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Books: a Laudato Si ‘Cookbook In The Best Sellers

Books: a Laudato Si ‘Cookbook In The Best Sellers

Sellers Essays, Sellers novels find the ranking of the best-sellers books from November 5 to 14 in the sellers’ bookstores’ La ProcureSellers. A choice of inspiring Sellers


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Summary : by Patrick C. Goujon, Seuil. At the age of 50, the man of the Church remembers the assaults inflicted on him by a priest when he was only a child. After decades, the author recounts his feelings of shame, inner rage, and slow rebuilding on the path to forgiveness. Against the backdrop, a reflection on silence and justice within the Church. Could you find it in bookstores?The six figures to remember from the Case report


god science and evidence
Summary: by Michel-Yves Bolloré and Olivier Bonnassies, Éditions Guy Trédaniel, October 202 1. Based on a three-year work collaborating with some twenty scientists and specialists, the authors present modern proofs of the existence of God. and for three centuries, discoveries questioned the idea of ?? a creator god. Since the XX century, new knowledge has upset certainties again. Please find it in bookstores.
A baby or a job? Women under pressure

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While abortion is often proclaimed a “right”, testimonies from women forced into abortion are increasing.

In Australia, a study by Monash University found that ‘job losses and pressure from home schooling’ due to the Covid-19 pandemic have quadrupled the number of calls from women inquiring about abortion. Calls from women over 18 weeks pregnant tripled between March and July 2020. “2.5 times more women mentioned financial insecurity” as the reason for their call. For Professor Danielle Mazza, holder of the chair of general medicine at Monash University, this upsurge in calls shows “the extreme pressure” suffered by some women at the start of the pandemic.

Pressure not only in times of pandemic

The pressure on women does not date from the health crisis. Karen Arikpo has been a police officer for 24 years in the United States. She says that in 1997, while in training at the police academy, her sergeant gave her an ultimatum: “Abort or lose her job” ( Fox News, 10/24/2021). He sent her to a doctor in Washington for the surgery. Since then, the regrets have not left her. Karen has been trying to have a baby for years. Without achieving it.

Abortion, a factor of equality?

As the New Wave Feminists organization points out in an amicus curiae brief that contributes to the debate raging in the United States, “there is no causal relationship between the availability of abortion and the ability of women. to act in society” ( Gènéthique, 10/18/21). On the contrary. Because the decriminalization of abortion “undermines efforts to adopt and implement policies necessary for pregnant women and mothers to participate in society on an equal basis with men.”
In prayer, we are always beginners


Prayer, explains the poet and essayist Jacques Gauthier, is an astonishing adventure where we do not always need words. The truth is that we have to relearn how to pray over and over again, letting the Holy Spirit pray in us.

When praying, we start without ceasing because we do not know how to pray. We are always beginners in prayer; we walk with the Holy Spirit who prays in us, who comes to the aid of our weakness, which helps us stand firm on new prayer paths from the heart, heart, and heart. Silent prayer, supernatural contemplation. Prayer is a building block of the human being. Present in different civilizations, it provokes a word that expresses beliefs and desires, often poetically and symbolically. It reveals our deep aspiration to enter into a relationship with a transcendent being called God.

From prayers to prayer

What was humanity’s first prayer? Request or praise, personal or community, around the fire or at the time of death? We do not know it. Prayers across the centuries and the cultures that influence them. They resound in the immense cathedral of time and space. But prayer does not always need words to be said. It also resonates in silence. We go from prayers to “prayer”, terms agreed upon with the loving gaze of an interior presence. Is prayer, also called interior prayer or contemplative prayer, lived in the bottomless place of the heart, where God dwells. Teresa of Avila speaks of prayer as an exchange of friendship, where one talks one to one with God whom one knows to be loved. ”

The goal of prayer is union with God without seeking beautiful thoughts and consolations.

The goal of prayer is union with God without seeking beautiful thoughts and consolations. Methods that soothe the body, fix the mind with a prayer word can make us more attentive to the Lord, but these are only means. Even silence and recollection are not ends in themselves since God is beyond all thought, feeling and method. The important thing is to orient our freedom towards the Lord by loving him, gathering our whole being there, and persevering. The Lord looks more at the intention of our heart than the attention to his mystery, which varies from day to day.

The intention of the heart

The essence of prayer lies in this fundamental intention of the heart to want what God wants, to engage our will to pray to him in silence, despite boredom and droughts, discouragement and distractions. It is not a question of creating a vacuum, but of communing with Christ in faith, in response to his word: “As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Remain in my love” ( Jn 15, 9). Jesus is the centre, the unifier, the faithful friend. He prolongs in us his filial prayer to the Father: “Our Father….” Yes, we are always beginners in this beautiful adventure of prayer. It remains in genesis at the bottom of us, in the gestation of the Spirit, like a work of art in the making. We have never finished being born to the love of Christ. Its light rises to the most secret of our baptized bodies.
To paint, to scratch, to hang Our selection of Advent calendars.

Vocabulary for kids

This year, Advent begins on November 28 and the opening of the first box of the calendar. Aleteia has made a selection of the prettiest Advent calendars for you.
Four weeks to get started and prepare your heart for the coming of Jesus. Sometimes a long time for the little ones. An Advent calendar, therefore, allows everyone, and especially children, to walk during these four weeks

Advent is par excellence, the liturgical time of waiting. From the fourth Sunday before Christmas, the faithful prepare for the “coming” of the Messiah on Christmas night. It is about celebrating the birth of the baby Jesus in Bethlehem and his current coming into the hearts of the faithful

This notion of passing the time is often difficult for children to grasp.


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