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Guide to Karma Yoga for Beginner’s

Yoga has three different aspects for those willing to dive deeper into this ancient art – physical, mental, and spiritual.

With the spiritual aspect, one that is most commonly referred to during yoga class is Karma. The law of Karma is simple to understand – you reap what you sow.

That said, there is the style of Karma yoga which uses this law of Karma to help you become a better person and make the world a happy place.

Let us understand what this style of yoga is.

What is Karma Yoga?

Karma yoga is often defined as the “yoga of action”. The word Karma comes from the Sanskrit language and is derived from the root word Kru.

Kru translates to work or action. Karma yoga is a disciplined path to attaining a united state through unselfish, kind, and generous actions.

One of the principles of Karma yoga is to renounce the desire for the fruit of your efforts as a spiritual offering rather than having the ego become attached to the result of your actions. You should enroll in Certified Yoga Alliance yoga school to learn more about this spiritual yoga style.

Let us now find understand a bit about the purpose of Karma yoga.

The Purpose of Karma Yoga

The primary goal of Karma yoga is to help you attain Moksha (Enlightenment) through your actions in the world. You need not wish for wisdom to practice this yoga style.

This yoga style is a great way to help others, and at the same time, minimize your own suffering and egoistic tendencies. In Karma yoga, your actions are seen as a form of prayer or worship to deepen the spiritual connection to the divine being.

Do you know how this yoga style came into being? Let us understand a bit about the humble origins of this yoga style.

History of Karma Yoga

Foundation of Karma yoga was laid down in the first Upanishad scriptures, the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad that was composed around 500 BCE. This yoga style has been described in great details in The Bhagwad Gita where Lord Krishna explains the practice of Karma yoga and its relation with the fulfillment of personal duty.

Lord Krishna associated Karma yoga with a form of worship where your actions are selfless and carry a positive mindset or attitude. Enroll in the certified 200 hour yoga teacher training in India to learn this yoga style under the guidance of experienced yoga teachers.

Do you want to learn how to practice Karma yoga without any hassle? Read on.

How to Practice Karma Yoga?

You have likely heard yoga teachers speak about practicing yoga “off the mat”. Karma yoga is the easiest and most simple way to practice yoga outside the yoga studio.

Ideally, any type of yoga style has a good impact on your mental and physical health with regular practice. However, putting in a little extra effort with Karma yoga helps you experience peace and unity in life.

Karma yoga is a fun and easy, but if you are someone who is not generous or kind, it will be a major challenge to follow through on this yoga style. However, the areas where you find its practice a bit hard are also the ones which require a bit of focus.

Remember, the size and frequency of your actions do not matter as much as the intent behind the action. You should let go of the results of the said action as it is only then you would be practicing Karma yoga in its true form.

You should enroll in a Yoga Alliance certified 200 hour yoga teacher training to understand this spiritual yoga style in its true form.

Reflection Questions During Karma Yoga Practice

Yoga experts recommend that you check-in on your intentions and attitude during Karma yoga practice.

To make it simple, there are a couple of questions which can help improve your practice.

  • How can i share my gifts and talents with others?
  • What is most needed right now?
  • Who has the greatest need for help?
  • Are my actions kind, loving, and generous?
  • Are my actions respectful and considerate to others?

Remember, Karma yoga is a powerful yoga style to help you connect with the divine being through generous actions and works.


Karma yoga is an effective yoga style to help you dive deeper into the spiritual aspects of yoga. If you want to experience true freedom from all the drama, enroll in a Certified Yoga Alliance yoga school to learn more about this spiritual yoga style.

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