Latest Seo Interview questions for 2022

This article summarises some of the latest Seo Interview Questions for 2022.  It also includes some of the latest Seo Interview questions for freshers and experienced candidates.

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Top Seo Interview Questions for 2022

Q Most important Google ranking factors?


  • Quality Content
  • Quality & Relevant Backlinks
  • Mobile First
  • Page Speed
  • Brand Strength
  • Domain Strength
  • User experience
  • Technical SEO
  • Social Signals
  • Content Freshness
  • Schema Code
  • Domain Authority

Q What is web crawling?

Ans: Web crawling is the interaction where search engine bots creep websites for indexing. Those are known as a spider or spider bots. Crawlers use hyperlinks to visit different pages and reports and take information back to the web servers for indexing. Once the crawler visits a page, it makes a duplicate of it and adds its URLs to indexing.

Q What is Google Sandbox?

Ans: Google Sandbox Effect hypothesises that new websites are regularly in the probation period (inside a box) and can’t rank well for their most significant keywords. The hypothesis states Google needs an opportunity to see it before removing it from that non-index region. It might be brought about by building an excessive number of links within a brief timeframe.

Q What is Google Autocomplete?

Ans: Google Autocomplete is a function in Google and other search engines. Whenever a client begins composing in the search box, the Google autocomplete function provides you with a rundown of options to finish your search.

Q What is a do-follow link?

Ans: Do-follow is the default hyperlink. At the point when search engines find a do-follow link, it crawls the page and passes authority (additionally called link juice), starting with one website and then onto the next.

Q What is a No-follow link?

Ans: No-follow is another kind of backlink where webmasters can tell search engines not to follow the particular link.

Q What is On-Page SEO?

Ans: On-Page SEO is the list of exercises performed on the website to build the web webpage’s exhibition in positioning, client experience and conversion.

Primary aspects of on-page SEO:

Page title, Meta descriptions, Meta tags, URL Structure, Body tags, Keyword density, Image, and Internal linking.

Q What is a keyword?

Ans: Keywords are words or expressions search engines clients use to view pertinent content. They are otherwise called queries.

Q What is keyword frequency?

Ans: Keyword frequency is when a particular keyword state shows up on a web page. While enhancing a web page, we need to ensure we don’t utilise the keyword such a lot that it becomes keyword stuffing.

Q What is Keyword Difficulty?

Ans: Keyword trouble is a measurement that characterises it so hard to rank a particular keyword in light of its fame and competition. Higher the keyword trouble, additional time or several backlinks may be required.

Q What are header tags?

Ans: Header labels are nothing yet header labels on your page.

It goes from <h1> to <h6>, with H1 the greatest and H6 the more modest header. H1 and H2 are considered to be the most significant for SEO.

Q What are Internal Links?

Ans: Internal links are hyperlinks that connect one webpage to another webpage of your domain. Internal link structure is vital for both client experience and search engines.

Q What are anchor texts?

Ans: An anchor text is an interactive text in a hyperlink. Anchor texts assist clients with understanding what the page is about. It likewise holds SEO esteem on the off chance that keywords are executed. Yet, being over-optimized, it could get penalised by Google.

Q What is Title Tag?

Ans: Title tag helps Google and clients to comprehend the motivation behind a web page. Advancing page title is a significant on-page task were utilising your essential keyword is suggested. Additionally, the title tag ought to be sufficient to make search engine guests click on it and visit your web page.

Q What is ALT Tag?

Ans: The alt tag is an HTML quality that assists us with giving a description to each picture you distribute on your website. On the off chance that the picture can’t be shown in the program, clients can peruse the alt tags and comprehend what the picture connects with. It likewise assists search engines with understanding what the picture is about, which assists them with seeing more about the page. Alt tags can build the positioning of the website’s pictures in search engines’ Image search.

Q What is the importance of backlinks?

Ans: Google considers backlinks like a vote. The more backlink a website has, the more famous and significant it is. Yet, as we mentioned in the early response, simply the number isn’t the only component. There are so many other elements to conclude how much worth each backlink brings to your website. The website’s authorisation, the importance, the worth of the page where we get backlinks from, the location of the page where we get backlinks, etc.

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