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Abstract- Export Outlook contacts to Excel. If you have multiple Outlook PST data files and want to export all your contacts from PST to Excel and you are looking for a solution? If so, then there is no need to move. Just keep reading this article to find the answer to your question. We have talked about one of the tried and true methods that will yield accurate results quickly.

But before starting the blog, let us know Microsoft Outlook and why we want to export Outlook contacts to an Excel sheet in today’s time, and how Excel is beneficial.

Short Explanation of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel

A desktop-based email client for Windows and Mac is called Microsoft Outlook. The Microsoft Corporation created it. With Microsoft Outlook, you may send, receive, save, forward, and manage email messages, contacts, calendars, and other things. When replying to emails, you may even add your signature and change the font and color.

On the other hand, An Excel (spreadsheet) file, known as an XLS file, can be produced by Microsoft Excel or exported by another spreadsheet application, like OpenOffice Calc or Apple Numbers. It includes one or more worksheets that store and present data as tables. Charts, styles, formatting, and mathematical operations can also be found in XLS files.

In the upper part, we learned about MS Outlook and MS Excel, Now, we learn two methods: manual and expert solutions to transfer contacts from Outlook into Excel. Let’s see.

Solution 1: Export Outlook Contacts to Excel with an Expert Solution

If you do not want your important contacts’ data to be harmed or deleted in any way, then you should use a third-party tool called vCard Exporter Tool. This tool was developed by IT Engineers. You can use this software if you are a technical user or not.

With this tool, you can batch export Microsoft Outlook contacts into vCard, WAB, Google CSV, Yahoo CSV, PDF, HTML, MSG, CSV, and PST files. And also exports all details from Outlook contacts like name, email address, phone, etc. The resulting vCard file can be used with many email programs, including MS Outlook. Entourage, Eudora, Lotus Notes, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook for Mac, etc.

The vCard file can be read by Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and other devices. The file is also compatible with iCloud. Also, the tool supports exporting Outlook contacts into CSV files. Supports all versions of Microsoft Outlook 2021, Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, and Outlook 2000.

Let’s understand the tool steps

1. Download, Install and Run the tool to start exporting process.
2. Now, “ADD PST” file & “PREVIEW” all contacts.
3. Choose the “EXPORT” option, such as “vCard, WAB, and CSV”.
4. Then, select “LOCATION”.
5. Export is completed successfully, you can view exported vCard files.

Solution 2: Export Outlook Contacts to Excel with Free Method

If you don’t want to spend your money on this tool, then you can go for this freeway. In this method, we explain to you how to transfer contacts from Outlook to Excel without using any software. But, first, you need to export your Outlook contacts in CSV file format. After that, you have to import that CSV file in excel only then you can see your contacts in excel.

Step 1: Using Outlook to Export Contacts to CSV

1. Open “Microsoft Outlook” on your Computer.
2. Then, hit on “File > Open & Export“.
3. In the “Import/Export” option, select “Export”.
4. Click on “Comma Separated Values (CSV)” as the output file type and click “Next”.
5. Select the “Contact Folder” you want to export from. Select “Next”.
6. Select “Export Destination” by clicking “Browse”.
7. To change which contact fields display in the exported file, click “Map Custom Fields”.
8. In last, click the “Finish” button.

Step 2: Copying and Pasting Contacts into Excel

1. Activate “Outlook” on the Desktop.
2. The “People View” icon is located at the base of the left navigation panel.
3. You’ll see your Outlook Address Book.
4. Select “List” from the drop-down menu for “Current View”.
5. All unwanted contact fields can be collapsed.
6. All requested contacts will be copied.
7. Now, Launch “Excel”.
8. Add Excel with all of the copied contacts.

Note: The manual method is only applicable when you have Outlook in your system. Also, you can extract limited contacts at one go you are not able to import contacts from multiple PST files in one go.

Reasons- Transfer contacts from Outlook into Excel

One could desire to export contacts from Outlook for a variety of reasons. According to:

1. Import them into a different email program, such as Gmail;
2. Keep track of them in Excel (for instance, to bulk edit contacts and import them into Outlook);
3. Back them up and move them (along with other item kinds) to a different account, computer, or device.

How does it differ? You may be curious. I’ll explain.

There may be a need for various target file types depending on the exporting purpose. If you wish to complete this process for more than one user, the work becomes significantly more challenging.

As a result, exporting contacts to CSV, a straightforward file format that is supported by nearly all email clients, is the simplest option if you wish to move your personal contacts to another email program. Additionally, you can export certain contacts to vCard (VCF file format).

Outlook contacts are merely a small component of the overall picture in cases of manual migration of numerous users (for instance, from Exchange Server to Microsoft 365) or mailbox data backup. You can export Outlook contacts and other mailbox contents to the PST format in either situation. Not only will you be able to automate this procedure for several mailboxes, but you will also be able to export any type of Outlook item.

Final thoughts

The blog post mentioned above details the full procedure to export Outlook contacts to Excel. The above-mentioned methods are simple to follow and will help users complete the task without difficulty. Additionally, a simple method for exporting Outlook contacts to Excel has been mentioned. Users don’t need to invest any money to use the effective and error-free procedure.


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