How To Extract Phone Numbers From Excel?

Here, you’ll learn how to extract Phone Numbers from text, pdf, and excel files with a handy Phone number extractor tool that automates the process so you can focus on the important things — reaching out to the people with Phone number lists that matter to your business.

How To Extract Phone Numbers From Excel And PDF Files?

Cute Web Phone Number Extractor is a powerful tool that lets you search for Phone Numbers by name through all your files and folders on your computer, and export them in the format of your choice. In addition, this bulk Phone extractor is also ideal for extracting Phone numbers from Excel, websites, and search engines. You can scrape Phone Numbers from more than 66 search engines for 195 countries by using this Phone number extractor software. Moreover, you don’t need to learn any programming language to use it. Its user-friendly interface makes this easy for everyone to collect data for telemarketing from websites, search engines, and local files.

What Is A Cute Web Phone Number Extractor?

A Phone number extractor is a piece of software that is typically used to find, extract, and export Phone Numbers from local files, websites, and search engines to be used in Phone marketing campaigns.

With this Phone number finder tool, you can collect Phone Numbers from online sources, including websites, forums, blogs, and search engines. You can also use a Phone Number Scraper for offline sources, such as text, pdf, excel, and saved web pages on your computer system.

If you are looking for a mobile number extractor to collect mobile numbers for your marketing campaign, then a Cute Web  Phone Extractor is definitely something that you should consider.

What Can I Scrape With Cute Web Phone Extractor?

Cute Web Phone Data Extractor can get the following types of information from your computer system:

First Name

Last Name


Phone Numbers

What file formats are supported by Cute Web Phone Extractor?

Using Cute Web Mobile Number Hunter, you can extract Phone Numbers from text, excel, and pdf files in any folder on your computer! The Phone extractor supports multiple file formats including:

Text documents

Excel spreadsheets

Word documents.


Office files

However, if you can save these extracted Phone Numbers in CSV, Excel, and Text files for future use.

How To Use This Cute Web Phone Number Extractor?

The best way to get Phone numbers from files on your computer is to start with the 3-day free trial of the Cute Web Phone Scraper so that you can see how it works for you. Once you have everything all set up, follow these steps to start extracting Phone Numbers using the Phone scraper.

  1. Open The Software

Open the Cute Web Phone Number Scraper program by clicking the icon on your desktop, or taskbar, or looking for it in your start menu programs.

2. Choose The Excel File Or Folder On Your Computer

If you want to extract Phone numbers from files and folders on your computer, then select the file or folder from which you want to extract Phone Numbers and upload it to the software for number scraping.

Step 3. Export Phone Numbers Files

Once you extract Phone Numbers from files and folders, the Phone Extractor will start running and you will be able to see what is happening on the screen. After data extraction from files, you can save the results in the location of your choice.

What Are The Reasons To Use The Cute Web Phone Number Extractor?

The Cute Web Phone Extractor has a wide range of features that make it not only easy to extract Phone Numbers from files and folders but also from websites and search engines.

The Top 5 Reasons

1. Scrape Phone Numbers From Websites

With Cute Web Phone Number Crawler, you are not restricted to only extracting Phone Numbers from files and folders. But it can also Phone Numbers from a list of website URLs. You have to upload a list of website URLs and the number finder software will automatically extract Phone Numbers from this list.

 2. Find The Phone Number By Name, Country Code, Zip Code, and Website URL

The WhatsApp Number Extractor has the ability to find anyone’s Phone by name, zip code, country code, job title, mobile company code, and website URL. So, you can find anyone’s Phone number by name if you don’t have a website URL and you can get anyone’s Phone number from the website URL if you don’t know the name of your target. The Phone Extractor can scrape 1500-2000 Phone Numbers in a day with 98% accuracy.

  1. Extract Phone Numbers From Search Engines

The Phone extractor software has the ability to find and extract phone numbers from more than 66 search engines. Furthermore, the Cell Phone Number Extractor doesn’t need any programming skills to use it. You simply have to select a search engine and find the phone number on this search engine by name. After that, you can extract Phone Numbers from the search engine’s search results.

  1. Many Filters To Apply

You can apply many filters to sort your extracted Phone numbers. In other words, you can arrange your Phone number list by name and country code. You can also remove duplicate Phone numbers.

Cute Web Phone Extractor has the ability to manage your Phone number list. You can use this mobile number finder tool to add, remove or categorize Phone numbers.

  1. Download Data In Different Formats

Best of all, this Web Phone Contact Extractor software has many formats to save your extracted Phone Numbers such as Excel, CSV, and Text files. It means, after extracting Phone Numbers from websites, search engines, files, and folders you can save them in these formats to use in the future.

Final Thoughts:

Cute Web Phone Extractor is a powerful program that shows you how to extract Phone addresses from files, folders search engines, and websites. It’s the perfect choice if you are looking for the best Phone Number Scraper.

Want to do a test drive to see how the Phone scraper works? Download the 3-day free trial version today.

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