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Decision to Live and Study in Canada from Dubai

Living in a first-world country like Canada is one of the dreams of people living in a third-world country. It gives them better earning opportunities, value and a better place to explore themselves. Canada is also one of the first-world countries in which many people like to live and study. Everybody can have their specific reason for living and studying in Canada, but the common ones are a better lifestyle, worldwide recognized institutes, and better health opportunities. Answering the question like it is the right decision to live and study in Canada can be tricky because getting into Canada has never been a cup of cake. We must suffer from multiple hurdles to get a Canadian study visa.

In this blog, you will know about all the right reasons to live and study in Canada from Dubai. So keep reading.

Is it the Right Decision to Live and Study in Canada from Dubai?

Living in a country like Dubai can be good but not good enough as living and studying in Canada. The main reason is that it is not overpopulated and has great student opportunities. Almost 25% of the population of Canada is based on foreign nationals who come to study or work there and later settle antalya escort bayan there. Canadian universities are among the top best institutes worldwide, with degrees recognized worldwide. Hiring a good study visa consultant at Fly High Abroad Dubai can easily obtain a Canada student visa.

The detailed answer to all these snippets is as follows:

Job Opportunities

Canada offers multiple job opportunities for foreign people and students every year. Most people love to stay in Canada because these jobs make them get more than a decent amount of money through which they can build a healthy and great lifestyle. This property is severely lacking in Dubai because it is overcrowded. Foreign nationals have already come here and lived here in Dubai, and the job opportunities for its native people have dramatically reduced. It is, therefore, a great opportunity to live and study in Canada whenever you find the chance to move there.

High-Level Healthcare System

Canada has the best and high-level healthcare system. This health care is generally decentralized, publicly funded, and universal. It allows the system to be run most efficiently. The health care cards and the lower fee charged on the cards ensure that all the people get the same great and high-level health care facilities. These facilities are provided on student visas, permanent residence visas, work visas, or all types of visas. The student immigrants to Canada must do this task first when moving to Canada. Moving to Canada is one plus point, so you get the best healthcare services.

World-class Education

The Canadian government makes sure to never compromise on the quality of education they provide. The educational institutes in Canada are recognized worldwide and best known worldwide due to their quality of education. If you study in Canada and move to another country, you won’t have to give the equivalence exam to check if you are eligible for that or not. The high-class education and merit-based positions have made Canadian universities and educational institutes the favorite place for people to study.

Government Stability

The Canadian government is not affected by politics. Even if it is affected, it does not allow immigrants, Canadian nationals, or people with student visas to suffer from problems or hurdles. The reason is that the policies are rarely changed in Canada. The policies remain the same most of the time, making most people take advantage of it no matter the political situation. It shows the stability of the government of Canada and no problem suffering conditions prevalent for the immigrants due to political instability or political issues.

Welcoming Behavior Towards Immigrants

The culture in Canada is very beautiful and colorful. Due to this, all kinds of people are present in Canada. This type of cultural diversity and the welcoming nature of both nationals and the government of Canada towards the immigrants make them feel loved and appreciated and almost forget about their homes. It makes the individuals less homesick, making them enjoy the beauty of nature and the beautiful architecture of Canada.

Cultural Diversity

Another important thing that makes Canada the favorite destination for studying and living is its cultural diversity. People from almost all countries come here, study, work and live here. There is no discrimination by the government or people regarding other people’s color, caste, or creed. Everyone lives their own beautiful life there and enjoys it. Cultural and religious beliefs are also protected there in Canada, which makes nobody fight for it. The peaceful environment makes most students fly to Canada to lead a beautiful and peaceful future.


The best part about living in Canada is its inclusiveness. All the people living in Canada, either students or workers, national or immigrants or those who might belong to any nation, are given equal best rights. The government ensures that all the people are given equal rights through its amazing policies, making Canada one of the most loving and the favorite destination for many people.

A Road to Your Bright Future

Canada being the economically grown and the best country in the world offers several benefits to the immigrants and the students that make them lead a brighter future. The reason for it being the best area to live and study in is its governmental policies and the people following those policies religiously.

As you study in Canada, you can move back to your country and apply for skilled immigration. Applying for skilled immigration after studying in Canada will add many plus points to your grade points, making it easier for you to immigrate to Canada. Job opportunities are also preferably presented to the individuals in Canada who have studied here because they know about the conditions and other things to live here.

A hub to Develop Your Skills

You learn many amazing skills when you study and live away from your parents. These skills can be regarding dealing with foreign people, different methods to socialize, how to live independently, and much more. The cooking skills while living alone also enhance and the reality of life is presented to you. You learn about managing your finances and spending them for a better cause.

Perks of Earning While Studying

Canada and the Canadian government also offer you this perk of working while studying. Most other countries, such as the USA, do not offer such amazing opportunities. However, you can also work while studying to earn pocket money in Canada. It will make you live the best and the busiest life. The company where you work as an undergraduate might not pay you accordingly. However, later on, you can get sponsorship from the same company after you graduate and lead a better life in Canada to lead a brighter future.

Affordable Education

The government of Canada knows that a lot of people are not able to afford the high fee. That is why they prefer to offer a better and more affordable education. This education is also of the world’s best quality and with a lesser fee, making many people choose to study and live in Canada.

The Canadian governments also offer you scholarship opportunities if you study well in Canada. The reason is to motivate the students to do more hard work and make them feel good about themselves. The scholarships are also given on a merit basis or a skill basis. It creates great opportunities for students to explore their creative side.

Peaceful and Safe Life

Living in Canada provides one main benefit: a peaceful and safe life. There is no chance of a threat or problem to your life in Canada unless you do some senseless act in Canada. If you do so, it can also make you go to jail for several years or the cancellation of your study visa. So remember that you live in Canada’s best, most peaceful, and safe nation.

Immigration Opportunities

Once you start studying or working in Canada, there is highly likely a chance that you will move to Canada. It is not necessary, but it can aid you in getting permanent residence in Canada once you get a job here. Studying in Canada also increases your opportunities, enhancing the grade points in your skilled immigration applications if you apply.

Language Diversity

Usually, there is seen that a country has only one national language. But in the case of Canada, that’s not the case. There are two official languages of Canada, i.e., English and French. The people who speak English can speak English, whereas the people who can speak French speak that. The subjects you are enrolled in can also be according to your choice, whether English or French. It allows you to enjoy and learn both languages efficiently.


Fly high abroad is the best company to aid you in immigration from Dubai to Australia. The agency is located in various countries in UAE. It has an excellent team for a consultation. The team listens to the perspectives of the person or family wanting to travel abroad and provides the best consultation. They also guide you about where you should apply and stay for residence and apply for jobs suitable for you.

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