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How To Make Emotion Work For You When It Comes To Getting More Leads

In this guide, we will describe how emotions help your business gain leads. How it impacts to attract audiences and compel them to act. Before we talk about why and how emotional marketing is effective, let’s first discuss emotions. Emotions are like colours. You might be feeling annoyed because you are tired. Annoyed isn’t from the four basic emotions; happy, sad, angry, surprised. However, it does come under anger. For instance, I am excited about the long weekend. However, it comes under happiness. This conveys that the definitions aren’t quite the same. Emotions are like a spectrum. Tiny changes bring about a shift of emotion in an individual’s life. 
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Emotional marketing is a way to target and convince customers using their emotions. These emotions could be their happiness, anger, sadness, interest, uncertainty, insecurity etc. Most services in digital marketing UK understand the importance of emotions in branding and lead generation. Companies using emotional marketing in their plan tend to have a strong connection with their consumers. Consumers may engage with the content and share it. Moreover, they buy certain products or services to prove their loyalty.

Emotional Decision Making

The human brain tends to make everyday decisions in two ways, logic and emotions. Our emotions drive reasons, especially when we have to make a choice. The human brain responds to emotional cues. It is a basic instinct for human survival. Nowadays marketers make use of these emotional desires in advertising campaigns and make them more captivating, relatable and memorable. Thus they gain loyal customers. We will show you how to use the power of emotions to improve your leads generating strategy. 
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If you want the target audience to connect with you, utilize your emotional marketing strategy. You can encourage customers to carry out required actions through emotional ads. Such as buying the product, contacting them, following the social media accounts, subscribing to your service, signup for a newsletter or either making a donation. However, the marketing appeals must be intentional and not manipulative. This is because you have to leave a lasting impression on them. 

How And Why Does Emotional Marketing Work?

On average, consumers come across 4000 to 10,000 brand messages. Although they might not remember all these messages due to their personal screening process. Also, very few messages might resonate with the users. So, if an appeal to logic is ineffective, an appeal to emotion may be able to persuade people to pay attention. 

There are certain emotions that urge us to perform certain actions. For instance;

  • When we are happy, we share more with others. We feel our joy is multiplied. Any good news travels faster, unlike bad news.
  • When we are sad, the oxytocin hormone promotes empathy. Hence making us generous. 
  • Due to the feeling of fear, we tend to stick to something or share our experiences with others. Thus fear makes us more protective. 
  • Lastly, anger or passion makes us stubborn. This makes us hold onto our convictions. Anger is a strong emotion just like happiness.  

A successful emotion marketing strategy relies on successfully harnessing the power of these emotions. Certainly, it inspires people to act. Thus it helps in capturing leads. In the following section, we’ll show you how to use the power of emotion in marketing to improve your lead generation.

Advertising Emotions for Lead Generation

Understand Your Audience

Emotional marketing is extremely beneficial in lead generation. However, to improve the chances of success the first step is to understand your audience. By doing this you will be to recognize how the response is and what is beneficial for both sides.  

Thus, analyse your target audience thoroughly. Hire a professional digital marketing company if you are unsure how to do it. The main goal is to understand the pain point or emotional preferences that can be taken advantage of in future advertising campaigns.

Create Campaigns To Resonate With The Audience

Once you understand your audience, you can use this knowledge to start generating some leads. You can create the campaigns by using emotional appeal. Storytelling is a powerful tool to attract audiences’ emotions nowadays. Listening to stories keeps them engaged. They love listening to stories whether it’s blogs or videos. Exciting plotlines, memorable characters and relatable themes.

Take The Lead With Colour

Emotions and colours are closely tied with each other. You might think it is a very basic strategy. However, it holds a significant value. To evoke our emotions, colours play a major role. Colour psychology is used by a vast variety of businesses and organizations. Think of a therapist’s office, they usually set up a cool tone for a calming experience. Hazard signs are painted red to evoke a sense of danger. For brands, McDonald’s uses yellow colour to evoke a sense of happiness and KFC uses red for easy remembrance. Our brain processes the colour before it understands the shape. Visual appearance plays a major role in emotional marketing. Using colour psychology to enhance the emotional appeal of your marketing tactics through the creative use of different colours can be beneficial.


Emotional advertising and marketing target your target audience’s human emotions. When you look at our previous emotional marketing examples, you’ll notice that they all have one thing in common: they’re authentic, which is essential for a successful emotional marketing campaign. You can’t play on your audience’s emotions while faking it, because they’ll see right through you. Moreover, we recommend logo design services to create a professional logo for your business to attract more leads. 

In conclusion, emotional marketing is a difficult but effective strategy for attracting more leads to your business. Emotions are powerful triggers that can motivate your audience to take action. Understand them, tell an engaging story, and be genuine in your appeal to entice them to become paying customers. 

Incorporating emotion into your marketing and advertising is a surefire way to attract, resonate with, and motivate your target audience to take action. Consider emotional marketing to be the undiscovered secret weapon.

To successfully incorporate emotion into your marketing, all you need to do is know your audience and which emotions will resonate the most with them. When these are aligned with your overall marketing goals, your emotional marketing efforts will be among your most effective.


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