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Escape to Nature with the 9 Best Villas

Everyone has a right to occasionally escape as far as they can from the hectic city life and take in nature. Spending time in picturesque hill towns and unusual locations, where the only sounds other than the chirping of birds, the gurgling of rivulets, or endless mountain vistas are, is the best way to achieve this. Check out one of these 9 lovely villas close to nature and its wonders if you are the type of person.

Who can spend all day sitting by a roaring river, is at peace when surrounded by nature, or enjoys the feel of grass under bare feet? Along with a secure, private, and sanitary vacation away from prying eyes, you also get a highly engaging experience of living in nature, book villa in Igatpuri or Alibaug.

Here are some gorgeous Igatpuri villas with private pool, best villas in Alibaug, luxurious villas in Lonavla,etc where you can escape on your upcoming inspiring holiday.

1.  Casablanca Villa, Igatpuri

Our 3BHK Casablanca lies in a spotless pool with amazing submerged seats. Stretching with the supernatural views of valleys and rich vegetation. Soaking in the tranquil pool adjacent to a beautiful pool hammock with a warm gazebo. And a plush outdoor bar is an architectural phenomenon with a blend of elaborate and contemporary interior decor. Our magnificent and picturesque igatpuri villas with private pool is available to you for an exciting evening of pool and poker.

2.  Carlos Villa, Lonavala

Due of its great atmosphere during the rainy season. Lonavala is one of the top places to visit around Mumbai during the rainy season. Lonavala is at its most scenic, with cloud-kissed cliffs and gushing waterfalls, while Mumbai is being overrun by the rains. Visit this 4BHK Carlos home to experience Lonavala’s picturesque ambience. In the cool atmosphere of Lonavala. So, You and your loved ones can relax on the large grass and enjoy a warm cup of chai. It also includes a private pool.

3.  Sunshine Villa, Karjat

The 6BHK Sunshine Villa in Karjat is the stuff of summertime fantasies. White interiors that brighten gloomy winter days and keep you cool in the summer. The doctor will undoubtedly recommend an outdoor balcony with a seating area and projector for entertaining family nights. Located 2 hours away from igatpuri villas with private pool. When you get to Karjat, this lovely vacation property is waiting for you.

 4. Pebble Villa, Igatpuri

You’ll want to remain here forever when you see the 3BHK Pebble Villa in Igatpuri. Which is tuck away in the middle of nature and surrounded by mountains and wide-open spaces. If you want a vacation that feels like a home away from home while also being luxurious enough to be considered a getaway,this is one of the best igatpuri villas with private pool. It is most definitely a sight worth photographing, with subdued furnishings and a private pool (Intex). Make sure you see the sunrise in all its splendour and the sunsets here in its mysterious setting, book villa in igatpuri.

5. Nest Villa, Karjat

Sit back and watch as Karjat’s enchanting allure unfolds upon me since nowhere else will you see natural beauty blossom to its peak or be enveloped in it, located 2 hours away from igatpuri villas with private pool. With a private pool to cool down in, a balcony to watch the most incredible sunsets, and lush grounds to run around on. Nest Villa is a 3 BHK spectacular refuge created only for you and your loved ones. Nest Villa is all about the contemporary, whimsical décor, combined with the roomy bedrooms and gorgeous baths.

6.  Ecstasy Villa, Igatpuri

Ecstasy Villa, which is situated in the serene Igatpuri, is a creation of Mother Nature and is one of the best igatpuri villas with private pool. This 4 BHK house boasts of being in the dead centre of lush vegetation with views calming your eyes all the way to the horizon. And adequate space to spend relaxing downtime with your loved ones. Get together with all of your family and friends to relax and unwind. So, You can do this by dipping your toes in the pool. Relaxing on the patio under a shooting star and book villa in igatpuri.

7.  Casa Paradiso, Alibaug

Casa Paradiso is a charming 3BHK Villa that offers early sunrises follow by morning dews and mists and picturesque evenings. That causes time to stand still as you sip tea. And late nights that are overwhelmed by the immensity of the cosmos. A private pool, gazebo, and an outdoor game area are all included in this villa. Making it the ideal place to unwind in the evenings. The Villa is comfortable and specially designed to provide you a memorable experience. Just 30 minutes from the Gateway of India. So,  Alibaug offers a comfortable retreat from monotonous city life.

You will be transported to and permanently drawn back to the idyllic state of existence in Casa Paradiso at one of the best villas in Alibaug.

Due of its incredible air during the stormy season. Lonavala is one of the top spots to visit around Mumbai during the blustery season. Lonavala is at its generally grand, with cloud-kissed precipices and spouting cascades, while Mumbai is being overwhelmed by the downpours.

8. Casa Polo, Alibaug

Our 3BHK Casa Polo is located in Alibaug, a pristine seaside paradise. Ideal for a quick but opulent break, this location is 3 kilometres from Mandwa Jetty and offers convenient access into the city. A Portuguese-style property with a private pool, surrounded by beautiful vegetation, is ideal for your next photo opportunity. the best amenities available to provide you with the comfort of a relaxed holiday at one of the best villas in Alibaug.

9.  Panorama Villa, Alibaug

Alibaug is the epitome of a relaxing escape. It is the ideal location to hold a BBQ by the pool, a meal on the terrace, appreciate the towering trees, or simply stargaze out into the large grounds at 2BHK Panorama Villa at one of the best villas in Alibaug. . The Villa features a great living area where you can unwind and converse with loved ones while savouring delectable food. It is situated amidst blissful vistas. This lovely location helps you forget about your everyday troubles and relaxes you with its peaceful surroundings.

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