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How To Increase Brand Engagement On Instagram?


Daily, more than 500 million users use their mobile devices to create and view Instagram Stories. One-third of viewers say they are more likely to buy a product after watching a story that prominently features the brand. In a nutshell, Instagram Stories increase exposure, encourage interaction, and may even sway consumer decisions.

Using Instagram Stories, you can communicate with and engage your target audience in a genuine way, leading to stronger connections and more devoted customers.

Instagram created the Story function so that companies could more easily and quickly publish visual content with their followers, and drawing attention. On top of that, fans really like getting a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes action via Stories.

What Are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories are a way for users to share media that will disappear after 24 hours. They have a vertical layout and are intended to be quick, memorable, and entertaining.

A colored ring will show around your profile image when you upload a Story, letting your followers know they may tap on your picture to view the Story. The colored ring surrounding your profile photo will also be shown in the first row of your followers’ home screens.

Instagram Stories are great for testing out new types of content for companies since, unlike your carefully curated page, Stories expire after 24 hours. Entrepreneurs of all sizes share anything from raw, uncut recordings of their daily lives to images of their latest items and video responses to frequently asked questions about their stories. By reposting their followers’ content in their own Stories, brands may demonstrate their appreciation for their customers.

What Is Instagram Highlight In A Story?

In the shape of tapeable circles, Instagram Story Highlights display a curated selection of your best Stories and are shown prominently at the very top of your profile. Introduced in 2017, they allow users to extend the Life of their most popular or important Stories beyond the standard 24 hours.

Your followers will notice your Story Highlights just below your bio. This makes them one of the first things people see when visiting your profile. For a long time, brands have relied on Highlights to showcase the most relevant aspects of their content (menus, product catalogs, etc.). Reviews may be preserved on your profile by using highlights. Instead of losing your clients’ positive feedback after you’ve retold their Stories about how much they love your product, save it in a Highlight Bubble.

Instagram Story Features

Humanizing your business is one of Instagram stories’ greatest strengths, helping you gain followers and encourage more interaction with your page. Providing your followers with a series of insta experiences that feature authentic, relatable, or entertaining stories is a great way to keep them engaged with your company and your content (which eventually leads to conversions).

Instagram has added many features that make it simpler than ever for businesses to utilize Stories to their advantage and produce interesting content.

Using Instagram’s Story Stickers In Your Posts

Instagram Story Stickers are GIFs, text overlays, and other visual elements which helps to make your Stories more fun and interactive for your followers. Stickers allow you to add text to your videos, allowing you to construct a tale or conduct a poll, such as asking your followers to vote on which of your new goods they are most interested in purchasing.

You can add Instagram stickers to your Story after you’ve taken or uploaded a photo or video by tapping the Stickers icon. A smiling face on the top right of the screen and browsing through a variety of customizable stickers for things like the weather, the time, your location, and more. IG story stickers are draggable, allowing for easy placement anywhere on the screen, and may be resized by pinching or extending with two fingers.

Instagram has also released additional stickers, such as the Shop Sticker and the Captions Sticker. It helps to assist Instagrammers with business and professional accounts in making their content more accessible and engaging to story viewers.

Best Practices For Creating Engaging Instagram Stories

While generating Instagram Stories on the fly and sharing personal anecdotes with your followers is a fun approach to getting started and trying to buy automatic Instagram story views for increasing your engagement, a well-thought-out plan is necessary for long-term success with the feature.

When including Instagram Stories, social media ads typically experience a 20 percent boost in reach. Make use of Instagram’s algorithm and the Stories feature to boost engagement with your audience. Subtle adjustments, such as increasing your posting frequency, making better use of the app’s capabilities. And publishing during peak times, can have a significant impact on your algorithmic standing.

1. Post Stories Regularly

Our data suggest that from one to seven daily Stories posts are optimal for Instagram growth, yet the platform itself recommends only two. To learn what approaches work best for your brand, you may need to try a few things out.

Our data, however, suggests that publishing anything from one to seven articles daily is necessary to maintain a high completion rate (above 70%).

The completion rate of your Story is based on the percentage of viewers who watched from the very first frame to the very last frame of your Story during the specified 24-hour time period.

2. Consistency In posting Is essential

The Instagram algorithm recognizes the importance of consistency in social media. Given the short lifespan of news items, it’s important to get as many people as possible to see each Story. Sharing photographs and videos from your day in smaller parts and publishing them several times during the day as part of your Story. Posting your Story material at the times when your followers are most engaged on the app is another thing to think about.

To maximize engagement, find out when your target audience is online and post at that time. We analyzed the daily completion rate of tales to give you a head start.

3. Get on Instagram Live

Like Snapchat Stories, Instagram Live is a live-streaming video feature. Your fans have the option of just watching your Life, chatting with you in real time, or even joining you in hosting the Life together.

Instagram Lives should be created when you have an important announcement to make, when you want to hold an event (like a Q&A session or office hours), or when you want to interact with your audience on a more personal level. Your followers will directly interact with you when you begin a Live session, increasing the likelihood that they will tune in.

4. Ad placements In Stories

Ad-related narratives may raise a company’s profile by drawing customers to its online or mobile storefront.

Instagram Stories advertisements did better than Facebook feed ads when used to promote blog content. Just $0.06 per click with our Instagram Stories advertisements!

Due to the full-screen nature of story ad placements, users are less likely to be distracted by things like alerts and in-feed content from other companies.

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