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How to Celebrate Sao Joao Safely

Sao Joao is celebrated every year during the monsoon season. On the 24th of June, this festival commemorates the feast of St. John the Baptist. The people of Goa thoroughly enjoy this festival. Men and women alike wear bright clothing and adorn their crowns designed with the best of flowers, palm leaves, ferns and even tropical fruits, traditionally called the “Kopel”. While it is raining, folks engage in a variety of activities such as rain dances, water games and, most importantly, leaping and swimming in water bodies, especially wells are all popular. But celebrate Sao Joao safely without hurting yourself or anybody else.  

St. John the Baptist was a cousin to Jesus Christ. According to the Catholic faith, St. John baptized Jesus in the Jordan River during his time, ever since Jesus has been referred to as “The Son of God.” As a result, St John is recognised as John the Baptist. In The Roman Catholic Church, all saint feasts are celebrated on the saints’ death days,  with the exception of St. John, who is celebrated on his birthday. Hence, the biblical story of John leaping in his mother’s womb with joy after learning that Mary was conceived with Jesus is of great significance.

Returning to the festival, people from all religious backgrounds celebrate Sao Joao. Since Goa is a secular state, everyone here enjoys different festivals. The monsoon adds to the vibrancy of the Sao Joao season. However, with enjoyment comes concern. On such a day as this, no one wants to drown or face unpleasant situations. This is why here are a few steps you could consider to enjoy Sao Joao safely and ethically:

Celebrate Sao Joao safely – avoid pushing

No doubt festivals bring excitement. Yet, it is important to take care of yourself and others. As much as this festival may appear commercial, it is more about community and caring for one another. Make certain that no one forces you to jump or swim in the well, ponds, or lakes. Ask for consent, don’t drink and make sure to dive in places free from rocks. It is also wise to consider that fun is not fun for everyone, so excuse people if they choose not to partake in the celebration. 

It could be unsafe to dive in smaller water bodies knowing that you could get hurt because of the underlying rocks. If it is a well it is even riskier because you don’t have the habit of jumping into the wells. Sao Joao is a well-known festival in Goa and if you are planning to travel to the coastal state then you should check the pool villas for sale in Goa. It is one of the luxurious community-living villa surrounded by lush greenery. You can enjoy nature’s beauty even while swimming or from the comfort of your windows. 

About The Music

Dancing is mandatory at Sao Joao, and the music to accompany the high ultrasound is customary. But before you blast those speakers with loud music, be considerate of people and the environment around the venue. If the function is around a residential area, be certain to keep the right tempo, play Goan hit songs that the elders will enjoy and turn down the music after certain hours considering the unwell and the elderly

Save Water, Celebrate Sao Joao Safely

Just think how much water you can waste if the rain dances and bucket spills continue all day! Certainly, St John the Baptist would be unhappy with our actions. Why wastewater when there are already large God-given rivers and wells? Consider swimming pools, and water parks around you that have less crowd or look for a less popular river, pond or well to maintain precaution.

It is a good practice to save water, especially during festivals because we don’t realise how important it is to preserve natural resources from depletion. Casa Del Sol Anjuna, a villa has value-added projects to conserve the environment. Every small action taken to install solar panels and constant practice followed to recharge groundwater tables goes a long way in contributing to nature. 

It has its own private swimming pool where you can celebrate Sao Joao with your family and friends, and enjoy it to the fullest. Celebrate the festival in your premises safely without having to worry about some miscreants hampering your festive mood. 

Non-Celebratory Celebration 

For whatever reasons you choose not to celebrate Sao Joao the conventional way, there are still plenty of ways to make your Goan holiday a banger. Invite your friends over for a themed lunch, where the children can play a few water games in the yard while the adults sing along with the good old Goan classics and prepare a delectable traditional buffet. You may also create your own Kopel with flowers and ferns from the garden, top your day with a competitive game of housey and make merry with your sweet, small and safe Sao Joao!

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