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How to get more views on YouTube in India?

If you want to know how to increase YouTube views, this article can be very beneficial for you because, in this article, I will tell you how to get more views on YouTube.

We all know that YouTube is the best platform to share a video. Where can you upload your video and communicate with more than 2 billion people right here if you want to increase YouTube views on your videos. You have to create the best content for your videos so that more likes, share and comment come to your YouTube videos because the audience likes to watch a video only when they like the content of your video.

If you want to get more views, then you can adopt other ways apart from the content of your video, with the help of which you can get views on YouTube here because when more views come on the video. This also increases the number of likes, comments, shares and subscribers, which helps grow your YouTube channel.

Ways to get more views on YouTube: 

To increase YouTube views, any YouTube user can follow the following ways because these tips help you to increase the number of YouTube views. Even though these ways are time taking.

Make good, engaging and unique content: 

The first and most important way to get more views on YouTube videos is the content of your video.

You need to create excellent and engaging content for your YouTube channel so that more and more YouTube users can engage with your videos. Any user watches any video till the end only when that user likes the content of your video, so you should always create excellent and engaging content. That’s why an essential weapon to get views on YouTube is the content of the video. You should make the content of your video such that no one has made it so that your content is good, engaging, and unique. 

Thinks in terms of series, not individual videos: 

Why do you do this? Have you ever thought about why many YouTubers make their videos available in playlists and why they should do so?

Every YouTuber Who wants to get more YouTube views should note that he should provide his videos in the form of playlists because there are many chances of increasing the views on your videos.

In simple words, when you click on a video that is embedded in the playlist, it automatically plays the following video before that video ends. The result is that the user knows the videos in the playlist have been viewed without lifting them. You can gain YouTube views.

Get familiar with YouTube SEO: 

YouTube is also a search engine like other search engines. In the same way, YouTube also works as a search engine. YouTube also uses ranking signals to organize its search engine results. That’s why you must explain how YouTube shows results to YouTube SEO so that you can work according to YouTube. 

You will need keywords and should use target keywords because without keywords, YouTube will not be able to optimize your content, and when someone searches for results in the YouTube search bar, your content will not be visible then your Views on YouTube will not increase. 

Link up with other content creators: 

Connecting with other content creators is also a great way to gain YouTube views. Because you and other content creators target the same audience, you want to build relationships with other content creators that can benefit you and that creator. And when you link any crater with your content. 

Use cards and end screens: 

Using cards and end screens is another excellent way to get more views on YouTube. Because through both of these, the viewers are engaged with your videos, and they are also a perfect way to engage the audience.

Cards are a type of suggestion notification shown in the right corner of your YouTube videos, which tells you that more videos related to the content you are watching are available so that users visit those videos and your YouTube views increase.

End screens also engage YouTube viewers to watch other videos, which give suggestions for other videos after the video ends. End screens are also an excellent way to engage audiences with your videos, so YouTube content creators always use cards and end screens. 

Promote your YouTube views on other social messaging platforms: 

Whenever you make a new video and publish it on YouTube for your audience, then after posting your YouTube video. You should promote that video on your other social media platforms so that your social media followers can see the video. You can get information about and watch your video on YouTube, and views can increase on your YouTube videos. That’s why Youtubers should always promote their new videos on all their YouTube channels so that you can get more YouTube views.

Build a relationship with your viewers: 

It would be best if you tried to build a good relationship with your YouTube viewers. This way also affects the number of views on YouTube. Audience engagement is a great way to build relationships with the audience. So that your audience can interact well with you and your audience. And when you have a good relationship with your audience, your audience watches your videos and your views increase.

You should reply to comments made by your audience, run YouTube contests, and create reaction videos. Doing this makes your audience feel that you are interacting with them so that a good relationship is formed between you and your audience.

Post Your video at the right time:

The time you post your YouTube video can also affect the number of views on YouTube. Therefore, posting YouTube videos at the right time helps increase your YouTube viewers.

You should post your YouTube videos at the right time. The right time to post the video refers to when more of your subscribers are active on YouTube so that the notification of your video will go to them, and they will watch your video.

Ask your viewers to subscribe to YouTube channels:

The more people subscribed to your channel, the more views are likely to come to your videos. Because the more people subscribe to your channel, the more people will get notifications of your videos, and those people will watch your videos which will get more views on YouTube. That’s why you should ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel so that your subscriptions will increase.


Based on the above analysis, it is concluded that YouTube is a video-sharing platform, and you try to grow your YouTube channel by sharing your videos. For which you try to get more YouTube views, likes, shares, and subscribers. By the way, you can buy YouTube views India or follow the steps mentioned in the article to increase views on YouTube. When your views increase, it also affects your channel’s number of likes, shares, and subscribers. That’s why you should adopt methods to increase YouTube views and grow your YouTube channel.

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