Affordable ways to remodel your home

When it comes to the thought of remodeling your home, most homeowners often assume that it would turn out to be an expensive exercise. Granted, various home improvement ideas can stretch your budget way above what’s feasible. And that’s why you need to take a closer look at the post below, for its various home improvement ideas renovations while trimming the expense to just the bare essentials. If you are unsure how to handle it, you can always hire a contractor to get it done cheaply. Now check out some of these genius ideas,


Add depth: Getting tired of your old home?

Then you may as well go for some remodeling. And while you are at it, you may want to check some of the local contractors who specialize in home renovations in Auckland. If you are still worried about the overall cost, then here is what you can do. You can add some crown molding to the interiors, and that way, you would be able to provide your rooms with more depth and character. What’s more, crown molding generally should not cost much; it should only cost you more than $155 per room.

Stair runners

If you are worried about the expense of replacing the old, scratched-up, old staircase, then you can always add a chic stair runner. Stair runners do not just provide the aesthetic touch to your old staircase, but they help to serve a functional purpose as well. They can certainly help prevent anyone from slipping on the stairs and prevent the stairs from getting scratched any further.

Vintage lanterns and vintage lamposts

If you are keen to make the exterior of your home look ‘awesome’ as well, all you need to do is add some vintage elements to your yard. Hands off the paintbrushes since you would not be required to paint anything other than the vintage lamp and post. Just acquire a set of vintage lights and lamposts, and get them installed in your front yard. They would certainly prove to be a gamechanger, for your exterior is bound to look amazing.

Refinish the old doors

If you had just purchased an antique home, the chances are that you would have more than a few ancient wooden doors. Sure, most homeowners would be itching to get these old doors replaced with modern, fake wooden doors, and that’s not advisable. Certainly not, especially if you want the doors to blend in with the rest of the home. A better idea would be to refinish these old, antique wooden doors and varnish them as well. The result would be doors with a rustic finish, and warm, velvety tones  

Get rid of your old switch plate covers

This is one of the cheapest remodeling tips. New switch cover plats should cost anywhere from $2 to $5. Get the old ones replaced periodically. It is a must since old, rusted-up switch covers can easily cause a short circuit as well. And that’s all the more reason you would need to get these changed as often as possible.

Fabric lamp shades

One of the neat remodeling ideas would be to get all your old lamps replaced. You can replace the old ones with more modernized versions in different fabric patterns. It should certainly help your room come alive.

These are some of the affordable ways to remodel your home. Just keep in mind that at the end of the day, it is your home and therefore in your interest to make it look good.

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