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How Can We Stop Underage Teenagers From Vaping?

Teen smoking has kept their guardians distressed for a few decades now. It is a significant issue weighing down on their hearts as smoking leaves a strain on their health. Especially teenagers who are in the growth phase are more prone to serious damage to their physical or psychological health. Though smoking is not encouraged no matter how old you are, keeping kids away from it is really important. Unfortunately, it also becomes a big challenge for those around them as most teenagers go into the rebellious phase and do not listen to any reasoning. In the past two decades, disposable vapes like Elux legend 3500 puffs and big fox vape have slowly replaced conventional cigarettes. This shift was so gradual that no one had the time to notice kids were taking an interest in vaping. As their guardians focused on looking out for cigarette cases or lighters, teenagers slipped through their eyes by hiding portable vapes in their pockets or pencil cases.

Shift of Concern From Teenage-Smoking To Teenage-Vaping:

Originally, disposable vapes were used as an alternative to traditional cigarettes to successfully break the habit of smoking. Somehow, the kids found them captivating and took an interest in them. In the UK, the law prohibits 18-year-olds and younger than that from vaping. But kids purchase them through another person or in an illegal way.

Ways To Help Teenagers Quit Vaping:

Now the question begins with how to stop them from vaping. Because even though disposable vapes are safer than regular cigarettes, they are not risk-free. That is why measures need to be taken to help teenagers stop vaping. Here are some ways that might help in doing so:

1.   Educate Yourself On Vaping & Communicate Reasonably:

When communicating with your kids, it is important to be on the same wavelength as them. You need to keep yourself updated on vape-related knowledge to convince them with solid points. Give them such convincing reasons and examples that they cannot refute. Tell them you understand them and that it is for their good. Avoid triggering their rebellious nature by punishing them.

2.   Try To Understand Their Attraction To Vapes:

Many surveys conducted by some institutions have shown that most teenagers are attracted to disposable vapes because of their sleek and stylish looks and portability. Another major reason is the variety of flavours offered in them. Some of them like the flavour profile and try it out, then keep returning to it.

You can contribute by understanding the fundamental point of attraction and leading them in the right direction. If they were drawn in because of flavours, urge them to go for nicotine-free vapes to satisfy their curiosity and stop vaping after a short while. Do not fly into a rage or beat them; instead, try to reason with them politely.

3.   Find Out Where They Got Their Vape:

You need to find the source to solve the problem completely. Ask your child where they got their disposable vape from and, if they bought it themselves, report the store for illegal selling. If they bought it through someone else, talk to his guardians and keep your child away from such a person.

4.   Schools Should Implement Strict Rules:

Most kids vape in groups, usually during school breaks. The schools should have strict regulations regarding smoking and vaping alike. There should be a penalty if any underage is caught with a disposable vape. This will discourage them from vaping.

5.   Probe The Kid For Reason Behind Vaping:

Teenage years are rough, and things get more complicated when there is a communication gap between kids and adults. You should investigate if it is because of peer pressure or stress. Keep an eye on their behaviour and help them with matters as much as possible.

E-cigarettes are a new trend these days. The reason for its popularity is that e-cigs or vapes are safer than traditional cigarettes. Unlike regular cigarettes, e-cigs do not cause as much harm to your body. The act of using e-cigs is known as vaping.

In vaping, you inhale the vapours produced by the vape kit. These vapours are produced by heating an e-liquid with the help of a coil. One of the primary reasons why vaping is preferred is because it gives you a similar experience to smoking but is 95% safer.

Since vaping does not cause severe damage to your health and the environment and also provides you with an experience quite similar to smoking, it is widely used as a nicotine-replacement therapy too. Vape kits are used to help people get out of nicotine addiction and quit smoking.

Vape devices are available in a lot of varieties but two main categories are:

  • Disposable Vape Kits
  • Reusable/Rechargeable Vape Kits

In this blog, you will learn about a slight comparison between smoking and vaping and how vaping does not affect your health in a negative way as smoking does. Hopefully, it will help you make the right choice.

Secondhand Smoking:

One of the serious disadvantages of smoking is Passive Smoking. Conventional cigarettes are not only harmful to you but to the people around you and your environment. They cause damage to your surrounding people even more than the harm caused to you.

Second-hand smoke is more dangerous as it contains a greater quantity of carcinogens. Disposable vapes do not lead to secondhand smoking as vape clouds do not contain cancer-causing chemicals as cigarette smoke does.

Tar Produced on Burning:

Tar is the major component that causes lung cancer. It forms a sticky layer in the airways and damages the respiratory tract and the lungs. Tar is produced by burning tobacco present in cigarettes and contains a large number of toxins. It can lead to many lung and respiratory diseases.


Disposable vapes work by heating an e-liquid and producing aerosols. There is no burning process involved in vaping. Since no tar is produced, you are exposed to a far less number of carcinogens and hence your health is not affected as badly. Vape kits/E-cigs do not cause severe damage to your health as regular cigarettes do.

Bad Breath:

Using disposable vape kits does not cause bad breath like smokers. This is a big advantage for vape users. Since the e-liquids used in vape devices contain flavours and not actual tobacco, it does not lead to stinkiness.

In fact, all the funky and refreshing vape flavours make you and your surrounding people enjoy it. Their smell does not repel people like cigarette smoke does.

Affect on Taste Buds:

The taste buds of e-cigarette users are not affected immensely like those of regular smokers. People who smoke habitually damage their taste buds and cannot feel the tastes of different foods like that of non-smokers. Their taste buds get weak and gradually they stop feeling the spiciness or the sweetness of something to its full extent.

The taste buds of disposable vape users or other e-cig users are not affected like this. You can still enjoy all the flavours as non-smokers do. When you stop smoking you will notice that your taste buds have recovered and vaping does not affect them negatively either.

Vapers are used to enjoy the taste of different flavours so they can easily distinguish between flavours of different foods too.

Using e-cigarettes like disposable vape kits, vape mods, pod kits and many others does not lead to health hazards like those of tobacco cigarette users. Vaping is not entirely safe but 95% safer than smoking is a good enough reason to quit smoking and start vaping.

If you want to improve your health and lifestyle but are afraid that you won’t be able to break your smoking habit, try vaping instead. It will help you quit smoking and bring you a safer life. Find the best disposable vape kits, take advantage of cheap vape deals and buy Premium Vape Juice liquids.

In Short:

The only way to get underage teens off vaping is by staying involved in their lives and guiding them to the right way if they ever stray far. All the above-mentioned methods have one thing in common: understanding and reasoning with them instead of punishing them. You must set a good example if you want them to avoid disposable vapes.


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