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Famous Tourist Spots to Visit During Christmas in India

The time of the year when the celebration will be felt through Christmas jingles and chimes, rum cakes, presents, Saint Claus stories, and a lot of love. In fact, the Christmas celebrations in India aren’t exactly like they’re in the West. It is, however, brilliant in its uniqueness. The Christmas flare in India is impressed by the nation’s ‘desi’ culture and is nothing short of awe-inspiring. 

From the Northeast to Kerala to Assam, the whole nation rejoices in closeness in the festal spirit of celebrating Christmas in a way that’s unique to each specific state. So, if you want to celebrate the festival of Christmas in India and rejoice in the uniqueness of its celebrations. Without any doubt, start planning for the upcoming trip. Just visit the air india official site and get your flight ticket online. Also, save up to 40% off on one-way & round trips on every flight. To help you out, here are the best places in India to go to throughout Christmas:

1. Goa

A place most often referred to as a paradise for party lovers, Goa becomes most exciting throughout Christmas. The state shines in its glory throughout the festivities! Since it homes a substantial number of Christians, the celebrations are a lot grander in the state. Adorned with poinsettia flowers and vivacious lighting, Goa ranks high among the best places to celebrate Christmas in India.

2. Daman and Diu

With the wealthy colonial influence that Daman & Diu has, the celebration of Christmas during this union territory is very influenced by the Portuguese. There’s a unique charm to Daman & Diu throughout Christmas making it one of the more special Christmas celebrations in India.

The miscellany of cultural shows, the enigmatic and exhilarating Corrindinho Portuguese dance forms, the colorful lamps that brighten the night sky, and on top of that, the church service make Daman & Diu one of the most exciting places to go to throughout Christmas in India.

3. Kerala

The celebration of Christmas in Kerala is in contrast to however it’s celebrated in most parts of India. The numerous churches in Kerala are all decorated and cherished with stars, lights, and a number of other different kinds of decorations. And during this time that several of the prestigious hotels offer out heavy discounts to welcome tourists from everywhere to participate in their Christmas celebrations. All of this makes Kerala one of the must-visit places to go to in Dec in India.

4. Mumbai

Known as a fun place to celebrate Christmas in India. Places just like Hill Road, Church Gate, and Bandra are a number of the most well-liked places for Christmas celebrations in Mumbai as well as India. Mumbai’s vivacity and therefore the nice enthusiasm in people to celebrate Christmas ends up in a celebration so grand that it will be argued as one of the best Christmas celebrations in India. 

5. Dadra & Nagar Haveli

If you’ve been planning to visit Dadra & Nagar Haveli, there would be no better time for you to try and do that than throughout Christmas. Adorned by the Christmas festivities, the Union Territory sports folks, and primitive ambiance. Well, a place like Dadra & Nagar Haveli will make the celebration of Christmas very special in India!

6. Bangalore

Are you a big-time foodie and wish to participate in one of the most famous Christmas celebrations in India? If yes, this place with definitely surprise you with all that it has to offer! Be it satiating your craving or being wonderstruck by a number of the extremely anticipated Christmas celebrations that happen every year. Bangalore could be a strikingly lively place but at the same time, it’s calm like no different populated area in the country.

7. Pondicherry

With the awe-inspiring French design and tradition amalgamating with the beauty of Christmas vibes. Pondicherry with Clean, tranquil, and scenic beaches, picturesque and aesthetically designed churches, the impeccable look of the French culture, and therefore the serene Auroville – all of this makes Pondicherry one of the most famous places to visit in India throughout Christmas. It’ll leave you in the wonder of the beauty and festivity!

Last Words

So, which one of these best places to visit in India during Christmas you are planning to go to? Choose your favorite one and book your trip with and personalize your travel itinerary. Visit now and tell us your travel experience in the comments below!

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