Gojek Clone Indonesia: Start Your Dream Business Within A 5 Days

Gojek Clone Indonesia: Start Your Dream Business Within A 5 Days

Gojek Clone App offers 70+ On Demand Services Online through its digital platform that allows Services Providers to directly engage with Millions of Users who login each day to splurge till they reach their Credit Card Limits! And this App is one Money-Minting Machine because of its two Profit-Centric Business Models – Commission Based and Subscription Plans!


How can this be a Question? Of course! Instant Taxi Ride Booking, Cabs and Moto Rides on Rent, Food and Grocery Delivery, Transport and Logistics, Doorstep Delivery of Medicines, Classic Car Washes, getting Goods and Packages couriered within the City, Hiring a Professional Personal Shopper who’d run errands on behalf of the App User. 

The Trailer took your breath away, didn’t it?

The App User can also schedule appointments with a Doctor, Masseuse, Physiotherapist, Lawyer and Fitness Coach. Alternatively, one can also avail Services of a Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician, Workers and Security Guards while using their Gojek Clone App Indonesia. Did you know your App User can also get their Sofas and Carpets Repaired along with the Television Sets, Mobile Phones and Laptops!

For you to Launch a Mature, Market-Tested and Fully Optimised Multi-Service App like Gojek in just under 5 Days, then immediately get in touch with a Legit and Authentic White-Labelling Firm of Global Repute!


A Licensed and Well-Respected White Labelling Firm would have,

  • 7-8 Years of Industry Experience in launching Mature Apps on a regular Daily Basis.
  • Video Testimonials of Clients on their Official Websites, and
  • Let you use their Demo Apps for FREE for as long as you want!

Once you have short-listed a Top-Notch Firm with Industry Experience of over 10 years, browse through their Demo Apps and only after you are completely satisfied, Place an Order.


If I could answer in just one single word, then, Customizations! Right after you place an Order after making Payments with Payment Milestones, a Technical Project Manager is at your Service. You shall contact the Project Manager for any queries you have via Texts, Calls, Emails, Skype and even WhatsApp!

First Step

This Project Manager will ask you all the relevant information regarding the Launch and Setup of the App in one Single Document. This document will enlist all the information they seek from you- your preferred Language, Currency, Payment Gateway, your Server and Play Store login details, your Company’s Logo, Colour-Theme, Splash Screen etc.

Second Step

 These White-Labelling Firms need this time to rebrand their Base App with your Company’s Name and Logo. Change the Colour-theme of the Apps & Websites to match with the colour of your Company’s Logo.


They will remove their Name and all of their References from the App and Web Panels! By doing so, they are ensuring that no one in the world comes to know that a Specific White-Labelling Firm has designed and coded their App. They will not leave any traces of their existence behind on your Apps and Websites!

Third Step

They will then set your Preferred Language, Currency and Payment Gateway! Then, they will show you Demo of your Android and iOS Apps and Web Panel on their Development Server for review process.

Fourth Step: It is the Official Launch Time

The Technical Project Manager will ensure that your Apps gets approved on the Play Stores!

  • They’ll launch Android Apps on Google Play Stores with Lifetime License
  • And, they’ll also launch iOS Apps on iTunes Stores with Lifetime License
  • Finally, Launching your Website on Hosting Server with Lifetime License.

And after the App has been approved and has gone live, then the White Labelling Firm of Global Repute will zip and send you a Lifetime Licensed Source Code for one Domain at no extra cost with the purchase of the Package!


Is Gojek Clone App your New Year Startup Idea? Then you’re already off to a great start because this App helps you make easy and quick money in the shortest period possible! Your dream of becoming the First Millionaire of your Family will come true all because of how its Business Models are structured – To Rake in Profits from Day 1 of the Launch!

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