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How to choose a source for wholesale gemstone beads

Jewelry designers know that they have a choice when it comes to finding wholesale gemstone beads. Buying these unique beads at wholesale prices can save a designer a lot of money, but it’s important to consider factors other than price when looking for a gemstone wholesaler. Any company should have a wide selection of unique beads and an easy return policy if the bead is not what you expected.

Wide selection

If you design or buy a lot of jewelry for a group of designers, you know that finding a source for all of your wholesale gemstone beads makes shopping easier. A good source of wholesale gemstone beads will be able to offer freshwater pearls, semi-precious and precious beads, as well as vermilion, sterling silver, copper, and brass beads. Buying everything from one store means you’ll be able to enjoy lower shipping costs and cut down on valuable time spent searching multiple websites or stores for specific unique beads.

Building a relationship with a wholesale gemstone bead source means they may be able to special order or find unique beads, especially for you. Doing so means you’ll be able to design jewelry with unique beads no one else can offer.


Price is another big concern gemstone buyers have. The price they are able to pay for their unique beads directly affects the price of the jewelry and how much they can charge for their jewelry pieces. If the price of semi-precious or precious beads is too high, the jewelry is likely to sit in-store display cases before being sold. By purchasing wholesale gemstone beads, you can lower your costs and provide less expensive jewelry, while still maintaining your profit and the quality of your jewelry.

Hassle-free return policy

Since buying beads online means you can’t touch the beads or see their quality in a person, it’s vital that a source for wholesale beads offers a hassle-free return policy. It is reasonable for the company to set a time limit before accepting returns and require approval before accepting returns but beware of wholesalers who have strict ‘no returns’ policies. A company that is interested in building relationships with jewelry designers will understand the need to view gemstones in person before making a final decision on whether to use beads.

The company should also be willing to accept returns for items damaged during shipping. Because damage can occur even with the most careful packaging, gemstone bead wholesalers should allow the return of any item that is damaged.

Doing a little research on wholesale gemstone bead sources will save you valuable time in the long run when you’re looking for specific unique beads. While many people may think the price is the most important factor, consider the company’s selection and return policy before spending anything.


There are different types of gemstone beads that you can use according to your preference. These beads have different colors and each color has different types of beads. For example, yellow gemstone beads contain three main types of gemstones, citrine, yellow topaz, and diamond respectively. Red gemstones are garnet, ruby, spinet, and coral. Pink gemstones are tourmaline and sapphire. Green gemstones are jade, emerald, peridot, and green sapphire. Iolite, chalcedony, tanzanite, lapiz lazuli, amethyst, and aquamarine are blue and purple gemstone beads. You can find diamonds and smoky quartz in brown and gray colors. White gemstone beads are opal, diamond, and quartz. There are some diamonds that are also black in color. Another type of gemstone bead which is black in color is known as onyx.

All these different types of gems have different prices which mainly depend on their gemological characteristics. For example, if you are looking for soft and elegant gemstone beads, then chalcedony would be the best choice, however, these beads cannot be used for making jangling bracelets as there is a possibility of cutting the beads due to the constant. Friction with various objects. The ideal gemstone beads for making this type of jewelry would be blue topaz or sapphire, as they are highly durable.

The size of this gemstone is also important to consider when using it in jewelry making. The smallest of these beads have a diameter of 2 mm and the largest can go up to 26 mm in diameter. Smaller beads are usually found in strands and larger ones can be bought in bulk. Strands can range from 15 inches to 20 inches and can be cut into a variety of shapes.

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