Is it Beneficial to Bundle TV and Internet Service?

The evolution of the telecommunication sector has led to many providers offering packaged or bundled services instead of standalone ones. These providers often market their bundles as a reliable and efficient way to save some cash, but are TV and internet bundles beneficial?

There is no simple answer to this question, and it all comes down to two things; the bundles available in your area and your requirements. If your interest lies in a specific area, you can get your fill with streaming services. However, if you love watching a wide variety of content and don’t mind paying for it, bundling your internet and TV service can make your life convenient while helping you save a good amount of money.

We will walk you through the benefits and drawbacks of bundling your internet and TV services, but first, let’s look at whether you should bundle your services or not.

Why Should You Bundle TV & Internet Services?

Bundling depends on your preferences. But if you are still confused about whether you should go through with it or not, we have included a couple of tips to help you make your decision.

What Kind of Viewer Are You?

If you only watch specific channels like HBO, Disney, Discovery, Hallmark, and AMC, you can cut the cord and watch their content through streaming apps. This process can help you save a substantial amount of money. On the other hand, if you love surfing and watching a variety of content, then bundling internet and cable TV is your best option.

What is The Speed of Your Internet?

If you are not bundling your services and prefer watching content through internet TV, you’ll need a high-speed internet connection. This speed is necessary for streaming HD videos without sacrificing the internet speed for other online activities.

What Kind of Bundle Deals Are Available in Your Area?

Bundling choice also comes down to the price. It is futile to select a bundle that charges the same or is more expensive than the standalone services.

The Benefits of Bundling Your TV & Internet Services

It is Convenient:

Connectivity and entertainment are modern requirements. Therefore instead of paying different bills for internet and TV services, you can benefit from the convenience of a single monthly bill by bundling these packages. It saves your time and the hassle of contacting different providers for these services. Bundling also simplifies the budgeting process.

It is Cheaper than Buying Separate Services:

Bundling your TV and internet services can lower your monthly bills. However, the amount saved depends on the chosen provider and the package, and not all bundles help you save cash. Many providers offer bundles at the same price as their separate services, while others provide impressive discounts. For example, Spectrum double play offers you fast-speed internet with 125+ channels for only $99.98 a month. Hence, depending on your chosen provider and package, you can save anywhere from $10 to $50 a month.

Choosing a bundle requires careful consideration. The most common mistake that people make is they go for bundles with more potential savings instead of choosing ones that are in line with their requirements. As a result, they end up overpaying for these services.

It Gives You Extra Perks:

Many prominent TV and internet providers offer exclusive discounts and special promotions with their bundles. These offers include free installation, equipment, set-top boxes, waived fees, gift cards, contract buyouts, and more. The perks you get, depend on your chosen provider and are usually not available with their separate services.

It Gives You More Entertainment Options:

While streaming is gaining traction, it is not for every person. If you are a viewer who loves watching everything, you should stick to cable or satellite TV services. The most eye-catching perk of bundling for entertainment lovers is that it gives you more entertainment options like live TV, pay-per-view content, and special channels, usually not available on streaming services.

Another advantage of bundling your TV with internet service is that, unlike streaming services, it doesn’t put a strain on your data or bandwidth. You can watch unlimited HD content on cable TV without worrying about internet speeds. In fact, many providers also offer free upgrades like better internet speeds and more channels with TV and internet bundles.  

The Drawbacks of Bundling Your TV & Internet Services

While there are many benefits of bundling your internet and TV services, there are drawbacks as well.

It Gets Expensive After Promotional Period:

Nearly all providers offer discounted bundles with a promotional period spanning a year or two. Once you exceed that time limit, they raise the prices to standard charges, and you end up paying more than the standalone services. However, many providers offer various discounts throughout the year, and you can always negotiate your bill with your ISP.

It Often Traps You In A Contract:

Although there are no contract providers, many providers often enforce one or two-year contracts on their bundles. They also charge an ETF if you unsubscribe before the end of the term. This can be pretty frustrating if you are unsatisfied with their service.

It Often Includes Unnecessary Features / Internet Services:

Another disadvantage of bundling is that it often comes with unnecessary features that cost money. These unnecessary features can include additional channels that you don’t watch. Therefore, it is crucial to go through all the channel lists before choosing a bundle. You can also contact the customer service of your ISP to remove the additional channels from your current plan. 

Final Words:

In short, whether bundling is beneficial or not depends on your viewing habits. If you cannot compromise on your entertainment and connectivity requirements, you should go for it. It is also cheaper than buying standalone services from the same provider. You can also find numerous TV and internet bundles with remarkable discounts in the market.

Therefore, figure out your family’s entertainment requirements and search for the bundle that works the best for everyone.

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