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Digital marketing guide for Freshers

There is constant buzz about Digital Marketing these days. But what exactly is Digital Marketing? Why is this a popular career now? What kind of career opportunities are there? What kind of job security will it provide? We’ll look at every aspect of Digital Marketing and cover everything under it. This guide will be your go-to page if you want to learn all the in and outs of Digital Marketing. 

Why Digital?

Marketing is nothing new. Sales and marketing have been used by businesses all over the world. This popularity of has been brought on by the rise of the ‘Digital’ era. Digital marketing is ruled and influenced by Trends and Technology. They are influencing digital marketing and fuelling it. The pandemic accelerated the rise of this career and further accentuated the demand for businesses to go Digital. Global Digital Marketing is set to reach $786.2 B by 2026. This will generate a lot of Fresher Jobs and opportunities for people to switch jobs and enter this field. 

What exactly is Digital Marketing?

For any company/business, marketing is one of the essential tools to drive sales and generate revenue. The objective of marketing is to help customers know and understand the product. Through marketing, a marketing specialist or marketer aims to boost the sales of a product via all mediums, from digital media marketing to paid marketing channels.

Digital marketing is just like conventional marketing with the distinction of focusing on Online platforms. It has two sides, One is technical- having roles like campaign management, SEO, etc., while the other side has to deal with lending a creative edge to the product and campaigns.  Job Vacancy in Mumbai for Digital marketers, and SEO specialists, in on the rise.

Let’s look at one of the most recent successful digital campaigns and understand how it influences consumers:   Spotify India’s ‘There’s a Playlist for That’ Campaign

In 2019, this ‘hyper contextual digital ad campaign’ utilized the traditional advertising billboards across different metro cities in India. These ads synergized creativity and conventional marketing strategies and generates a lot of social media attention. There were approximately 72000 social media shares, and it captured the most vibrant demographic and made “There’s a playlist for that” a part of internet slang. 

That’s the power of digital marketing! 

Who should go for Digital Marketing Manager?

In today’s world, we have plenty of options and careers to choose from. A career which suits our personalities is perfect and makes work seems like child’s play. So if loved working on non-conventional and creative projects in school and college, took leadership roles and loved having autonomy. Then digital marketing may be your dream career. 

One pre-requisite for a career in digital marketing is knowledge, interest and constant working with online tools. You as a digital marketer will have to optimize marketing through intelligent branding, advertising, and unique practices and since this role is rather challenging, the average pay scale for a Digital Marketing Manager looks like 556,044 / year for a Job Vacancy in Delhi. With time and experience, this pay range can increase.

Skills to learn for Digital Marketing

If you have set a goal to become a Digital Marketer, then there are certain skills that you must possess to do this job right.  

  1. Learning SEO

The best part about making a career in Digital marketing is it can be taken by anyone. whether you have studied English or arts, or computers, you can still make a career as a Fresher or experienced individual. SEO is one tool that is very important and needs to be learned even for Digital marketing jobs in Delhi

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It helps in engagement and revenue generation. It enhances the online visibility of any business or brand and expands its reach. SEO practices are constantly evolving. This is a little challenging but highly rewarding.  

Appreciating that Quality Content will always be King

We are constantly surrounded by content. But the content that helps your audience builds trust and generates credibility towards the company’s brand. That’s Quality content! It will generate leads, and create conversions. It will send your SEO score up and provide good business. According to a recent study, 60% online purchases are done by people after reading blog posts about it or watching visual content regarding it.  There is cutthroat competition for a single Job Vacancy in Mumbai for content creators. It helps the target audience have a better understanding about the product or service which you are going to sell them. A digital marketer needs to have a unique content strategy.

Understanding the PPC Strategies and game

PPC campaigns have become game changers in digital branding. It offers easy insights into consumer profiles for targeted advertising. This is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies; as we can track all the investments quantitatively. The advantages offered by this are Better visibility on popular sites like search engines and social networks.  The scope offered by digital marketing is infinite, and digital marketing jobs have huge potential for individuals to achieve success with each successful campaign.  

So, we have learned what skills are needed for Digital marketing. Let’s take a look at how you can build a brilliant resume that makes you stand out from the crowd. This should propel you into working with bigger companies and building a better reputation as a Digital marketer. 

Resume for a Digital Marketer 

Businesses of all scales, big or small are looking for digital marketers. According to the latest data, 49% Of Businesses say that Digital Marketing gets them the best ROI

and hence the demand for the field has risen exponentially. Job Vacancy in Mumbai for Digital marketing jobs is on the rise and applicants needs to up their game. 

Digital marketing Jobs are here to stay for a long. It’s a great career, especially for this day and age. There are five quick, constructive and practical tips that you can use, if you are a Freshers or an executive or an experienced manager.  So, follow these tips and shine through your resume!

  1. Eye-catching headline/ Title – Bring your individuality to the table. Try to write title that catches the recruiter’s eye by showcasing them who you are. 
  2. Follow chronology – A reverse-chronological order is the best way to present your information. Start each section with the most recent information, such as your current role, latest education, etc.
  3. Short is sweet- No one likes to read long-drawn sentences, so what they do like? crispy bullet points. 
  4. Power of words- use of power words, which are strategically placed, and critically evaluated need to be used in your resume. For example, “Spearheaded the Instagram campaign which resulted in the direct rise of 20% sales”
  5. Make ATS your friend-  Recruiters use the famous Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to filter job seekers/candidates’ resumes according to specific keywords. To make the ATS your friend, use keywords present in the job description itself. 

These tips are a great way to update your resume. Create a resume that is best suits a Digital marketer. You can even use these tips if you are applyin for Fresher Jobs

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If you liked what you read and plan to pursue a career in digital marketing. Then, you have to constantly be on your toes. Follow these 10 steps today to pursue a career in this field:

  1. Learn the basics of digital marketing to build a strong foundation
  2. Start your own website and get practical experience
  3. Become an SEO Expert
  4. Get a Google Ads Certification to enrich your CV 
  5. Master Meta Advertising
  6. Start as a freelancer
  7. Go for internships
  8. Constantly  updates yourself with new tools and and
  9. Learn how to best utilize digital marketing tools
  10.  Enjoy your work
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