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Nine Important Tips to grow your smoke shop and increase your sales

Do you run a smoking shop and are looking for tips? Check out 9 tips and tricks on how to grow your smoke shop business, including the best smoke shop supplier, and increase your sales!

 Make yourself prominent:

If you’re focused on growth and customer acquisition, one of the first steps is to increase your business visibility. I come across a smokehouse 9 out of 10 times while traveling, but there is only a small sign right above the store. There are several things you can do to attract customers that other stores don’t have. These are banners, flags, signs, or other visual elements of top-selling items. I think the most attractive shop windows have large text in places where you can see frequently requested items such as “Vapes, CBD’s, and Kratom”.

 Simplify the shopping experience:

Once you’ve got your customers into your business premises, you need to design an experience that will bring them back.

Most shoppers are moving away from the old days of hobby shops and leaning towards clean, bright stores with mood-creating or shop-themed overhead music. My favorite store experience began with a sense of a door scent and a swaying song in the background. You also need to find the right position for specific products to showcase and get the maximum sales from a selection of eye-catching products, as well as the latest inventory you have purchased from your smoke shop supplier.

Buy from the best Smoke Shop Suppliers:

One of the most important and must-apply tips is to maintain relationships with multiple smoke shop suppliers and always keep yourself informed with the latest product range and inventory levels. Also, you need to sort among the list of the best wholesale smoke shop distributor and keep your inventory fresh and up to date.

Host Events:

So you have an attractive storefront and your store is up to date, but are you still short of people coming to your store? Now, a very common tactic in today’s marketing era is to host an event. Vape contests, live bands, blown glass contests, barbecue parties, and almost any reason you can think of having a party for your current customers who want it is worth their weight in gold.

Expansion of customer database:

A great way to turn your business interest into sales is to create an email database. Ask your customers if they would like to offer a sign-up discount or notify them by email. However, be careful. Often, companies are upside down trying to implement this. The biggest advantage of email marketing is to create well-designed and visually appealing content.

Get an Online Presence:

Online presence to get acquainted with your prospected customers and gather reviews is also very crucial. If you’re new to Google Place, this is the first step and will help your customers leave good reviews. The second is a great web presence like a website and a social media page. This helps your customers to know what you are doing and keep them engaged with the products range and upcoming events. Posting photos, videos, and stories on social media every day is important, so you can give prospects insights into your product.

Build the right team:

If your business is up and running, I think you’ve found talented help that revolves around this lifestyle. Undoubtedly, in most cases, salespeople will not be sales gurus or marketing geniuses, so hire someone ready to learn, grow and dive into the industry. Encourage new and experienced employees to acquire life skills that they can carry anywhere. Your greatest asset is your people, and the more you can support your growth, the more opportunities they have to grow with the company.

Training for success:

To instill expertise, employees need to be much more knowledgeable than the average smoker. Unless your sales reps use different products every day, you need to provide them with useful information that your customers need to check out. Make sure your sales reps know as much as you can. This makes selling and servicing much easier.

Maintain a good inventory of smoke supplies


Your product range should be diverse enough to satisfy a wide variety of customers but still focused enough to profit from your bestsellers and new trends.

Distinguish between items that customers buy frequently and be aware of fluctuations. With many options in your top-selling category, always ask your customers if they couldn’t find the item they were looking for in your smoke shop.


The best suggestion to keep your smoke shop business growing and increase sales is to keep learning, stay up to date with updates, trends and competitors, and your smoke shop wholesale supplier. Keep an eye out for such cool content and seek advice from other successful companies

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