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Can You Do SEO By You Own? Are You Really Know About SEO?


Seo is a….Don’t worry, it’s short. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Consider it a series of activities on and off your site that will help it rank in search engines.


These tasks may be as easy as studying and inserting keywords into your content or as complex as establishing an XML sitemap so search engines know which pages you want in the search results.


I’ll cover some of the most important aspects of SEO in this video, but for additional information, try to consult some agencies Seo Kuala Lumpur to gather their opinions.


Think about “DIY” SEO.


Step-by-step progress tracking is the simplest approach to keep track of your efforts while learning SEO principles.


Make a checklist so you don’t forget anything. You may find one on our website as a starting point!


Start with a site assessment before you do anything else. Our site has a helpful SEO tester that can help!


This can assist you realise what you’ve been doing well and where you need to improve.


You should be aware of many aspects of SEO. Simple on-page and off-page SEO principles will be covered. First, on-page SEO.




For example, you may alter the title tag and meta description that appear in search results, as well as the text and multimedia content on your site.


Keywords are vital.


Whenever you publish content for your site, whether it’s a blog post or a homepage, use keywords organically. This contains title tags and meta descriptions.


Keywords assist search engines understand your website.


Let’s say you own a luxury spa and write a blog on treatments, goods, and typical queries.


For example, if you’re writing about how frequently individuals should get facials, you should utilise the term “how often” and similar keywords throughout the text and primary headers where it makes sense.


Keyword research isn’t as hard as it seems!


Many tools exist that may help you choose keywords for your content and tell you how difficult it is to rank for them.


You may also use Google to seek for similar queries or type-in suggestions. Isn’t it cool?




The next step is to get others to link to your article. Links from credible sites provide your site a much-needed boost in the rankings.


That isn’t easy.


I’ll say it now. Buy.




That will get you punished in the SERPs, undoing all of your SEO efforts. Getting others to connect to your site takes effort.


The first step is to create amazing content. You’re on the right track if you create informative blog entries or videos. Search the internet for popular content ideas.


Google Trends has trending themes.


Google Trends

Google trends

Photo By: Google  


A smart place to start is through social networking.


The more people see your site, the more likely they are to connect to it.


Email outreach is another way to get links. Look up industry experts. Maybe a trade journal may use an article you created, or a blogger could use your infographic in a related post.


Search it at Google, that’s simple!


That’s the greatest approach to find connections.




Not to mention local SEO.


If you have a physical presence or want people in your service area to discover you, you should employ local SEO so they can find you when they need your services. You’ve probably seen the results of other companies’ local initiatives if you’ve ever searched for “restaurants near me.”


Create a Google My Business profile for your company and keep it updated with contact information, hours, location, and anything else relevant.


This initial step may significantly improve your company’s local visibility.


Is DIY SEO difficult?


I won’t lie… DIY SEO is challenging.


Another is SEO technical.


This includes responsive web design, internal linkages, security, duplicate content, and more.


If you lack technical skills, I propose partnering with specialists to tackle your site’s technical SEO. Wrongly done, things may turn nasty. Even the earliest approaches might take time, particularly as your firm expands. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed while juggling SEO and business.


If you don’t want to handle your own SEO, there are a lot of team Seo Kuala Lumpur ready to assist!


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