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Get All The Viasat Internet Deals – No Matter Where You Live

Viasat Internet is one of the fastest providers of high-speed internet in the United States. If you live in an area where the Viasat internet plan offers its services, you can get lightning-fast speeds with this provider. In fact, Viasat is so fast that it has even been called “the future of the internet” by some industry experts.

To make things better, Viasat is all set to launch a new satellite that’s supposed to increase its internet speeds by at least 50%. Viasat also claims that they’re going to see an increase in internet reliability. This means Viasat will be able to deliver high-speed internet service in the remote corners of the USA. Viasat also offers some of the most affordable plans for high-speed internet among all other major providers. Let’s take a look at some details and deals related to Viasat internet service.

What is Viasat Internet?

Viasat is a satellite internet service provider that offers blazing-fast internet speeds to over 6 million people in the US. If you don’t have access to fiber, DSL, or cable internet, then Viasat might be a good option to get affordable high-speed internet. Viasat transmits data via satellite and then transmits that data back to you using radio frequencies. The satellite internet access you get through Viasat is different from the satellite TV you get through Dish or DirecTV. Viasat is often used as a standalone internet solution or as a “backup” internet connection in remote and rural areas. If you live far away from a fiber or copper connection, or if DSL is not available in your area, then Viasat might be your best bet.

Moreover, Viasat is better than its competitor HughesNet (the only other satellite internet provider in the USA), as it offers better speeds and customer service. While Viasat is more famous for residential internet service, it also offers some plans for businesses operating in rural areas.

Based on customer reviews, Viasat does everything great. If there’s one constant complaint, it’s about limited data availability. As satellite relies on satellite in the orbit instead of land cables, it’s expensive to transmit data. That’s why all satellite internet providers offer limited downloads to users.

What’s the difference between the Internet and DSL?

A lot of users don’t understand the difference between DSL and satellite internet. This confusion causes them to make mistakes. Both satellite and DSL internet services are completely different from each other.

DSL is a type of internet connection that travels through copper telephone wires. Since data is transmitted as electrical impulses, DSL connections are affected by the condition of these telephone wires. If there is a lot of wear and tear on the wires, then you might experience slower speeds or even service interruptions. DSL Internet is also generally slow and is easily affected by external weather conditions.

DSL was one of the first generations of land-based internet services. As data is transmitted using copper cables, its unable to travel long distances.

On the other hand, Viasat transmits data via satellite and then transmits that data back to you using radio frequencies. The satellite internet access you get through Viasat is different from the satellite TV you get through Dish or DirecTV. Satellite internet is also slow, the best satellite internet speed available to users today is 100 MBPS (Viasat).

Hopefully, this situation will change once Starlink is up and running and is available to the general public. Starlink claims to be able to provide up to 1GBPS using a swarm of low orbit satellites.

How fast is Viasat Internet?

Viasat advertises its internet speeds as “up to 25 Mbps”. However, users have reported getting much faster speeds than what Viasat is advertising. In fact, a lot of Viasat customers even claim they get internet speeds faster than what Google Fiber is promising in their area. As mentioned earlier, Viasat has been called the “future of the internet” by industry experts. You can read more about how Viasat delivers crazy-fast internet speeds in this Viasat review. Viasat works by using satellite dishes to transmit and receive data. Since data travels in straight lines from point A to point B, as opposed to traveling through a bunch of curves and bends, Viasat internet is super fast. For example, if you are 10 miles away from the nearest fiber optic line, Viasat can still deliver blazing-fast internet speeds to you.

How much does Viasat Internet cost?

Viasat offers three discounted plans for the internet: $49.99/mo, $64.99/mo, and $79.99/mo. These plans offer download speeds of up to 25 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 2 Mbps. What’s great is that Viasat offers these discounted plans to customers in all 50 states. Viasat even offers these low prices in otherwise high-cost areas, including Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. Viasat’s discounted plans are priced significantly lower than what other providers are offering. For example, Comcast is currently offering its 25 Mbps internet plan for $35/month. Now that you know how fast and inexpensive Viasat’s service is, it’s time to find out if it’s available in your area.

Should you go with Viasat Internet?

If you live in an area where Viasat offers its services, then you should definitely consider switching to Viasat Internet. Viasat is one of the fastest providers of the internet in the United States, and it is also one of the most affordable. It is also available in many areas of the country where other internet providers are not. Viasat is a good choice for families who use a lot of internet data. Viasat’s “unlimited” data plans are truly unlimited, while other providers’ plans come with data caps and overage charges.

Viasat’s satellite internet service is also a good choice for people who live in remote areas. If DSL is not available in your area, or if it’s too expensive, then you might be able to sign up for Viasat’s satellite internet service. Viasat satellite internet is not affected by the quality of copper telephone wires, so you won’t experience slow speeds or service interruptions. For all these reasons, we think Viasat is a great choice for the internet.

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