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Best Cities For Vegans In Europe

Are you looking for the best cities that are vegan-friendly in Europe? Or European cities that fully support Veganism? Take a look at our guidebook of the top European cities for Vegans.

Veganism is more than a trend. It is the current need. Different European cities have come out in support of vegan food. European cities are at the forefront of the vegan movement and are showing their support for veganism. You will find a variety of European cuisines wherever you travel, and Europe is home to several vegan restaurants.

Let’s find out the top cities for vegans across Europe.

London, UK

Fly from London to the USA to arrive at the city’s 161 vegan restaurants. You heard it right. London supports veganism with 161 restaurants. London is also the most visited city in the UK, so veganism is a bonus reason to visit.

Have you ever wanted to visit Buckingham Palace or follow in the footsteps of Sherlock Homes? This vegan supporter invites you to visit this incredible location. London is also a well-known name in the European list of vegan cities. You will also find the best European vegan restaurants, and you can celebrate veganism in an entirely new way.

Temple of Seitan, a vegan-friendly restaurant located in London, is the most popular. London has many other fine dining vegan-friendly restaurants.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin boasts 83 vegan restaurants and is one of Europe’s most vegan-friendly cities. It is also known as the Vegan Capital of Germany, supports veganism at an international level. To reach this city, which is vegan-friendly, take a direct flight to Germany from the USA. Berlin is a city that offers plant-based cuisine at its best. It is also known for its unique vegan cuisine, making it a very popular German destination. Berlin hosts Veganes SummerFest, one of Europe’s largest vegan festivals.

Paris, France

Paris, the French capital, is a popular city that supports veganism. A city on every traveller’s bucket list, is now supporting veganism as a frontier. The city that is most vegan-friendly in Europe, is the perfect place to find vegan food.

Paris is home to the best vegan burgers and many other vegan dishes. France is not vegan-friendly because butter and cheese are an integral part of French cuisine. Paris is an exception to this rule by using vegan butter in its cooking and vegan cheese.

Warsaw (Poland)

Warsaw, Poland’s capital, is a leader in veganism. The Polish capital has 53 vegan restaurants, making it one of the most vegan-friendly European cities. Warsaw, Poland is well worth a visit. Even though Warsaw is not a popular tourist destination, veganism is a good reason to visit.

Warsaw is home to beautiful parks, rich culture, history, and many other attractions that tourists can enjoy. Many tourists are surprised by the number of vegan restaurants in Warsaw.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Europe’s best-known host of Christmas Markets is also one of Europe’s most vegan-friendly cities. The city boasts 50 vegan restaurants, making it one of the top European cities that are vegan-friendly. It is smaller or more compact than the other European cities mentioned. It also has more vegan restaurants per square kilometre than other cities.

Prague is a wonderful place to visit during Christmas. Prague is known for its old-fashioned charm, which is why it is so loved by all who visit it.

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Madrid Spain

Madrid has 42 vegan restaurants and is a major supporter of veganism in Europe. It is an important supporter of veganism and a well-known European city that is vegan-friendly. Many Spanish dishes are made from all kinds of plant matter, including the Spanish capital.

Madrid has been supporting veganism since 2017. Madrid’s vegan restaurants offer the finest vegan food, and they are also committed to plant-based cooking.

Lisbon, Portugal

The Portuguese city supports vegan-friendly cuisines and isn’t far behind. It is home to 36 vegan restaurants that offer delicious vegan food. These restaurants specialize in plant-based cooking, with a Portuguese twist. If you love Portuguese food, but don’t want to eat it because you are vegan, you can still enjoy the cuisine. These 36 Portuguese restaurants are vegan-friendly.

Lisbon also ranks 10th on the global list of vegan-friendly cities, which gives it international recognition.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest boasts 32 vegan restaurants and must live up to its guests’ expectations. A newly popular city is doing everything possible to attract attention. The city supports veganism and is a leader in this area. The city also plans to open more vegan-friendly restaurants.

Budapest is a city full of activities, and its entirely plant-based cuisine means there’s plenty to do. Enjoy your stay here and take in the amazing nightlife.

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Our list of top European cities that are vegan-friendly ends with Amsterdam. As of right now, Amsterdam is home to 38 vegan restaurants. These numbers are expect to rise as more people become aware of veganism in the city.

Amsterdam only has 12 vegan restaurants, with all of them being dedicate to plant-based cuisines in recent years. The city tripled their number to support veganism, and be a leader in the movement. The city now has 38 restaurants that are fully vegan-friendly in Europe.


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