculturation orientations to the (school) context. Another aspect that has been overlooked thus far is how members of the majority group relate to immigrant and minority group cultures (Kunst, Lefringhausen, Sam, Sam, Berry, & Dovidio, 2021).

Furthermore, we would like to compile research that considers children’s and adolescents’ age-specific changing conceptualization of culture, culturally specific perspectives on cultural interplay, multilevel approaches, and the incorporation of multiple sources of information.  Another important goal is to use longitudinal studies and sophisticated statistical methods such as latent class growth analysis to address the “causality crisis in acculturation.”

We welcome contributions from educators who are conducting acculturation research. These will include new acculturation models, novel measurement tools, and a variety of evaluation methods such as mixed methods approaches, literature reviews, and meta-analyses. We invite authors to submit original research, systematic reviews, methods, reviews, perspectives, and conceptual analyses.

Among the possible areas of study are:

  • Age-dependent development of acculturation in children and youth
  •  Stability and changeability of acculturation orientations
  • Cultural assimilation processes in the educational context that are context and domain-specific
  •  Acculturation orientations and expectations of the majority group and the school as an institution
  • Acculturation in multicultural and globalized contexts – Remote acculturation

Cultural assimilation, school context, education, measurement, methods are some keywords to consider.

Important Reminder: All contributions to this Research Topic must fall within the scope of the section and journal to which they are submitted, as defined in their mission statements. At any stage of peer review, Frontiers reserves the right to direct an out-of-scope manuscript to a more appropriate section or journal.

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