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How to Get a Scholarship to Study Abroad for Indian Students?

How to Get a Scholarship to Study Abroad for Indian Students?

Getting a scholarship as a student’s life is an outstanding achievement, and the grant by dream universities matters the most. Factually most Indian students can’t bear the whole cost of study abroad, and due to their financial restrictions, many bright and talented students can’t pursue their academic life in foreign lands like Australia, the UK, the USA, Canada and other countries.

Imagine getting an international degree from a university abroad. Isn’t that enough to get a successful life for good? But the cost of living is huge for any Indian student. The approximate cost of living is 800 USD to 1000 USD per month, meaning one needs almost 8 lakhs to meet the living expenses yearly.

Now, do you know the undergraduate course cost? The minimum cost of undergraduate courses is minimum 16 to 18 Lakhs per year, and the postgraduate courses cost a minimum of 28 lakhs for 2 years.

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Getting an international scholarship as an Indian student gives them huge relief from bearing the study of abroad costing. With countries across the world understanding the significance that international students bring to their countries economically, many foreign universities welcome Indian students wholeheartedly. Check out the requirements, eligibility criteria and other aspects to get a scholarship for studying abroad.

Here is the list of foreign scholarships offered to Indian students:

National overseas scholarship: 

It is offered by the ministry of social justice and empowerment for all countries. The value of this scholarship is 15,400 USD except the UK. In the UK, the maintenance allowance is 9,900 GBP annually with tuition fees and more. Students can apply for this scholarship if they want to pursue Master’s or PhD level programs in the UK, Germany and the US. Make sure you have secured at least 55% or an equivalent CGPA in your undergraduate studies for a Master’s to study abroad.

Fulbright- Kalam Climate Fellowship:

This scholarship program is initially for Indian scholars who hold a PhD degree from a recognized Indian university. It is a pure government supported scholarship that supports Indian researchers who are planning to accomplish their research but need more financial resources. The study depends on the climate studies, and it is related to teaching and research works. It can be a monthly stipend or an annual scholarship. This fellowship strengthens the relationship between the US and India.

The JN Tata Endowment:

It is the common study in abroad scholarship programs for all aspirants. It is another government scholarship for students who can apply to international universities across the globe. The scholarship value varies from INR 1,00,000 to INR 9,00,000. It depends on the courses, eligibility criteria and other factors.

Highly talented students and scholars can also get gift scholarship of INR 75,000. The gift scholarship value depends on the student’s educational performance in their colleges. However, there is a condition to know. Students will have to pay the scholarship amount in 20% installments.

If you are an Indian citizen, you can start repaying before the third year of earnings.

Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program:

Have you found study in abroad courses is bit challenging? The Aga Khan Foundation International scholarship program offers a great chance to study at foreign universities in the UK, France, Portugal, Canada, and the US. Therefore, it is one of the most demanded Indian government scholarships for studying international. It is mainly made for Master’s aspirants, and students who will avail of this scholarship will get 50% grant value and 50% loan. Students need to be highly efficient and brilliant in academics.

Great Wall Program:

As the name suggests, this scholarship is meant for students who want to pursue their undergraduate and Master’s degrees in China. Yes! The Great Wall program can make it real for you. This government scholarship program will cover your medical insurance, accommodation and tuition fees. Students who are within 45 years of age can apply for this scholarship for Undergraduate and graduate courses.

National Overseas Scholarship program: 

This popular scholarship program is applicable to various countries, including the UK, the USA and Germany. Students can apply for this grant if they want to pursue Masters’s and PhD degrees from any foreign university. Students who are economically challenged or backward students are preferred for this scholarship. Most importantly, the program covers a maximum portion of daily expenses, including travel and medical insurance. Students need to focus on their academic marks because 55% or an equivalent CGPA in your undergraduate program is desirable for a Master’s course abroad.

Cornell University Tata Scholarship:

The TATA educational and Development Trust develops Tata Scholarship for Cornell university. This program helps more than 20 students each year and collaborated with Cornell University. The scholarship is given to undergraduate studies.

Commonwealth Scholarships:

There are different types of commonwealth scholarships available, like commonwealth PhD Scholarships, commonwealth medical fellowships, and commonwealth PhD scholarships for professional fellowships. The main criterion for getting this scholarship is to complete an undergraduate degree for graduate aspirants.


Getting a grant as an understudy’s life is an extraordinary accomplishment, and the award from dream colleges makes the biggest difference. Genuinely most Indian understudies can’t bear the entire expense of concentrating abroad, and because of their monetary limitations, numerous splendid and skilled understudies can’t seek their scholarly life in unfamiliar grounds like Australia, the UK, the USA, Canada and different nations.

Envision earning a global education from a college abroad. Isn’t sufficiently that to get an effective life for good? However, the average cost for many everyday items is colossal for any Indian understudy. The estimated cost for many everyday items is 800 USD to 1000 USD each month, meaning one necessity right around 8 lakhs to meet the everyday costs yearly.

Before you plan to study abroad, make sure you are well informed about all the scholarships and grants given by governmental bodies and schemes. It will make your journey more accessible, and you don’t have to worry about your financial restriction in a foreign land. Surviving in a new country is tough for any student, so be aware of these mentioned 8 scholarship programs and schemes.


Liam Ann is an Academic expert and a counselor who is associated with the assignment help brand MyAssignmenthelp. She is an active blogger and a motivational speaker and a Ghost writer.

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