Everything You Should Be Aware of Shopify Development Stores

If you are Shopify Developer You must know about the development stores. They are utilized for testing and installing your applications by providing example stores for your application, as well as for the registration of clients with Shopify.

In this article, we’ve summarized everything you must learn concerning development shops in a step-by-step guide. We’ll go over:

  • Understanding development stores
  • Creating development stores
  • Enhancing development store functionality
  • Transferring ownership of the store
  • Development stores archived

Take note of each part and keep the article in your pocket because it could be helpful when you revisit or expand your process of development.

Understanding development stores

The term “Shopify Development Store” refers to Development store is an account on Shopify account which allows you to:

  • Make sure to test and install any apps that you develop
  • Include an example store on the app’s listing page
  • Create a store to the benefit of a customer
  • Check out a custom theme you’re creating

As a Shopify Partner, you can build unlimited development stores that you can access via the Partner Dashboard

They’re free they don’t have any time limits and have the majority of the same features that those on the Advanced Shopify plan. Additionally, you can perform an unlimited number of transactions in tests using the Shopify Bogus Gateway. However before you can switch to a paid subscription, you aren’t able to:

  • Processing orders with an active payment service
  • Download paid applications (except for a few partner-friendly apps)
  • Develop more than 10 apps for private use

Takedown the password page

If you’re creating a Shopify application, one of the first steps you’ll need to complete is creating a development store for it to have an environment where your app will be able to be downloaded. For instance, if you’re making use of Shopify App CLI to build a Node.js or Rails app, you’ll be asked to select the development store before the app’s project is created.

While you aren’t able to change the password for the development store, this account page will not be shown as an example on Your Shopify App Store listing page. If a user clicks the link to a demo listing the password page will automatically be removed. It is not necessary to modify any settings within the store for development to allow this function.

“You must create a shopify development store for any merchant you refer to Shopify to receive a recurring revenue share.”

It is also important to keep in mind that you have to set up an online store development for every merchant that you recommend to Shopify for the recurring revenue share. For more details about how much you can earn as a partner look up the Revenue share chart.

Shopify Development Stores

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Creating development stores

Accessing unlimited development stores means that you can create, test, and test numerous test accounts you’d like.

Here’s how you can get started:

  • In the Shopify Partner Dashboard From your Shopify Development Stores click Stores from your Dashboard.
  • On the Stores page, click on the “Add store” button.

Enhancing development store functionality

Developers can install a variety of apps from the Shopify Development Stores. Shopify Partners are all Shopify Partners who get access to our extensive collection of partner-friendly apps that are free of cost when tested on development stores. The paid apps in this list are only charged when the store in development is changed to a paid plan.

If you have an app available on Shopify Development Stores, and you’d like to make it accessible for download on the development store, then you may fill out this application to request to have your app included in the collection of partner-friendly apps.

Remember that if you plan to use non-partner-friendly applications You will have to move your development store onto an active plan.

Here’s how you can install apps on an online store for development:

  • On Shopify Development Stores Select an app that you’d like to include.
  • Select the Add application button.
  • Enter the address of your store to authenticate the application.
  • Verify the installation of the application.
  • Get started by downloading the application.

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Developer store previews

If you are creating your development store You have the option to turn on the developer preview.

A developer preview allows you access to early versions of new features offered by Shopify Development Stores to allow you to create and test your apps against the upcoming features before when they available to merchants.
A store that has the option of a developer preview comes with all features offered with the Advanced Shopify plan, but the store isn’t able to sold to a different owner or converted to an upgrade to a paid plan.

For more information on developer previews and the specific versions accessible, read our developer’s documentation.

Transferring ownership of the store

If you’re planning to set up the store for your client you’ll need to understand what to do when you’re ready to hand over the reins after the design and construction of the store.

This is the most exciting aspect since your customers are now operational. All is left to accomplish is to transfer ownership of the store in a couple of easy steps:

  • Log in to your Partner Dashboard then click the Stores tab…
  • Go to “Actions” and then choose the option to transfer ownership alongside the store you wish to transfer ownership of.
  • In the Transfer ownership of your store dialog, choose your new store owner in the drop-down list. new owners. If you haven’t registered your client to the staff member yet, select Add a staff member account then create a brand new account for your customer before you go on.

Transfer the ownership to your online store

Once you’re finished when you’re done, select to transfer the store. The new owner an email with the instructions to open the account, and then select the plan. Once your client has accepted that transfer account is suspend.
When a customer begins to pay for the Shopify Development Stores plan and the plan paid for, the collaboration account is and you will begin to receive your monthly income part.

Shopify Development Stores

Learn more about the collaboration accounts

For a comprehensive understanding of the concept of collaboration accounts and the ways they differ from the development stores, read our blog post, Everything You Should Learn About Collaborator Accounts.

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Archiving stores for a development. You can archive development stores you no longer work on. Once you’ve archived the store, you can remove it from the archive if you wish to work on it.

To unarchive a Shopify Development Stores:

  • In your Partners Dashboard Click on Stores from your Partner Dashboard.
  • Choose Filter Select Filter, then choose Archive.
  • Find the store that you wish to dearchive and then click.
  • Click to unarchive.
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