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Design Students as Low Budget Interior Designers in Kolkata – How Good is the idea?

There’s no denying it, good design doesn’t come cheap. If you’re looking for low budget interior designers in Kolkata, you should know that the search isn’t going to be easy. If an experienced designer is beyond your budget, people may tell you that you could find design school students who would be willing to work on designing your dream home for a much lower fee. At the onset, this seems like a win-win situation for everyone. The students get an impressive project to add to their portfolio and you get a beautiful home. That said, it has it’s challenges too. Let’s take a look at some of them.


You must remember that you’re working with a student. Hence, their school work will continue to be their first priority. This means your project could take a back seat when exams are scheduled or when they have an exceptionally high workload. If you’re not on a tight deadline, this may be okay but if you’re looking to move into your home soon, this could be a dealbreaker. You may also find yourself calling the student designer often to push the project along. Unlike a seasoned designer who knows how to push things along, they may hesitate and ask for your approval on every little step. 

Own involvement

There are two ways in which interior design projects move- one is where you hand over the project to the designer and get involved only when decisions are to be made and the other is when you’re involved in every step of the process. In the case of working with a student designer, the second process is likely to be followed. You should be prepared to be involved in every step from debating doorway styles to furniture placement. So, if you want to have someone else deal with all the nitty gritties, this isn’t the right solution for you. On the other hand, if you want to be involved in the process, this will get you the most customized design solution.

No backup

Unlike established design houses, low budget interior designers in Kolkata are a one-man team. There’s no back-up. So, if your designer falls ill or has to travel or is unavailable for any reason, there is no one else you can turn to. All you can do is wait for them to be back. A good designer will let you in advance when he or she is likely to be unavailable but even then, simply waiting around can be stressful and frustrating.

Limited help with execution

There are two parts to every interior design project – designing on paper and executing the designs on site. A design student may be able to get you great renders of innovative design solutions for your home but their hands will be tied when it comes to overseeing the execution of these ideas. Firstly, since they don’t have experience, they may not have contacts for carpentry, civil work, electrical, plumbing etc. So, you will have to find your own team of contractors. Secondly, this team of contractors may not be able to understand and visualize the designer’s vision. So, what they end up creating may be very different from the renders you approved. 

So, what do you do?

A wise man once said, the cheapest way to do something is to do it right the first time. So, rather than focus on finding low budget interior designers in Kolkata, you should focus on seeing how you can expand your budget to work with an experienced interior designer. It’s taken years of hard work to buy a house you get to call your own and it should be a home you love living in. 


BlueMasons is an interior design studio based out of Kolkata. It specialises in residential interior design and provides an end to end solution for home interior design including modular kitchen, bedroom and living room furniture, washrooms, false ceiling, electrical and polish work. We are available in both the budget and premium segment.

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