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Difference Between A Workshop And A Course: What Should A Content Creator Monetization Choose?

The major difference between a workshop and a course is its subject curriculum and the timeline of the two. It is super important these days that millennials understand the difference between the two and then create their content accordingly! 

Some unknown person quoted, “Knowledge is at one’s fingertips”. 

Suppose we go down the lane and try to catch the meaning of this quote. I would say it is extremely true. 

The world has become so wide. Plus, the rapid speed by which the internet is spreading even in remote areas is a sign of success in terms of online education. Now, even a kid in a remote area knows that he can easily enrol on courses online.


Let’s dive deep into the difference between the two: 


Online Courses: 


If I quote technically, then the course is very long term. In other words, one can say courses are for a longer duration of time as they teach everything from beginners level to advanced. Online courses transform you into the master of that field. That is the technical definition of an online course! 


In a course, firstly, a curriculum is designed by the instructor who takes you on this roller coaster ride. Even if you have some knowledge about the course, the instructor will still begin from the beginner level. 


For instance, you knew what business analytics means. Business analytics is the process of analyzing the future possibilities of business by looking at present graphs and charts. While he tried telling the instructor via online chat that he knew the basics can we move to the advanced level? But as we know, there might be some students who don’t know even this. 


Where ever the term online courses are used, people connect it to education. An online course is an educational content creation monetization program that is to be shared on different online platforms. Online courses focus more on theory and less on doing it practically! 

Now, what is a Workshop?


As you have already read and clearly understood the meaning of online courses. Now you are equipped to understand the meaning of what exactly are online workshops! 


Workshops are like customized large meetings, wherein the crux of the situation is to be told. Suppose the topic of the workshop is the role of financial advisors in a start-up or a big MNC company! 


Now, the host of the workshop and the three-four people who would be there to give their advice will clearly define the objectives of the online workshop! They are going to tell you that they will have a four-hour discussion, including a break, over the industry of financial advisors. 


So, the host and the experts are not there to train the people or to make them learn anything. They are hardly going to define the attendees who financial advisors are actually and what their actual work is to do. 


In a workshop, whether it’s a four-hour workshop or an eight-hour workshop, you will just get the gist of the whole topic. I guess many attendees would be left with basic questions to get answered, but they either don’t ask the question or don’t get the reply. That is not a similar case with an online course! 


So, I guess being a content creator now, you know what best suits your needs. Whether a long course that will impart every basic knowledge to the student or just a one-day or even one-week workshop, that will leave many questions unanswered! 


CallXP to the rescue!


CallXP is a virtual interaction and monetization platform designed specifically for content creators. 


So, if you are an Educator and want to impart knowledge via a virtual interaction platform, here you go. We are there for you!  


How CallXP can be a game-changer for Educators: 


  • The platform will give educators its own white-labeled website. 


  • It will bring in potential clients or students for your website, which will be linked to your CallXP admin panel. 


  • On the admin panel, you can schedule your calendar. For instance, you want to take a maths class at 6 pm today. So, you can update this on the panel.


  • Also, students can book you for that time slot by paying the specified fee. 


  • On the virtual platform, you need not send any link. Students can join from the dashboard only. 


  • The controls of the virtual platform will be in the hands of the Educator. 


  • Also, you can display the video if you want to show something to the students simultaneously with the video camera. 


  • Plus, you will be given a digital visiting card that will be linked to the Educators admin panel. 


So, whether you choose a workshop or an online course to teach students what you are good at, CallXP is the newest and best version of the virtual interaction and monetization platform! 

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