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How to Wear Scrubs Fashionably: 5 Style Tips

If you are a medical expert and you have to wear Christmas scrubs at work every day, you may spend more time in scrubs than any other clothes. This might make you feel like you never have time to look stylish or attractive. Anyway, wearing Christmas scrubs in Australia does not mean you cannot look wonderful at the same time. Your scrubs and how you wear them present a lot about your personality to your patients.

Choosing the right scrub color is crucial when it comes to your appearance. The color should complement your skin tone, and it should also brighten up your face. If you’re not sure what color to choose, ask your coworkers or friends for help. Colors that are associated with cultural signifiers can be powerful, especially when paired with the right accessories.

If you’re petite, go for tops that have ruffles or smocking. This style will elongate your figure and make you look slimmer. If you’re not petite, opt for printed tops and bottoms that are gathered for more volume. You can also layer your scrubs to create a more substantial look.

Accessorizing your scrubs with simple accessories is another way to add character to your look. You can wear earrings or a simple necklace, but make sure not to make them overpowering. Try to stay true to your style, and choose pieces that don’t conflict with your work. You can also accessorize with accessories such as a watch or a hairpiece.

Embroidered scrub tops are another way to add style to your scrubs. You can get your name, initials, or nickname embroidered on the top. You can also add a pin to your scrubs. It doesn’t have to be related to your profession, just make sure the pins coordinate.

Here are some ideas to help you look and feel attractive in your scrubs every day.

Find One That Rightly Suites Your Body Type 

Whether you are on the light or the heavy side, there will forever be perfect cuts for you. Those who are on the heavier side can go for dark solid colors, deep v-necks, or open collar neck scrub suits; this will help narrow your upper body. Those who are bottom-heavy may pick to go for long tops skimming over your hips. Also, never wear broad scrub pants if you are blessed with “heavy” hips.

The slimmer ones look good in gathered, ruffled, and smocked tops because this will include volume to the body. To have a more “substantial” look, were a jacket layered and camisole together with the scrub suit.

Make Sure to Follow the Dress Code

Every place of work has a dress code that they expect their workers to follow. In many medical facilities, patients are capable of determining who are doctors and nurses because of their scrubs. Thus, if they have an issue or question, they actually know who to turn to. Medical Christmas scrubs may be the uniform of choice where you work, and it may seem like they are amazingly impersonal.

Depending on the rules, you may be capable of including some of your own personality to your dress but ensure you stay in compliance with the dress code. When working in a medical office, you want patients to be capable of recognizing that you are a professional, but a little bit of fun, you should. Bring some happiness and colors to the medical facility with your Christmas scrubs. If you have the choice, you might think about getting some brightly colored scrubs or let your wild side show by wearing medical scrubs with fun designs and Santa prints. Again, ensure you are confirming to the rules of the workplace, but if you have the capability to show off your style, you might as well take it.

Color Coordinate

Although most Christmas scrubs Australia for nurses come in a ready-matched pair, you can purchase different pairs in prints and powerful colors and mix and match, so that you have a printed bottom with a strong top and vice versa. You will find you can come up with some extremely creative matches and many varied combinations. So, you will forever have something different to wear. You can also combine prints if they are the same group. For example, mix a floral print with various floral prints or 2 different animal prints. For an excellent effect, wear the bigger print on the bottom and the little print on the top. If you are mixing lighter, solid colors look better on top, matched with darker pants.

Adding A Personal Touch

You can include an individual touch to your nursing scrubs even if they are store-bought. Think about having your name embroidered on the side of your upper pocket or top. You could also have your first embroidered on your sleeves. There are lots of ways you can include a personal touch, such as a small patch or symbol, or logo, just ensure that whatever you pick is within the limits of your dress code and regulations.

Accessorize Your Scrubs

There are lots of ways to accessorize and personalize your scrubs and uniforms. Employer policies may limit some types of accessories for safety objectives but there are lots of different ways to be stylish. One example is your watch. There are lots of conditions where you may need a watch, so why not wear one that is cute?

If you carry a stethoscope, there are lots of ways to make it your own. Try a fuzzy dog cover, or maybe Betty Boop. A cover will include a little bit of character to your uniform.

There are also other artistic ways to make your scrubs especially yours without violating the hospital dress code. Many places will embroider your title and name on your scrubs. If you work in a hospital, some shops may do this on a regular basis for hospital workers.  They generally have the hospital logo on hand so they can perform this service. If this is not your thing, you could try a pin on your uniform as another technique to dress up your scrubs.


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