Influencer Marketing Strategy | A Complete Guide

It’s now time to implement your influencer marketing strategy. Follow the step-by-step instructions we’ve created for you to get started.

1. Determine who you want to reach.

Every promotional strategy begins with identifying your target audience. This group of potential customers can be found in a variety of methods. You could look for folks who are similar to your best customers. Survey your customers to learn which social media outlets and influencers they like, as well as what values they share and how they make purchasing decisions.

If you want to attract new audiences, you’ll have to start from scratch. Begin by answering the following audience-related questions:

What are their names? Define their age, socioeconomic level, income, and pain points, among other things.
What step of the marketing funnel are they in? Various marketing tools, such as Ben Hunt’s customer awareness ladder, can be used.

What are their passions? You can look for them by looking at content on the platforms that your prospects favour, finding online forums and media, looking at social media accounts, and so on.

What are their actions like? Pay attention to the studies that big companies and agencies release. Select social media, media consumption, or influencer marketing reports.

Put this information in client profiles to keep it on hand and address it whenever you need it. Follow our step-by-step tutorial to construct a buyer persona.

43% of individuals use social media to investigate products before making a purchase. Apply the jobs-to-be-done technique to make use of this. Define why customers are looking for your items and when they utilise them. It will assist you in tailoring your influencer marketing initiatives to meet their demands.

2. Establish objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Influencer marketing, like any other sort of promotional effort, can be utilised to achieve a variety of objectives. Your duty is to precisely define your aims, as the mechanisms you’ll use rely on it.

Remember to include key performance indicators in your plan; they will assist you determine whether or not you met your objectives. Here are some examples of brand awareness campaign KPIs:

overall outreach; total engagement; website traffic (e.g., views, uniques, and clicks); search interest; media mentions
Make them your indicator if your influencer marketing campaign is aimed at sales or specific user activities. The amount of purchases, registrations, app downloads, email signups, and other KPIs are used in this situation.

Setting multiple goals for a single piece of content is a bad idea because it confuses users and lowers your conversion rate. Follow our conversion rate optimization advice to achieve the best results.

3. Select the appropriate channel

Marketers believe that certain social media sites are more or less useful for influencer marketing than others. According to MediaKix, Instagram is the most important social media platform for 89 percent of marketers. As a result, more than two-thirds of marketers use this platform to promote their products.

Instagram, on the other hand, may not be the ideal solution for you. Choose a platform based on your target audience’s interests, company objectives, and the opportunities each channel offers. B2B companies, for example, may profit more from LinkedIn. There are 630 million professionals and 90 million senior-level influencers on this channel.

Take all of the above data with a grain of salt. Finally, testing is the only proven approach to locate the ideal channel for you. Choose various channels where your target demographic may be active and conduct low-cost, high-impact campaigns to determine the best alternative.

4. Establish a campaign budget.

This phase is critical because the entire campaign outreach is determined by the budget you set aside. Influencers establish prices based on the number of followers they have, market rates, advertiser preferences, and so on. As a result, a post on a 1 million-follower account may cost you thousands of dollars.

If you’re on a budget, smaller-follower-base opinion leaders might be a better choice. They can assist you in achieving your goals with less investments. You may also use nano- and micro-influencers to measure the efficiency of influencer marketing for your brand.

With merely an influencer marketing strategy, you may not be able to obtain all of the required effects due to a limited budget. As a result, when you first get started, adjust your goals and KPIs to reflect the resources you have.

5. Select the appropriate influencers

If you choose the wrong influencer, all of your earlier efforts will be for naught. Choose an opinion leader who shares your brand’s values for a perfect match. Shopaholic bloggers should not be used to promote a sustainable fashion brand. Choose influencers who promote minimalism, zero waste, and awareness, among other things.

Another issue with influencer marketing is the possibility of phoney followers and scams. Check the influencer’s account carefully to minimise the chances of getting duped.

Examine the quantity of bots or false subscribers who have joined the influencer’s list. Use sophisticated tools, such as trendHERO, to measure this.

Ensure that followers are aware of the influencer’s latest news. The profile owner can provide you with account statistics on the engagement rate.

Keep an eye out for account duplication and double-check the name and contact information.
Make sure the influencer’s audience is devoted. Some bloggers attract more detractors than supporters.

Examine the comment section to see if you may obtain additional subscribers or sales by promoting through them.

It takes a lot of effort to find the appropriate influencer. If you only have a small number of opinion leaders to work with, you can accomplish it manually. Another alternative is to use services like Markerly or Klear to locate and check influencers.

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