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MS in Finance in USA for Indian Students

And This 10-24 month program is a popular choice among students worldwide. MS in Finance is a perfect tool to kickstart your corporate Finance, banking, and investment career. The USA has been the best provider in these significant sectors for a long time. Indian students have developed a habit, if you must say, to select the USA for an MS in Finance. And here is why it is a brilliant choice.

As a global leader in business and management, the USA has the best industries to shine in. Most USA-based institutes are widely known for their global impact and for providing their students with a platform that can be expanded worldwide. A USA institute shapes its graduates on an overall approach. Therefore, when the graduated individual chooses to start their career in a specific field, there may be no significant challenges. And needless to say, Finance, banking, investment and marketing has been the backbone of the USA business economy.

Why USA for MS in FInance?

As mentioned above, the USA is the global provider of major business sectors. This all comes with all kinds of benefits. The primary reason to choose the USA for MS in Finance is its reach to the global economy. Banking and investment are very interlinked to the finance sector. And let’s not be blind; it’s what every economy needs. It makes it one of the universal occupations and a field to work with.

The USA has been offering world-class business programs with finance specializations for years. With an advanced curriculum and quality of education, the USA has extensive connections worldwide. Countless double-degree and exchange MS programs in Finance offers students to get recognized with multiple cultures and industries. With professional industrial implements and interactions, students get deeper insights on the subject.

Is it even necessary to mention the top business institutes in the USA that are ranked exceptional by various ranking organizations? The ranking of these institutes and programs is subject to various factors, such as graduation rate, employment, student body, and much more. Therefore, the next time you see an institute on top rankings, consider the records it has produced to get there. USA business institutes dominate the rankings of top business schools globally.

Best Careers in Finance in the USA after Graduation

It is only optimal to choose the USA as your career destination. With growing business opportunities and modern challenges, the demand for finance graduates is trending globally, especially in the USA, where all major MNC organizations root their origin. If you can find a prosperous career in the finance sector in the USA then there is no denying your growth and earnings. These are the best career choices in the USA after MS in Finance:

  • Corporate investment banker- The job role dictates developing financial solutions and achieving financial goals while providing strategic ways to benefit the clients. A career as a corporate investment banker is something to be reckoned with. Just like the name, the earnings are also quite impressive.
  • Financial Analyst- With a keen eye for market trends and investment opportunities, a financial analyst is among the top careers after MS in Finance in the USA. As a financial analyst, you are required to benefit your employer by guiding and recommending the best course of action for your employer’s investment decision.
  • Stockbroker- This career choice comes with significant demands. Probably the most analytical skills demanding career globally, a stockbroker is a common career choice for MS in Finance graduates in the USA. The job dictates negotiation and communication to provide the best possible decision to your clients relevant to stock and investment.

Top Institutes in the USA for MS in Finance

You may miss some of your expected institutes from the list. Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Duke, etc., are a few examples. However, the list presents the best institutes for MS in FInance. And it is understandable to pursue the program from top institutes regardless of ranking, but or a more focused career, it is advised to consider the following institutes:

  1. MIT Sloan School of Management (Boston
  2. UC Berkeley Haas School of Business (Berkeley)
  3. UCLA Anderson School of Management (Los Angeles)
  4. NYU Stern School of Business (New Your City)
  5. USC Marshall School of Business (Los Angeles)
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