Full Stack vs Specialized Developers – Which One You Should Hire?

When you start a business and need people who can do more than one thing, this figure of speech seems to make more sense. Professionals who have tried out different skills seem to be trustworthy.

They have many skills and can be used in many different fields. Not enough people? High costs of doing business? Oh, everything is fine.

Not always, no.

The number of jobs for full-stack developers has grown by 35% since 2015, according to LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs Report for 2020.

But despite the rise, many organizations and startups still say that their software development teams should be made up of specialized developers.

If you thoroughly analyze these developers, you’ll be able to hire the right ones who can understand your project’s needs and give you the desired results. Here, we’ve put together information about full-stack and specialized developers based on our experience in the development field.

By the end of this blog, you’ll have a clear picture of these developers. You will be capable enough to quickly figure out the difference between Hiring full-stack developers and specialized ones for your projects.

Let’s dig deeper into this.

A look into Full-Stack Developers

A Full-Stack Developer knows how to use many different technologies and can work in many other fields, from front-end development to backend development. A full-stack developer can handle the project and talk to the client and explain the whole idea of the project more clearly and effectively.

The U.S. Bureau of Labour figures says that the demand for Full Stack Developers is increasing and is expected to grow to five times more by 2024. This is because Full Stack Developers can do a lot of different things.

Pros of Hiring Full-Stack Developers

  • Quick learners

Fullstack developers work on both the client and server sides to quickly switch between different tasks without any dependencies. This saves you time when making changes.

  • Cost-effective

If you hire a full-stack developer, you can get the work of a frontend developer and a backend developer done for the price of one developer. Because a full-stack developer knows how to work on all parts of a project, you don’t need a whole team for your project—just a full-stack developer.

Cons of Hiring Full-Stack Developers

  • Tracking

It’s hard to keep track of projects because a full-stack developer is on your team and can do everything. This is because full-stack developers look at the whole project, not as a series of small tasks. When they start working on your project, it’s hard to track how things are going.

  • Attrition

There is a high demand for full-stack developers in the market, so they always find new ways to make money. When this happens, a lot of full-stack developers leave the job. But, many experienced full-stack web development companies are available in the market that can help you reach your goals.

A look into specialized developers

Specialized Developers are experts in their field. They have years of experience and know a lot about Development, Design, or Database Management, for example. A Specialized Developer is only in charge of the trade he specializes in, unlike a Full-stack Developer in order of several businesses.

Pros of Hiring Specialized Developers

  • Easy to hire

Unlike full-stack developers, specialized developers are easy to find on the market for your project development. Software development is on the rise, and so are the jobs for developers. There are a lot of different kinds of developers on the market, so you can find the ones you want for your business.

  • Up-to-date with the latest technology trends

Specialized developers are experts in a particular field, so they stay up-to-date with the latest developments. When you hire developers with specific skills for your project, you can be sure that the overall quality of your project will go up.

  • Quality Work

The specialized developers are skilled in their fields, so you can be sure that the work they do for you will be of high quality. Technical developers do a better job when developing your project than full-stack developers.

Cons of Hiring Specialized Developers:

  • Dependency

Your project demands deeper dependencies when working with specialized developers. Frontend and backend developers can’t move forward with their work without updates from each other.

  • High investment

When working with specialized developers, you need more than one developer on your team for both front-end and back-end development. When you choose full-stack developers, on the other hand, you only need one for your project. So, specialized developers require a lot of money from you.

Full Stack vs. Specialized Developers

How big the project is

The size of the project has a significant impact on the choice of developers. For example, it makes sense to hire full-stack developers if you are a startup or have a small project. Because at that stage, you have few resources and a wide range of technologies and tasks to choose from.

For mid-sized projects, it makes sense to avail of Full Stack Web Development services. But for big projects, hiring a team of specialized developers is best because the documentation process needs to be followed carefully, and the right tools and technologies need to be used.

Flexibility of the project

Full-stack developers are the right choice for you if your project requirements are not set in stone and may change from time to time. Full-stack developers are very good at doing more than one thing and switching between tasks quickly.

So, they can easily adjust to these changes when they happen. On the other hand, it’s hard to change requirements when you have a team of developers with different skills.

If your project has strict requirements, you should hire a team of developers with a lot of experience.

Time Management

Managing time is an essential part of the Product Development Cycle. This depends on how big the project is. If it’s a small project, a Full-Stack Developer who controls the whole thing can better manage his time because he doesn’t have to hold meetings or coordinate with other team members.

But a specialized developer can take more time on such projects because the team members need to discuss the modules and coordinate with each other. The situation is entirely different for Large Scale Projects because Full-Stack Developers take more time than Specialized Developers in this case.

When tasks are given to a Specialized Developer instead of a Full-Stack Developer, the project becomes more creative and efficient and takes less time to build.


As we’ve already discussed, hiring a full-stack developer is cheaper than hiring a dedicated team. So, a full-stack developer is a way to go if you don’t have much money.


Different stages of project development depend on each other. So, a Specialized Developer wouldn’t be able to develop a project independently because he wouldn’t know enough about all the technologies needed for that project.

The fact that team members depend on each other slows down the development process and makes it more likely to have bugs and fail. Say that if one person makes a mistake or slows down the work, the next task is done automatically.

On the other hand, a Full-Stack Developer has an advantage here because they are in charge of the whole project and can handle it independently. A Full-Stack Developer knows everything about the project, which makes it easy and quick for him to find bugs and other problems and fix them.

There are many Full-Stack Web Development Company India to whom you can outsource your work.


Before you put together your team, list the requirements for the project set by your company. Full-stack developers are in higher demand now than in the past because startups and smaller companies need quick solutions and lower development costs.

On the other hand, more prominent companies hire developers who specialize in solving complex problems with top-notch solutions. This article should help you as you start to build your team or look for new developers.


Patel Nasrullah is a co-founder at one of the best mobile application development companies where he leads a team of expert iOS app developer, Peerbits. He devotes his time in inspiring young leaders to take the leap of faith. With the experience of 10 years in Web and App development, he now gives full attention to the enterprise by offering mobility solutions about the strategic planning and execution.

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