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All Lowest Price Electronic Water Flow Meters

A water flow meter is an important device to measure the flow rate of water in various industrial applications. It works to detect the accurate flow rate of liquids that helps in quality manufacturing and industrial processing. However, there are several types of flow meters available in the market that works mechanically. But, the use of an electronic water flow meter is really contemporary. You can also say a digital flow meter that works with accurate fluid measurement. There are different types of digital meters that are non-intrusive, have no moving parts, and are made with electronics technology.

How does an electronic flow meter work?

The working principle of such devices is really straightforward and quick. They work to convert the measured flow rate of liquids into electronic signals and display them on the meter. They carry the signal output meter that shows the converted signals to users. This makes it easier for engineers to detect accurate flow rate measurements. There are several types of these meters that have unique working principles. But, they all have the common feature of cost-effectiveness and durable use. So, let’s check them all below in this blog post.

Electromagnetic Flow Meter

This is a liquid flow rate measuring device that has a sensor and transmitter. It works without any moving parts to measure the flow rate of conductive liquids. The sensor of this device comprises a magnetic field. So, when the water flows through the magnetic field, it generates voltage. The sensors pick the voltage generated and send a signal to the transmitter. The transmitter then displays the flow rate to users in simplified form. It is an affordable flow meter that can also measure dirty liquids for flow rate detection. Moreover, it has no moving parts and delivers high stability and accuracy.

Vortex Flow Meter

It is the highly preferred electronic water flow meter among various industries. This device is best suited to measure the flow rate of liquids where moving parts cause problems in the flow. You can find this digital water meter with industrial-grade quality and is available in plastic and brass. This meter has no moving parts and enduring working capacity. The normal wear and tear are bearable by this device, thus making it a cost-effective application for fluid measurement. The working of this meter depends upon the vortex shedding principle. It works when the fluid passes through the meter has an obstruction due to bluff body. The frequency of the vortices depends upon the size and shape of the meter body. This meter works to measure the volumetric flow rate of liquids.


Next in the category of electronic water flow meters is an ultrasonic flow meter. This meter implies the sound waves technology for measuring the flow rate of liquids. It determines the velocity of liquids flowing inside the piping system. It has a digital transmitter that processes the signals through the sound waves. The in-built sensor of the device works to measure the time traveled by the sound waves for the travel cycle. The device sends sound waves from one transducer to another and computes the time.
It is an electronic device that measures the velocity of liquids. But it also helps in determining the volume of the liquid as well. The transducers of this meter are designed to be attached to the external pipe surface. This means that this device does not cause an obstruction in the flow. For this specific reason, this is the perfect flow measuring device for acidic, waste, and coarse liquids. It is also cost-effective since it requires low maintenance and has no moving parts.

To sum up

Using an electronic water flow meter is a good decision if you want to ensure enduring use of it for fluid measurement. These above-mentioned devices are exclusively used among various industries. They have fewer maintenance requirements, durability, and higher accuracy. So, you can choose the specific meter as per your fluid measuring needs. These meters have differentiated working for different applications. So, choosing an appropriate device is important for accurate working. 

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