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How Does a filter straw help us?

After hiking two long hauls of single track, I stood over my favorite trout run on the Clackmannan River and realized I’d left two bottles of water in the bed of my truck. Brilliant. In my rush to get on the water before the evening door started, I hadn’t noticed that I’d left the water behind. Now I was overheated, sweating and a bit concerned as the temperature still floated around 85 degrees. I would be then until after dark with nothing to drink. While I found a filter straw in my pack, which saved my life.

filter straw


 filter straw water cleaner

I had been given a filter straw Water Purifier as a gift many months before and allowed

it was an enough cool idea. I snappily loaded it into the reverse fund of my fishing vest with excitement and forgot about it, until now.

 Does the straw work? I was about to find out.

Having no way used it ahead, I audited it, looking at both ends for some suggestions of how it worked. I had read all the witnesses of its use in the unprintable waters of third-world countries and figured I had nothing to sweat. At the same time, I’m no addict of puking or diarrhea so with some vacillation I lowered it into the swash.

With many pulls of ice-cold swash water latterly, I felt quenched and slightly more virile. It takes a little trouble to get the water completely flowing through the straw, but it’s not bad.

latterly, I gasconaded to some musketeers that I drank from the Clackmannan River, which numerous times agone

had a character of being largely weakened, with no intestinal impacts of any kind. They all laughed and informed me that the spot I was fishing was a quarter afar downstream of a treatment factory. Not the topmost news, but it reconfirmed the filter straw works.

How Exactly Does The filter straw Work?

The filtering medium is incredibly simple and it has been tested on waters far worse than the average lake or swash.

With no moving corridor and no chemicals, it forces the water through a series of concave, microfilaments less that.2 microns across which sludge out any bacteria, spongers, dirt, and other junk you don’t want to consume.

how does the water straw work

Unexpectedly, the water infrequently has an important taste to it and to clear the sludge, you blow air back through it, which seems too simple to work but I do it anyway.

filter straw Removes99.9 of Waterborne Bacteria and Protozoa.

  • Coli
  • Campylobacter
  • Cholera
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Salmonella
  • Shigella
  • Giardia lamblia “ Beaver Fever ”
  • Cryptosporidium parvum
  • Entamoeba histolytica.

Drink A Kiddie Pool With One Sludge

One filter straw will purify about 264 gallons before demanding to change( it’s disposable so you have to get a new bone. But unless you plan on drinking a small swimming pool this weekend, it should last a long time.

The water straw – Taking it one step further

The only negative of the original filter straw is that you have to be near water to use one. Obviously.

What if you’re only passing a swash or lake and will be in dry country for hours or indeed days?

Enter the straw Go. Its water bottle system uses the same filtering medium inside a 23-ounce, Tristan BPA-free water bottle with a small swatch and carabiner so you can snap in on a pack or belt circle.

Just like the original filter straw, each sludge is still good for 264 gallons of water filtration before changing.

The sludge is slightly shorter than the original purification straw and fits securely in the lid.

Two rubber O rings keep the sludge forcefully in place and sealed so dirty water can’t get past it.

still, if sludge or prophet ever cracks the whole system can be compromised and it would be a good idea to replace it( a warning in the primer), If the bottle.

It’s easier to pull water through the filter straw Go vs the original straw due to the open sludge casing which increases the inflow.

personal water filter straw

This close- up will give you a better idea of what the sludge material actually looks like. Hundreds of micro hair tubes that run from the bottom to the top. Once the sludge has reached the end of it’s useful life, you’ll no longer be suitable to pull water through it and it’s time for a new bone

We’ve been using the same filter straw Go for over a time and are on our alternate sludge. It’s been used in original lakes and aqueducts and indeed many ‘ parlous ’ gutters without incident.

Its right price, is simple, and incredibly effective, making it tough to contend with. There’s an additional benefit for each filter straw you buy. One is referring to a third-world country that lacks clean drinking water.

Then’s a simple videotape explaining how the system works. Some of it’s egregious but the sludge drawing demonstration is worth watching. It seems too simple to be effective, but it works.

 What are other buyers saying about the filter straw?

We’ve read 386 online reviews of purification straw Go so you don’t have to!

  • Effective, no reports of illness.
  • Packs are lighter and lower than contending systems.
  • Perfect for backpacking.
  • A must for a transnational trips.
  • The Bad
  • Requires a lot of suction to get water flowing.
  • Musty/ Plastic Taste.
  • Bottle leaks and cracks fluently.
  • Bottle not large enough.
  • Not enough capacity for cuisine.

filter straw Go Leakage?

One of the two main complaints we set up in probing the product was that the bottle blurted, so we made this a focus of our review. There are two points of weakness, the air bay on the top of the bottle allowing air in as you draw on the straw, and the connection point of the flip-up straw. The ultimate was the only place we endure any leakage. But we had to turn the bottle upside down and shake the life out of it to blunder indeed many drops.

After weeks of use in a pack, on a kayak( love stuffing from the lake), and indeed using it as a main hydration bottle at work, it still has n’t shown any signs of significant leakage.

filter straw Bad Tasting Water?

The other main complaint that we feel is worth addressing is the taste of the filtered water described as tasting musty, like plastic, and indeed having a chemical taste by some pundits.

While we noticed a ‘ filtered ’ taste that’s hard to describe, it clearly wasn’t extreme at all and fades with the operation. One online critic answered this issue by submerging the sludge in a coliseum of clean water for thirty twinkles, which does work.

At the end of the day, we’d rather have a slightly filtered taste than the vomiting or diarrhea that comes with drinking bacteria. I struggle to indeed understand why they’re complaining!

 Wrap Up

The straw is also existing as a portable water filter bottle, which has been proven effective at purifying water for comers traveling in Guatemala, Haiti, Kauai, Mexico, Yosemite, Peru, Smoky Mountains, Thailand, Nigeria, Mississippi River, Honduras, Uganda, India, Belize, and Cuba just to name a many.

There’s no debate on how well the system works, only minor negative points like the plastic/ musty taste which one critic was suitable to break by simply submerging the sludge horizontally in a coliseum of water for an hour.

The positive and glowing reviews of those who have used the system all over the globe far overweigh the small chance that reported issues with the bottle.

Our own experience with the original filter straw and the straw Go has been veritably positive. The sludge does exactly what’s says, it’s affordable and simple. Yes, the bottle and its seal could be better but it wasn’t a striking issue in our experience.

I wouldn’t vacillate to buy one before your coming trip, whether encamping locally or traveling abroad.

As always thanks for reading. And please let us know about your experience with the filter straw! Get to know more on articleed.

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