How to Generate JoinPD Code | And How To Use Joinpd

 Hey Everyone,If you are looking for ways to share your presentation with college students, then you can use the online tool called JoinPD. It is easy to create an account on the site and generate a five-digit JoinPD code for the presentation or learning module that you are trying to share. You can then monitor pupil progress using the tool. Here is how to do that. Once you have created an account on JoinPD, you can easily create a presentation and share it with your college students.

What is JoinPD? –

JoinPD is presentation software. We all know that presentation work is done in schools or colleges. This is also becoming a viral tool in schools and colleges. In real time can  use to answer and ask questions it . The pandemic has had a significant impact on education. This is why many people have adopted this method of teaching online. This teaching method is slowly becoming more popular. This teaching method has many benefits over the Pier Deck Presentation System.

 Universities, colleges, schools, and institutes can use this presentation system. You can use it in any way you like. You can ask and receive better answers here. It requires a Pier Deck account. To access the presentation, you will need a code.

These are the steps to generate a Joinpd Code.

Here are the steps to generate a JoinPD code. To create a code, first, create a presentation. The presentation will generate a five-digit code automatically after it is created. Or you can say it will. The person who needs to access the presentation can use the five-digit code. So let’s understand this process step by step once.

  1. Go to the first place You can create your account if you don’t already have one.
  2. Click on “Create Presentation” in the top bar. Now, click on “Add-ons”.
  3. You will see a dropdown box. Click on Get Add-ons.
  4. Enter the pear deck into the search bar to search.
  5. Click the button below to install your pear deck.
  6. Click on Add-ons.
  7. Open the pear one.
  8. You will now need to create a presentation. There are many options for saree templates. You can pick the template you like.
  9.  Click “Present with Pear Deck” create, When your presentation .
  10. A 5-digit code will then be generated after you click. This code can be shared with friends and anyone else who would like to appear in the presentation.

Create An Account  JoinPD

Educators and students can use the JoinPD system to share presentations, questions, and answers. Teachers can create presentations, provide their students with access codes, and monitor student responses, can also limit the activities of their students. Teachers can provide access codes for students to view presentations and contribute to the discussion, can also post questions to answer or contribute to discussions. The JoinPD system is accessible from any computer or mobile device. It can be used to share resources, create presentations, and teach students to develop positive mental attitudes.

The JoinPD portal allows teachers to control who can edit student answers. Teachers can even lock student accounts to prevent editing. Students can register using their email addresses and passwords, and teachers can view their progress over time. The JoinPD portal also allows teachers to control the participation of students and maintain a record of their progress. Once an account has been created, teachers can share the code with other educators or students. Once students are registered, they can begin participating in discussions, and teachers can monitor their progress.

Share a presentation with college students.

The first step is to create a presentation. Then, give your students an access code to join your presentation. This code will allow them to view your presentation and interact with it at their own pace. You can even lock their accounts so they cannot edit other students’ presentations. This will ensure you only share the most helpful information with your students. Once you have completed the necessary steps, you can share your presentation with your students.

When creating a presentation, you will need to use the JoinPD code. The JoinPD code is given to you by your teacher and is used to share your presentation with your students. This code is available at any time and is not time-restricted. To share the presentation with your students, you must set up an account on Pear Deck. This service is free to use for teachers and students, and it is available to anyone.

Generate a five-digit code

Pear Deck is a free add-on for Google slides that allows you to create more engaging lessons and presentations. The company behind Pear Deck quickly rose to the top of the presentation system industry. Before using the service, you must create a JoinPD code for your students. This article will walk you through the process step-by-step. Then, you’ll be ready to upload your presentation.

First, you’ll need to generate a five-digit JoinPD code. When a student signs up for your class will  require this code. You can generate a code yourself or have students request one from you. This will help protect your classroom from disruptive students trying to change the content. It’s a simple process, saving you time and hassles. Just click on the “Generate” button on the JoinPD web portal to generate your code.

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Below we have shown you the steps for How to Generate JoinPD Cod. In this step, we will show how to join joinpd. These are the two methods you can use to join the pear deck. There are two ways to join the rear deck.

The first is the joining hyperlink, and the second is the joining code

  1. Joining Link – To create a new presentation, teachers or any student can share the joining link on Google Classroom or other platforms. Click the joining link to sign up. Click on the link to join your class or presentation.
  2. Join the Code – There is a five-digit code to join the screen presentation. The presentation can  use to enter this code. You must visit to enter the code to participate in the presentation. Once you have entered the code, you will grant entry.

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