How To Clean And Maintain Floor Tiles Like Experts?

People often want the floor tiles to look elegant and well maintained. You may not be able to achieve an attractive finish if you overlook the cleaning and maintenance tasks. Floor tiles have to be clean and well maintained every day. 

It may not be possible to hire professional tile cleaning services for everyday cleaning tasks. Once a month you can hire professional “tile cleaning in Auckland” services. Professional tile cleaning services help clean grout and tiles best.

Why clean tiles every day?

No matter how good quality tiles you have installed on the floor, it will lose its natural charm with time. Any floor tile will degrade if not well maintained. Depending on your needs, you can select low maintenance type tiles as well

But all types of tiles at least need basic maintenance and cleaning. Mild moping and vacuuming are essential. If the tiles are getting pale, then you may have to hire professional tile cleaning services.

Tasks you can perform as a DIY exercise

Vacuum or sweeping

All types of tiles may not need vacuum cleaning. some of the floors can be cleaned by using wet mob on it. Wooden floor tiles are well maintained only if the floor is vacuumed consistently. Ceramic and granite tiles, on the other hand, need mild sweeping. You must sweep the floor at least once a day. Cleaning the floor at least once a day is really important as it keeps the floor shiny.

If you have grout installed then do not overlook cleaning it as well. You can best use a vacuum cleaning device to carry out this task.

Mopping or rag cleaning

If you have ceramic or granite tile then it is possible to use a mild detergent. You can prepare the detergent solution in cold water. Do not use warm water to clean any tiles or grout. You should also use a soft mop or rag to clean the tiles.

For wooden floor tiles, using detergent is never recommended. You can hire professional tile cleaning services for wooden floors. Ceramic tiles can also be cleaned using a soft sponge. Ensure the water is clean when mopping the floor tiles.

Treat all residues

Tiles may tend to get hazy with time. This is more common if the tiles receive a lot of traffic on daily basis. Such types of tiles should be cleaned at least twice a day. You can also clean the tile using a soapy solution.

It is always advisable to use buffing action once the tiles have been cleaned with a soapy solution. For ceramic tiles, this is the best technique to treat that hazy look. Always treat the hazy-looking tiles the moment you notice them.

Ceramic and granite tiles may have pores that can easily accumulate dust and debris. Do not allow the dust and debris to get accumulated for days or months.

You can also make use of baking soda solution to clean the tiles. If you are not efficient then you can hire professional services to clean the tiles.

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