How to tackle real problems of online admission with ERP system for Universities

How to tackle real problems of online admission with ERP system for Universities

Looking for an easy online admission process? This blog has come up with basic solutions with ERP System for universities to tackle the online admission process! 

Table of Contents

  • Introduction 
  • What is an online admission system? 
  • Solutions to The Real Problem 
  • What is MasterSoft ERP Admission Management Software
  • To sum up 


Last few years have proved to be a real “technological era” ! Shifting all educational activities online was a big challenge to all institutes globally. Conducting online classes to online assessments and continuing with online admission , the digital world has been a rollercoaster ride for the globe! Where on one hand it proved to be a complete aid , on the other hand it brought difficulties and challenges. 

This blog elucidates how to tackle real problems faced during an online admission with ERP solutions! 

What is an online admission system?

An online admission system software is a digitised system which streamlines the entire student admission and enrollment process in an automated and computerized way! This is a system which avoids cumbersome manual admission cycles and collects all documents , data , information of the applicants online. The automated application portal in the software makes the enrollment process convenient and smooth. But along with all convenience there are still many problems faced by universities while performing an online admission process. 

To look into your concern we have come up with 5 basic ways to deal with the real problems faced during an online admission process! 

Solutions to The Real Problem 

1) Clear Instructions : 

The first and foremost problem faced during an online admission procedure is unorganised instructions. Students being used to the traditional method of admissions has instructors and office members to instruct them for further procedure. The sudden shift to online admission for universities created confusion in students as well as parents’ minds. Therefore , to tackle this issue you must make sure that you have a user friendly and easily accessible system with erp solution.

MasterSoft’s online admission system is an enriched  high tech ERP solution provider which is user friendly , shows clear instructions and has easy navigation. This will eliminate queries of students and help in a smooth functioning of admission online! 

2) Multiple Accessibility : 

The most crucial problem faced by every institution and students during an online admission process is the unavailability of electronic gadgets like PC and laptops. And the best way to tackle such issues is to make your online admission system compatible with both the platforms! 

3) Document Verification Module : 

Universities deal with malpractices done by students during an online admission enrollment. They upload fake certifications and illegally changed documents which gives them temporary benefits. It not only tarnishes the reputation of the university but also destroys the career of students. Therefore to avoid such unauthorised actions , online admission software with ERP systems should have an automated data verification module which goes through all documents and information thoroughly to avoid such fraudulent activities.

4) Secured Fee Management Gateways : 

Paying fees manually is always a first choice of every parent. So what can be done to entrust students and parents to switch to an online admission system? Another problem faced by all educational workers and students during an admission procedure is e-payment and its risks. Therefore you must ensure your students have highly secured payment gateways with extracted fraudulent activities. MasterSoft provides the best ERP system for universities having key features and security like OTP Verification , Two layered Encryption , Acceptance of Multiple Payment Modes and E-receipt generation on every transaction taking place. With these features in your software you can easily manage the real problems of fee management! 

5) Centralised Database : 

Last but not the least , mixing students’ information with one another when needed is another problem faced in an online admission process. Universities may dig into different documents and folders for searching information of a particular student. To tackle this problem you must have a centralised database module in your online admission software. Having a cloud based ERP system of Online University Admission software , a data management system resolves all issues! All students’ information is secured and stored at a centralised location so that it can be extracted by the staff when needed! 

What is MasterSoft ERP Admission Management Software? 


  • The ed- tech software has Technology Integrated in Online Admission System which consists Cloud-based Technology and Mobile Application Integration. 
  • MasterSoft online admission software ensures smooth payment gateway for students and parents with 100% security. 
  • All the ERP systems offered by MasterSoft be it University Admission Management System , College or School Admission Software are inbuilt with BI-powered analytics tools which  generates real-time smart reports. 
  • MasterSoft ERP has the ability to set up different criteria and generate selection of merit list with just one click! 

To sum up : 

An online admission system is introduced to the digital world for a smooth , hassle free and secured admission process. Every problem has a certain solution , sticking to this very fact I hope that you found this blog informative , related to the solutions of the problem you might face! 

For more information about the university ERP software system, get in touch with our edTech experts today!

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