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Employment Reference Letter For ACS Skill Assessment

Applicants without an ICT qualification must submit their project report for an RPL ACS Skill assessment. Employment Reference letter submitted to the Australian Computer Society. It is the Australian Citizenship and Immigration Services (ACS) that evaluates the RPL reports submitted by ICT professionals. Based on a description of job descriptions and responsibilities in the RPL report, the ACS board evaluates the candidate’s knowledge, experience, and skills. The employment reference letter plays an important role in this evaluation.

The ANZSCO listing is powerful evidence of the candidate’s work experience and knowledge applicable to the chosen job. It provides a complete review of the candidate’s work history.

We hope, so far, you have known the importance of an experience reference letter for ACS skill assessment. Now. We will tell you to know how to prepare a perfect one.

Tips For Writing Perfect Employment Reference Letter 

You must follow the pattern given below for your employment reference letter:

Employment Date

Your employment date and end date must be written in the DD/MM/YY format. If still working, then write ‘To Date’. For example: if your joining date is 12 November 2013, then you have to write 12/11/2013.

Your Position

You have to include the employment position you were given. Don’t forget to mention the person under whom you worked.

Roles And Responsibilities

You need to clearly state the duties you performed in every employment record. It should show your personal work and your learning to the mentioned date. Let’s take an example of working as a senior aeronautical engineer. Here, you have to list every role and responsibility you had for the given projects during your working period.

Work Hours And Job Type

You must mention your working hours whether you did a full-time or part-time job in every employment record. Your working period should be 20 hours per week whether a full-time or part-time job.

Employment Country Name

The country where you worked must be mentioned. It helps the ACS authority to compare the working atmosphere of that country to Australia’s, which eases evaluation. If working in different locations of a country, then write all locations.

Get It Signed

Your employment reference letter must be signed by your employer or any person in authority. It must be verified and accepted for digital signatures. You also need to provide the details like the position, name, and address of the person who signed your employment reference letter.


Your employment reference letter must be certified and valid.

Relevance To The Chosen Occupation

You can include as many employment tasks as possible in the letter. However, don’t forget those tasks must be relevant to the chosen position, because you are applying for them.

A minimum of 65% of the duties listed in the employment reference letter must be relevant to the chosen occupation.

No Unacceptable Work Experience

Don’t write the work experience that you gained as a qualification part. It will not be considered for skills employment. As a matter of fact, it will be reported as ‘Concurrent Employment’.

Sufficient Documents

if the documents you submit don’t fulfill the requirements for the skills assessment guidelines or fulfill the assessment criteria, then they will be considered as not assessed. So, submit the documents considering the guidelines and the assessment criteria in mind.

Full Details

Remember that your reference letter must provide the full details of your employment history. If it doesn’t then you will face rejection.

No Fake Information

Remember that your work history must be true and genuine. If you provide any fake or false information, then ACS will reject you. As you must know that ACS is experienced and sophisticated enough to know the difference between a genuine description and a fake one.

Ignore Irrelevant Activities

Don’t try to impress the authority with activities that are not relevant to your chosen occupation. Remember ACS has to deal with innumerable applications like yours. So don’t waste your precious time. When you complete the full employment reference letter. Check properly to know whether you have overwritten it or not.

Taking RPL Report Writing Services

You should take premium RPL report writing services to ensure a perfect employment reference letter. Some RPL report writing experts offer free consultation, advice, and guidelines to their clients. Taking so, you will be able to exactly where you are lacking in the reference letter. The better you know all rules, the better employment reference letter you will prepare for a successful RPL ACS skill

Perfect Way To Submit Your Employment Reference Letter:

For the online application, you have to split your employment episodes to make clear ‘Australian’ or ‘international’ employment.

Employment In Australia

you have to write the working period of employment in Australia indecently in the online form.

Outside Australia Employment

In the case of having worked for different employers outside Australia, you need to divide the employment episodes. Your every career episode must be documented in the online application separately.

Let’s take an example to clarify this point. So if you have worked in many different countries for the company you worked for, then include a single period of employment outside Australia in the online application.

If you want to know more about the employment reference letter for the RPL ACS skill assessment.

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