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Different Types of Virtual Business and Corporate Events

The concept of virtual events is not new and is rapidly rising in popularity. More and more companies are choosing the digital route to conduct their major events. From small meetings to large conferences, events of all sizes are being conducted virtually. This article will walk you through the different types of virtual business and corporate events

Types of Virtual Business and Corporate Events

Virtual Meetings

With the onset of the pandemic, the corporate and business meetings that were earlier held physically, in-office have now moved online. More and more companies are choosing to conduct virtual business and corporate events. Virtual meetings are the day to day meetings between the team members or the company employees. These meetings are generally held for a small number of people. The major advantage of hosting a virtual meeting is that the employees can attend the meeting from any place in the world. You can also get in touch with a virtual event expert to provide your team members with a smooth virtual meeting experience. 

Virtual Product Launches

Every company needs to conduct a product or service launch from time to time. The pandemic brought product launch events to a halt. This made the companies choose virtual product launches as an alternative to physical ones. Conducting product launches virtually helps the companies reach out to a wider audience even from the remotest parts of the world. Moreover, with the help of a dynamic 3D environment and 360-degree views, the audience will be able to get a realistic overview of the product. Therefore, you should look for an online event platform that provides you with a 3D virtual environment. 

Online Fairs

Virtual or online fairs are corporate events that take place online with the help of a virtual event solution provider. These virtual event experts help you customize your booths based on your brand personality. Virtual fairs provide businesses with an opportunity to reach out to customers from across the world. They could be of different types like virtual job fairs, career fairs, networking fairs, virtual benefits fairs, etc. 

Virtual Exhibitions

Online exhibitions are industry-specific events organized by businesses and corporate houses to showcase and sell their products and services. They have the potential to increase the customer base of the company. People from all over the globe can attend the exhibition and order products. Moreover, it also helps increase brand visibility as companies can set up their booths based on their brand image. If you are planning to host a virtual exhibition, you should look for the following features in the online event platform –

  • Fully customizable virtual booths, icons and buttons
  • Allows third-party integration
  • Allows attendees to schedule a meeting with the exhibitors
  • Provides seamless communication facilities
  • Allows you to track attendee footprinting
  • Provides you with control over who can access which location
  • Provides detailed analytics and reporting features. 

Virtual Expo

Virtual Expo is a virtual event that where companies display their products and services. They provide the attendees with an opportunity to engage and interact with both the hosts and other attendees. They can visit the company booths and even schedule one to one meetings with the booth owners. This makes the entire experience of the virtual expo very valuable and enriching. The attendees can view the products offered by the brands by simply clicking on the booth and place their orders. The major advantage of hosting an online expo is that it is very cost-effective and has the potential to widen the customer base. 

Online Conferences

Business conferences play a crucial role in the success of any organization. Virtual conferences allow people to attend the event from the comfort of their homes. Organizations conduct these events to exchange new information and updates about their products and services. Conferences generally have more than one speaker and multiple rooms. Each room is dedicated to a different topic. For instance, a technology conference will consist of speakers on different topics and the attendees will have the choice of attending the discussion of their choice. Video conferences, teleconferences and web conferences are the different types of business conferences.  

Virtual AGM

AGM is the annual meeting conducted by the companies at the end of every year. It is help between the company and its shareholders to communicate company-related information to the shareholders and employees of the company. Due to covid, more and more companies are adapting to the virtual model of conducting AGM. The most important benefit of virtual AGM is that The shareholders can attend the AGM from the comfort of their home, resulting in a huge amount of cost savings. 

Virtual Town Hall

A town hall meeting is somewhat similar to an AGM. It is conducted to communicate with the employees and update them about any changes. Since the rise in the work from home culture, virtual town hall meetings have taken over the physical meetups. A virtual town hall is a great opportunity for the employees to promote team interaction and team bonding. Virtual town hall meetings consist of performance reviews and monthly progress. To promote attendee engagement in the virtual town hall meeting, you should look for a platform that provides live chat, live polls and gamification features. 

Online Trade Shows

A trade show is an industry-specific event where the companies from specific industries develop their booths and display the products and services. Virtual trade shows cost much less to both the organizations and the attendees. Moreover, they can be kept live for as long as the organisers want which makes it easier to reach a wider audience.

Virtual Holiday Party

Holiday parties play a crucial role in promoting team bonding. Virtual holiday parties have proved to be a boon in times of covid when physical holiday parties came to a halt. Virtual holiday parties have become a hit among organizations and attendees alike. You can also host a virtual holiday party with the help of online event platforms. These platforms provide rich engagement features to add fun and laughter to your virtual parties. 

Final Words

There are various other types of virtual corporate and business events like podcasts, keynotes, training & workshops, etc. Now that you are aware of the types of events that you can conduct using a virtual event platform, you can plan to host your next online event. 

Saanvi Patel

I’m Saanvi and I’m a digital marketer & technical writer. I’m passionate about exploring and writing about innovation, online event technology, social media, and marketing trends.

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