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Businesses have evolved in the modern market like never before. Everything today is digital, every thing is accessible through the tiny screens of our smart phones. In fact, the screens aren’t even tiny anymore. As mobile screens are becoming larger and our lives becoming more and more dependent on gadgets.  The Gojek clone app presents itself as an opportunity to revolutionise the on demand service provider industry.

Today’s blog post is dedicated to covering the various aspects of this app that make it one of the most profitable and successful ventures in the modern market. A few years from now, when we look back to the way our businesses and the service provider industry evolved, we will surely look at the Gojek clone app as a milestone that changed everything in this world.

For the convenience of our readers, we will divide today’s blog post in various sections. They are:

  1. What is the Gojek clone app: the basics
  2. Importance of the app
  3. Functions of the Gojek clone app
  4. Advantages offered to the industry
  5. And over all role in the multi service industry.

Let us get started


The Gojek clone is a multi service app. It has been created to use the features of smart phones, such as touch screen, GPS tracking, chat function, call function and more in order to offer a seamless service to the users. The users can utilise this platform to hire service providers.

The app caters to service providers from over 70 different types of industries. It also ensures that service providers can act as independent individual entrepreneurs who can make a killing on their own. They can offer their services at a price point that they are most comfortable with thereby earning as much as they like.

The app works on the commission model, meaning every time some one uses their app to hire a service provider, the app owner ends up making money in the form of a commission that he or she only gets to select and adjust on the admin panel of the app.


The Gojek clone app is a major milestone in the on demand service provider industry. It has changed the previously unorganised sector into a smooth and practical industry where everything is transparent and easy. The app is important because it allows local service providers to earn a livelihood.

This app is important because it is the most convenient solution of the modern times in the on demand multi service industry. It allows users to access not just one but a multitude of services quickly and easily.


The Gojek clone app has various functions. They are:

  1. It allows users to find what they are looking for.
  2. Allows users to find what they are looking for when they need it and not before or after.
  3. It gives the users and exact estimate of how much money they will have to spend for the service hired.
  4. Allows service providers to accept, or reject jobs.
  5. It allows users to charge as much as they like.
  6. Allows app owners to earn without actually having to go around delivering any kind of service.


The Gojek clone app is one of the best solutions in the market because it offers a host of advantages to the users as well as the service providers. First and foremost the app is a single download single log in based solution. This means that the users and the service providers don’t have to worry about downloading multiple apps again and again every time a requirement arises.

What’s more, the user can see all the qualifications, the expertise and experience of the service provider before actually hiring them. Apart from this they can also see their charges and the rating and reviews that they have gotten from previous users.

The service providers too aren’t treated as employees but as individual, independent entrepreneurs who have the freedom to charge as they please and work as per their own convenience. The entire issue of bargaining or being underpaid is completely gone.

It is also an ideal solution for the app owners because it allows them to decide how much money they wish to make. They can set an individual commission percentage for each of the different services so that they can make a fair amount of money as per their own convenience.


The Gojek Clone app plays the role of a facilitator in the on demand multi service industry. This app has allowed the entire industry to be treated differently. Today, because of this solution, thousands of local service providers around the world have been able to get a livelihood. It has also made the lives of the users a lot easier.

On the whole, the Gojek clone app has quickly turned into a one stop solution for people all over the world to get all their services and chores managed at a convenient price threshold. Many smart entrepreneurs have started investing in this app in order to be able to make a whole lot of money quickly and efficiently.

If you too wish to utilise the advantages of this platform in order to generate a maximum amount of revenue, you must ensure that you invest in the best Gojek clone app built by a reputed on demand mobile app development company. It will be wise to opt for white labelling services as that is the only thing that can ensure customization of your app.


Felica Carroll is Digital marketing leader of, An On demand app development company. She has an extensive experience in building successful strategy for app-based industry. She loves to write everything about clone Scripts and mobile application development.

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