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Jeff Van Beaver Is The Ways to Get Involve

According to  Jeff Van Beaver in a time where insults and disdain are to be just a tweet away, kindness is more essential than ever before, and research is available to support it.

In 2014, the Stanford University Center for Altruism Research and Education and a major health institution discover that compassion-base care aids patients in recovering faster and lessens discomfort. Doctor. James Doty, the researcher behind the study, said it could also help to make common colds less painful which can lead to better outcomes for patients and reduce hospitalizations.

Voluntary Acts of Compassion

In the days before her death of Ewing’s Sarcoma. A woman age 27 from an Australian woman wrote a letter to thank her family members for their kindness and urging people all over the globe to be thankful and to help one another more and not complain as much. The post was share on Facebook and the touching message receive more than six thousand reactions and 50,000 shares within four days of her passing away. This letter is about the things that matter most to her at the end. It also suggests that people donate blood rather than purchasing possessions with money and explains that a single blood donation could be able to save the lives of three people.

Blood donors are vital, however, there are many other ways that volunteers can assist. For instance, the American Cancer Society, for instance, is home to 110,000 Road to Recovery drivers who ensure patients are able to get to appointments and treatments however they require even more drivers to help meet the demands of patients.

According to  Jeff Van Beaver, the list naturally is endless. small acts, such as taking care of errands, preparing meals, or even just listening, could be just as important as the more significant ones. Patients and their caregivers may also assist other people by telling the details of their stories which can benefit the person telling the story and also the one who is listening.

Compassion and Medical Care

In a study release in the Journal of Oncology Practice, doctors debate. The importance of being gentle and identify six practices that can improve the outcomes of the patients as well as their love ones
Deep listening or making the effort to comprehend their concerns and needs
Empathy for the issues they face
Generous acts that go above and beyond expectations
Care that is timely, or avoid long wait times
A gentle honesty or speaking the truth in a caring manner
Help for caregivers and families

The article further explains how actions of compassion can help stop burnout and lessen it. The emotional stress that can accompany illnesses.

Ways to Get Involve

Sometimes, people wish to help but aren’t sure what to do. Every act of compassion is ever too small. However, factors such as age and the nature of the illness usually decide what’s the most appropriate.

According to  Jeff Van Beaver, patients might not be incline to seek help or even realize what they need. Fortunately, organizations such as The Kindness Initiative and can offer assistance and support.

The internet can also be an excellent place to learn more regarding various malignancies. Although most people are aware of the more common ones, like breast tumors, they could not be aware of rare illnesses such as mesothelioma. It is cause by exposure to asbestos mesothelioma can be found in construction workers, military veterans, and others who work in hazardous environments. It can affect the lung’s lining and abdomen, or the heart and makes it difficult to breathe, and can be difficult to treat.

Children are expose to asbestos at a much lower rate than adults.  Children are also more likely to suffer from diseases like childhood leukemia. Websites such as this one for children with a home page title “

Jeff Van Beaver offers resources, programs, and suggestions to make the lives of children with illnesses more comfortable. It is also the American Childhood Cancer Association also provides opportunities for individuals to become involve in their cause However, there’s no substitute for just offering a smile or helping hand to a child who is sick.

Gift Suggestions for Patients

Kind words and visits are always appreciate, but at times people would like to make tangible evidence of their concerns. Cancer Treatment Centers of America Cancer Treatment Centers of America gives these suggestions:

*A “security” blanket
* Lounging clothes that are comfortable
* A silk eye mask for sleeping
* A stuff animal to give children
A small thermos to hold drinks
• A gift card that can be use for take-out, online shopping, or other services.
* A tiny tablet, laptop, or Kindle with downloads of music, books and meditations.
* Headphones
* Books, which include coloring books, journals, or stories of the spirit of
* Beanie or scarf after chemo
* Warm socks or compression socks to reduce swelling
* A tote bag that contains the chemo kit
* Gift certificate to an item such as taking care of the house or riding to appointments

Assistance is a great idea, but some people may not be eager to ask for assistance. The creation of a list that includes all names, phone numbers, and addresses will let the patient know what they feel comfortable doing and who to contact for assistance if need.

The Dalai Lama said this as follows: “This is my simple faith. There are no temples, there is no need for complex philosophical concepts. The principle is kindness.

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