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Japanese Restaurant in Dubai

If you’re looking for an authentic Japanese meal in the Middle East, you’ve come to the right place. Located near the iconic Burj Khalifa, this Japanese restaurant is ideal for corporate meetings and people who love Asian cuisine. It’s decorated with fine Japanese art and has a wide selection of Japanese beverages. You can also dine in the premium lounge and enjoy the live counter.


The Kohantei Japanese restaurant in Dubai is a small and authentic Japanese restaurant. This restaurant offers a variety of Japanese dishes and excellent ice cream. The service is professional and the prices are fair. A date night or romantic dinner at Kohantei is the perfect way to spend time with someone special.

For a more traditional dining experience, Kohantei has a kaiseki menu. This traditional Japanese dining style consists of a multi-course meal that is designed to satisfy all senses and satiate hunger. Guests are encouraged to take their time and savor each bite. As such, the atmosphere is intimate and peaceful.

Another fine Japanese restaurant in Dubai is Zuma. It is known for its chic setting and for its excellent business lunches. Its sensational menu includes the famous wagyu sirloin steak. Guests can also enjoy the yuzu cheesecake, a creamy Japanese dessert made from Hokkaido cheese, topped with black sesame moss. In Ras Al Khaim, Sakura serves delicious dorayaki desserts, as well as a pancake sandwich topped with matcha cream.


A prestigious sushi restaurant in a trendy, contemporary setting, Katsuya offers an alternative to more traditional sushi restaurants in the city. Its menu also offers a variety of upscale cocktails. It is located in the upscale Business Bay district. The location makes it an ideal spot for those who want to enjoy upscale dining with friends.

Katsuya uses traditional Japanese cooking techniques to create its menu but adapts them to meet local tastes. Sushi chefs spend years honing their skills, and this restaurant is no exception. The lunch and dinner menus include a starter, a main course, and a dessert.

Katsuya’s prices are reasonable. A three-course meal will cost you approximately AED280. However, if you choose to eat more than three courses, your bill can exceed that amount. This is not unreasonable for a licensed restaurant in Dubai, and it’s a great value for the money.

Katsuya’s drinks menu features house wines and premium sake. All the drinks are paired with the food menu. The drinks are made with traditional Japanese ingredients such as passion fruit and chamomile. The restaurant also offers a special Omakase bar, a 12-seat progressive tasting menu with bite-sized dishes. For larger parties, the restaurant offers the Omakase Premium, a six-course set menu with premium wines. It is best to book ahead of time for this event.

The menu at Katsuya features a selection of sushi. You can also dine at the restaurant’s outdoor terrace overlooking the turtle lagoon. The minimalist setting makes the dining experience comfortable. The menu incorporates modern fusion with traditional Japanese dishes to create a truly unique dining experience.


This Japanese restaurant is located near the Burj Khalifa, which is ideal for corporate meetings and for people who love Asian cuisine. The restaurant has beautiful Japanese artwork and a wide selection of Japanese beverages. For dinner, you can choose from an extensive buffet menu and also enjoy a drink at the premium lounge. The sushi served here is highly aromatic and the presentation of the food is impeccable.

The Japanese cuisine served here is unique and authentic. There is also a wide selection of drinks and an excellent live counter. The interior of the restaurant is bright and filled with beautiful decorations. The staff is friendly and helpful. The restaurant also offers takeaway services, which is a great convenience when visiting Dubai.

Another unique feature of this Dubai Japanese restaurant is the izakaya menu. This style of dining originated in the Japanese inns and is meant for socializing. The menu at Fujiya includes Japanese favorites such as Wagyu beef, shiso leaf tempura, and mentaiko fish roe. The restaurant also has an outdoor terrace, which is ideal for enjoying a shabu-shabu hotpot.

The Japanese restaurant has three locations in the UAE. The main restaurant offers delicious sushi and sashimi, as well as a cocktail menu and share-plate options. The staff is extremely friendly and the menu is full of interesting choices. There is something for everyone, from sushi lovers to the people who want to try something new.

The other Tokyo-style restaurant in the region is Ikigai, which is located in Millennium Place Dubai Marina. This restaurant aims to fuse traditional Japanese food with modern-day street-food concepts. In addition to a large selection of cocktails, the menu also features grilled tiger prawns with Kombu butter and crispy tempura burgers. It also has a mix-and-match sharing plate.

Akiba Dori

Akiba Dori is a critically acclaimed Japanese street-food concept in the city. The concept was inspired by the neon-lit district of Akihabara in Japan. Besides serving delicious Japanese food, Akiba Dori also features a bar, arcade, and pizzeria. During weekends, the restaurant offers a unique Japanese and Italian fusion brunch.

The menu features Japanese street food, sushi, sandos, sliders, gyozas, and desserts. The restaurant’s interiors are decorated in a rich red and gold color scheme with an oriental pattern. The interiors are contemporary, but still retain the traditional feel of Japan.

The restaurant is located in the Millenium Place Dubai Marina. The restaurant aims to blend authentic Japanese cuisine with modern street-food concepts. It offers a full cocktail menu, as well as grilled tiger prawns in Kombu butter. The menu also features a mix-and-match sharing plate system.

The Japanese restaurant was founded in 2000 and has since gained a reputation as one of the best Japanese restaurants in the city. Its chef is known for his creative dishes, fusing traditional Japanese cuisine with Peruvian ingredients. Guests can choose from an indoor or outdoor seating arrangement. It also offers a rooftop terrace, so you can enjoy the views of the Dubai skyline while dining.


KOYO is a new oriental restaurant in Dubai that fuses contemporary fine dining with kabuki-style Japanese culture. The multi-level venue boasts a colorful, ultra-chic ambiance and will serve up a multi-sensory dining experience. It is set to open in July 2021 at the InterContinental Dubai Marina.


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